Dirt bike protective gear guide for beginners

Let me show you some dirt bike protective gear I own and wear on most of the rides. We will talk about helmets, boots, knee braces, body armor and more. This video is a dirt bike gear guide for beginner rider, it should help you out when you do dirt bike gear shopping.


ZoHBo says:

Do you find those fully body armors to be very hot on warm days?

Michal Prelovsky says:

good review man.

Jared Schottin says:

Anyone else notice his huge bi-ceps?

Georgie Tamayo says:

Can you do a video on how to change the transmission Fluid on a two stroke dirt bike ?

Hannah Johnston says:

Alright. I grew up around 4wheelers but never rode a dirt bike. I want to buy one soon. What’s the difference in 2-stroke and 4stroke? I weigh 250lbs and I’m about 5’11”. Should I get a 450? Being more on the heavy side. Or should I get a 250 bc I’m new. Thanks for everything

BT Vlogs/Edits says:

boi i aint spending no 100€ on knee rotect m8

Cael Riches says:

i got a free body armor

Enduro Skills says:

Great video man that’s good advice. Knee braces are next on my list too, forgot my knee pads at home one day and went riding anyway and ended up going down on sand when I whipped the bike around and bumped my knee cap into the end of my hand guards lol… Hurt for a while and work wasn’t too fun for a month or two. Completely agree the best money you can spend in this sport should be on equipment

ExpeditionMarc says:

Great video i was debating on getting knee braces but it looks like most agree is very important if you can afford it. Cheers Subbed

Patrik Lautar says:

hi..i want to start riding 250cc 4 stroke is it to powerfull. i have 50cc moped and i ride it preety good, im 16 and 185cm.

Brenden Berg says:

Thank you for the info! I already bought a FOX helmet, goggles, and gloves. Saving up for boots now. I want a Yamaha so my color combo is black, white, and blue.

Logan Hall says:

I’m pretty new to Dirtbikes and I do mostly trail riding, I have a helmet and goggles and I am saving for boots. I just fractured three bones in my foot after a crash. Do you know of any boots that offer good protection for under 200$? Thanks in advance and great vid!


I want to get a dirt bike so bad. I live on 90 acres and have open pastures and all kinds of trails on my property. But I feel like as soon as I get a bike, its only a matter of time before I get hurt. My dad is not a fan of me getting a dirt bike either, because he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. What do I do?? Its looks like so much fun, but looks so dangerous.

DontTreadOnMe1776 says:

Would you say fly racing goggles are decent? My friend had a pair and I liked them but I’m not sure…

Logan 4 life says:

Due you are the best and cool gear

Groovie Baby says:

can any body give me a link for some good quallity boots at a resnable price

Kapurtakis Exotics says:

Great video man. Just go my helmet and other gear today!

Turbo life says:

Black and yellow Aha u know What it is ,Black and yellow

akelah runas says:

can I have one of those for free and a dirt bike I don’t have money to buy tht

Justin R says:

Another good vid! I agree on protection and what you said. Instead of wasting money for new bling on the bike spend it on protection.. it’s so over looked. I learned the hard way when I was younger. The more protection the better…

Joey Vlogs says:

You should buy a quad

Jacob Chaplain says:

Two more pieces of gear I’d recommend: gloves and a neck brace. Btw your vids are extremely helpful to me!

Agnius Mozeris says:

good video. thanks

Daniel Mckell says:

You deserve more followers

I really want a dirtbike but where I live they are not very popular so my parents are a wee bit sceptical

The Crow says:

Do you recommend putting your armor underneath your jersey/pants or over them?

Groovie Baby says:

what does it all come to i really want to know i’ve asked mum for a dirt bike and she said ill have to miss out on my birthday then get it for Christmas but she said i will still need to get a job to save up myself.

Logan 4 life says:

Can you show how to start a dirt bike

cora smith says:

This is probably going to sound ridiculous, but I’ve been riding dirtbikes for 10 years and for some reason I cannot ride with the proper riding boots. It’s so uncomfortable and I don’t ride as good as I do when I ride with my vans on. I don’t know if it’s because the boots are cheaper and are rounded instead of pointed at the toe, but I cannot get comfortable with them on.

unrotated says:

Hey man, I really like your videos! I am a 13 year old and i’ve been riding for about 9 months now. Ever since I was 7, I wanted a dirt bike. I asked for one every christmas, every birthday, and I finally got one. I knew how to drive manual before I even sat on a dirtbike, and my dad got an 1990’s yamaha RT100 two stroke. The day we bought it, I had no gear except for a bicycle helmet, bike gloves and glasses. I tought myself that night then and there how to ride a dirtbike. And I have to say, You’ve tought me some stuff I dont know. Your videos cost me 1000$ less than i wouldnt had to pay for. Now I race motocross on my RM85 race bike, and after watching your tutorials it runs better than ever. Thanks a lot!

TheBurgerTownRulz2 says:

I’m 5’6″ and I’m looking to start riding a 250 bike which is full sized, but on my friends I couldnt touch the floor. Is there ways to get the bike to fit me when i get my own?

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