Subscribe now to get your regular fix of moto goodness, it really keeps us motivated to produce more! Dirt Bike Rider takes a look the Alta Motors Redshift MX electric motocross bike. The team at Alta give us the lowdown on the machine behind the headlines and we give the bike a good shakedown. Read the full review in the February issue (out Jan 2017) of Dirt Bike Rider magazine…

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Johnathon Nunn says:

How about some stuff about battery life? Power? What kind of bikes are in the power range?

BurNingRubber140 says:

I heard battery is good for 30000 miles, then a new battery at today’s money is £7000. Hopefully, this will come down. Love the silence tho , would sort out the noise prob that shuts down most tracks near me!!!!

NUGNESS123 says:

nice faggy forks bro. air forks. sure they’ll work great

t dawg says:

stupid. I’d rather ride a donkey. music sucks to

Dirt Bike Rider Magazine says:

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dr187mx says:


Alexander Bailey says:

so friggin ugly tho

Lewis MX says:

nothing will be able to hear you coming when riding the bike, you could have all sorts of collisions with animals and other people

Steve Barham says:

This could open doors to riding places normally off limits. If only they could find a way to make it more affordable.

MrKdr500 says:

the riders mouth is way faster than his riding skills.

KawiRider383 says:

They should look at what 2017 dirtbike plastics look like those look horrible and way outdated tbh

Kyle Seggelin says:

at $15,000 should come with 2 batteries, one for each moto. love the idea of an almost silent bike though make alot more areas much more accsesible and acceptable to ride. smaller woods sections with less acreage/surrounding residences can have trails and jumps, open up more public mx tracks in more urban areas just like skateparks or ball fields, even your own backyard. when I take my bike out in my backyard I make sure to shut it down every 20 mins for my neighbor’s sake. plus it will help with the image of dirtbikes with regards to majority of people who think they are noisy and bad for the environment. now you can tellem you’re “green” haha

Jeffrey Torgalski says:

It’s pronounced UH-CHAIR-BEEZ

Mackenzie Ashford says:

You really can’t take these bikes sereously unless you ride one lol I think it’s the noise

Sage Witty says:

if it loses 50 lbs gains another 2hr of ride time and charges in 25 minutes i would buy one till then its a no

Farmer Joe says:

It would be weird not hearing the engine however I think they’d be pretty awesome to ride.

DavidHale Production's says:

this guy is weird

Buzz Light year says:

Good video nice song to

Mark Todd says:

They are trying to sell this crap for $15,000. I was expecting $1800- $3500 max

gilessmokey says:

could you change the music,  perhaps public enemy with  `don`t believe the hype`

Jerk says:

Folks that is a lot of money to spend on something that you really know nothing about and if your like me you are only intrigued because you know how much gas prices have soared in the past few yrs and by going electric you get to hang big gas prices the old double bird but don’t be so quick to do so because I am one that has done just that after doing what I thought was all the research that someone could possibly do I purchased a 2015 Nissan Leaf which is 100% electric and yeah while it was cool to pass all the gas stations and the van more cool to me to pull up to someone and be really stealthy with no noise the range of how far you can go fucking sucks for instance with a full charge which takes all night of being plugged up all my get is 106 miles range and that totally sucks and is nothing when I get to 18 miles left it starts telling me to charge through the speakers and it’s annoying as hell but the other night I had a kidney infection the car was on 45 miles until charge needed so I wake up in the middle of the night hurting like hell and guess what it’s 30 miles one way to nearest hospital and I’m on 45 with no chance of making it to hospital and if I did the co d I n the charger s only 25 foot long so I would have to literally park right up at the door and who’s to say that they would have even allowed me the charg it there so I had to pay nearly $600 for an ambulance ride wtf so folks don’t buy an electric vehicle until the range r aches atleast 300-400 miles on a full charge tesla cars have that kind of range but the cost is crazy the only thing I like about the car is the instant crazy torque that the electric motor cranks out its like nothing you’ve felt before no gas burner except for a really high performance or drag car can match it b cause there is no bogging down.

Dirty Deeds Productions says:

Not going to ever buy, i like combustion only, these guys are tying to enter a market with gear heads, wrong place guys

Nick Tish says:

I love dirtbikes for the sound of them, imagine full stadium of electric bikes, it would sound like a bunch of plastic cans clanking around the track… DISGUSTING!! Lol

Grantland Gamster says:

I literally can’t understand a word that is being said due to the horrible music playing but I do love the bike.

Merrik Lofquist says:

Is their any delay in power when you first twist the throttle at all even every little? If so not worth it.

Sleepy .Time says:

would like to know the recharge time, how is the motor and speed control cooled and how many charges can the battery take before needing to be replaced, we need facts and not another sales pitch

Billy says:

why do we need music on when talking?

Tristan Baker says:

i like it but the price is outrageous

Manny Pardoe says:

Half an hour ride time for 15 grand no thanks

Josh Goddard says:

ill think about getting one when the battery will last longer then 30 mins

Mike Mueting says:

I wonder how much wattage the charger draws. Would be nice if it can be charged from a portable generator such as the Honda eu2000. These electric bikes will become more practical and reasonably priced as battery technology catches up.

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