ChixReview: Offroad Review of Grom Maxxis M6024 Tire – Trails and MX Track

Reviewed: Maxxis M6024 tires for my first time offroading the Grom. Tried them on all surfaces and they did well on everything except sand and mud, but that is to be expected. Take a look!


Kenneth_Santos says:

its sad how such a good bike has such goofy mirrors

tom jones says:

Do you need a motorcycle license for the grom. I live in Florida

HbR x CiGiRiTz says:

this is why I have a pitbike instead of a grom because I live in the country and I could rip around on that track.

Cajun Kevin says:

I’ve read to expect getting 3k out out the tires which isn’t bad being most of the riding is on the road.

Rikki Roxx says:

If you take a few psi out for sand tiding it will be more stable..try it out. They will stay atop instead of plowing..good video! keep having fun!

BravestDays says:

OH! FOUND IT! Great review! Thanks a bunch!

Matthew Richter says:

I am your biggest fan

Cajun Kevin says:

I ride trails on my Grom pretty often.
I’m not sure if it can hold up in the long run per shocks and forks.
Sure is fun though.

smith2354 says:

I wonder how the grom does on a rainy day.

justin uranus says:

Change your stance up and improve the capability of tire in sand and braking. I’ve ridden alot of sand so trust me when I say never use brakes and learn to steer with the throttle (when in doubt gas it out). Speed is your best friend in the sand.You want to get on top hydroplaning over the sand with your ass back past the rear tire (almost a sitting stance) with just enough weight on the front to keep it from lifting. You are right about the groms suspension being to soft. I rode a 2014 that was slightly suped up, bigger carburetor, aftermarket oil cooler and exhaust and I wasn’t really impressed with the grom’s general performance. IMO, on asphalt anything under 300cc is a deathtrap.

Graham Sheffield says:

I’m on my second set of maxxis tires and i love them. Good in the rain at speed. I’ve even had them in the snow and it did great.

bumki sul says:

what is your gom’s exhaust?

andres langston says:

was that 3 palms?!
I live ten minutes from there

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