Dirt Bike Clutch Control – Enduro – Off Road Riding Tip for Dirt Bikes

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Want to become a better rider? Clutch control might be the single biggest thing you can focus on to become more accomplished. I’m certainly not the best rider out there, but I’m getting better bit by bit, each year.
Don’t give up and buy an auto clutch just yet! Lets improve our technique and really learn how to use this control input to our advantage when riding off road and enduro.

We talk about some methods you can use to improve your clutch control when out there on the trails.

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Earl Antoine says:

To much irrelevant information…..abt levels

Alex Bainbridge says:

My clutch is so stiff it takes my whole hand to pull it

Backwoodz Livin says:

i like all my fingers on the clutch

yzfBrandon says:

I started out on motorcycles, where I typically use all four fingers on the clutch, unless I’m going full throttle. It just helps ensure you’re getting a nice clean shift and not slipping the clutch all the time. But I learned real fast after I got my rm 250 to use 2 fingers on the clutch for shifting because that damn thing will rip out of your hands otherwise.

Arnol says:

Dear Guys.

After a session in motocross, I get pain in my lower back. Are you facing this topic?.What kind of exercises did you recommend for this?

Mackenzie Tobin says:

One finger on the clutch haa, never road a honda before eh

Savage Salvage says:

I was told by multiple semi pro riders to use all 4 fingers on the clutch, but that was before hydraulic clutches were ever a thing in dirtbikes. It’s quite a challenge to pull in any clutch I’ve used with one finger, it usually takes at least 2 or 3

Ayman Hoolash says:

1:28 what are those things in front of the clutch and front brake called

Dan Holland says:

This was my typical practice until I discovered Rekluse.

Taras Kompaniyets says:

Correct. Also if you need to do wheelie and to pull the bar up its much easier to do it with 3 fingers on the bar than with two (not even mentioning only one). But need to have clutch and break really easy to push. Otherwise 2 fingers on both levers/2 fingers on bar is the universal way.

Kyle Slocum says:

I learned a lot of using only one finger from mountain biking. using one finger helps a lot

jjhack3r says:

your levers look further away than I would like. I don’t like to reach far for the levers or it throws me off when I am riding. adjusting your bikes controls to fit your needs will make riding a lot easier.

Wild One says:

that’s why I think handebar on ktm is too short so you have to hang on its edge.

Fredric L says:

How about the angle of the handlebar? what is your idea of a good angle?

Purpatron3.0 River says:

can you make a video on how to use the clutch because I’m get a bike and I’m not so sure how to use the clutch

Master Ferguson says:

attack mode

janne pennanen says:

i cant use my clutch with only 1 finger i need all fingers

202CONMAN202 says:

I use 2 fingers

You know Like dat says:

found a g spot for my clutch

Graeme Groot says:

when i pull in my clutch even all the way.my bike still wants to move and sometimes it will stall unless i give it some throttle. any tips on how to fix this

Chris152 says:

What series ASV clutch lever are you running on your bike and does it adjust in and out like the factor lever?

Apollo RX Adventures says:

My clutch is a tough pull. I can’t pull it with one finger. 🙁
Maybe I should look into new levers.
But….. I was gifted with small hands. Lol. So it’s quite the stretch to get one finger to grab the lever anyhow.

The Enduro Riders says:

Why don’t you do woods races? You would place high and possibly podium

Rafael Michel says:

am i the only one who uses his middle finger for the brake lever???

madheadmadDAZ says:

I wouldn’t listen to anything anyone in any of these videos on youtube tell you. Just get on a motorcycle and ride and over time you will develop your own technique.

Curtis Mccullock says:

I use my middle finger, always worked never had a problem.

Himanshu Kumar says:


Kongala Prakash says:

thanks bro

Eugene says:

but she says she likes the whole arm…

Vanilla Gorilla says:

Great advise bro

CaptainAvocado Android says:

If u have harder clutch use more than one finger

Zetio 12345 says:

That intro song is in a porno… just a heads up

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