Best Motocross Roost Deflectors | 2017

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We’ve selected what we believe to be the best MX Chest Protectors in the industry! We have Fox Racing, EVS, Fly Racing, Leatt and more! Ride with confidence, with the best of the best Roost Deflectors available. Get all your protection gear available at! Get Ready.

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Trickynic 386 says:

Leatt 4.5 is really good I wear under the jersey with atlas or leatt brace it works good

b1slyfox says:

You left the best one off the list and the one you can tailor to your style the Troy Lee BG 5955 Roost Deflector. I love this thing!


I have the leatt shox and the 5.5

Fabian Pimentel says:

What are these for

Hemps37 says:

What about for bigger guys? I’m 6’7″ and run a XL fox pro form now but wouldn’t mind a roost deflector instead.

Dana Yates says:

Can you do a review on the tld chest protectors


Can the shoulder attachments on the evs rev 5 come off?

nascarnate326 says:

Fox Pro Frame with Atlas neck brace. Absolutely love it. I wish the back when down a few more inches but over all its pretty good. I wear mine under the jersey unless its muddy.

Toinou-37 says:

RXR Protect ! Best chest protector

Julius Baumgartner says:

Does the Fox Titan Sport Jacket fit a neckbrace?

Casey Lee says:

I use the REV 5 but without the shoulder pads and I love it, had it now for a year and I can’t even feel it under my jersey. The adjustable shoulder straps mean you can get it super snug and doesn’t limit your movement at all. I’d recommend it to anyone it’s an easy 5/5 for me!

Tom Sharpe says:

What about the Thor sentinal?

Cmodeen 146 says:

I got the leatt fusion 3.0

Al Harrington says:

how can we return it in unworn condition if u have to wear it to know if it fits u???¿…

Cara Smith says:

I’ve got the alpinestars jacket

Armin S says:

what is about fox Raptor Vest ?do you recommend it?

Kurtz's Kicks says:

great video once again

Ben Otto says:

Where is the alpinestars a1? That is the best roost portector for Style!

Trampus Marek says:

I wear the alpine star

Echo Outdoors says:

fox sport jacket and EVS neck brace? anyone know if it’ll work?

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