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In the motorcycle world one of the most important pieces of protection you should have while out riding is a helmet! There are a lot of key factors and features to look for when selecting a dirt bike helmet. So watch as we bring them to the surface for you to decide which helmet better suit your riding style. The decision and all the choices of helmets can get a little bit overwhelming, we know, we’ve all been there before. Here at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC we carry over 25 different brands of off-road helmets to choose from. So you know you’re getting the best variety in quality, safety, fit and design! All motorcycle helmets are available at Get Ready!

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Bell Moto 9 Carbon Flex

Fly F2 Carbon Helmet

Leatt GPX Helmet

6d ATR-1 Helmet

Troy Lee Designs SE4 Helmet

Fox Racing V3 Helmet

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Love the FOX V3 the yellow blue one especially

Jessy Favor says:

Yesss the fox helmets to run small get a bigger size

Pontus Kempe says:

What about the new Scott 550 helmet?

Micheal Rex says:

hey guys im looking for a helmet with a large eye port for good airflow like the fox helmet as thats all ive used, but really wanting to try a different brand , i brought a bell moto 9 but it was way to tight with my goggles that over heating was a issue

any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Jessy Favor says:

I always recommend trying on in store then order the one you like online

Eli Wilton says:

What are the blue and red helmets behind him

Nathan Trudeau says:

Trying to decide between Fly, Bell, and Airoh, any suggestions?

toadamine says:

Premium helmets are Airoh and Arai… There are a step down from those, I’d call these mid level in quality.

Christopher Villarreal says:

ridiculous how expensive these are considering you can only have one crash on these before technically having to replace them… I think 150-250 should be a good average price for something you have to switch out nearly every season becasue if you’re pushing yourself chances are you’re going to hit the ground sooner rather than later.

Nuno Alcaide says:

What about the Airoh Aviator 2.2?
Is not good enough for this list?

Adam Vlogs104 says:

were is the shoei

Arne kallonger says:

no helmet list is complete without shoei, Airoh and arai

Jamie K says:

No Shoei or Arai?

Ben Fairhall says:

Yeah have to say disappointing no airoh in there as they a lot more well known especially in Australia now. Great technology in the 6D helmets though as far as I’m concerned all helmets should come standard with a quick cheek pad removal system like the airohs.

Anthony L says:

Bell helmets are the best

Raju Karki says:

hi,bro I am keshar from kathamandu of nepal.I liked this do you send my place sir?and how much a helmet

Bartłomiej Florek says:

No Arai VX-PRO? No Shoei VFX-EVO?

Realist says:

Just like the comments below u changed “the best of all 2018” to “the best in our lineup” credibility issue here as there r no Suomy, either.

Johnny Bravo says:

Damn but the V3 is EXPENSIVE AF!! $500? I wouldn’t buy any helmet more than $400…

Aiden Le Traceur says:

Where’s the airoh?

Thomas Browne says:

what is that red helmet in the background?

xtrmerik says:

How is this the Best MX Helmets 2018 when it was posted in October of 2017? For this to be current, you need reviews including the Shoei VFX EVO and the 6D ATR2 as a minimum. Please update your buyer’s guide.

Eli Wilton says:

Thank u

OK Dirt Rider says:

This year I got a Leatt 5.5 and I really like it. It’s really hot in the summer here in Oklahoma and it has the best venting of any helmet I’ve ever worn

StesmH says:

the new shoei vfx-wr is coming soon on march 2018 and the “old” vfx-w can’t compete with this new safety sistem.This is the reason for the absence of the brand,i think, but the new shoei WR is surely top like these helmets.

koengixxer says:

Shoei vfx-w!!

Resto says:

That Fox helmet though… goddamn

Katie Watt says:

umm… where are the arais or shoeis

Jessy Favor says:

I just got the all black fox v4 helmet what do you think, i love it only thing i dont like is the inside is not as comfortable as id like for the price

toadamine says:

best dirt helmet for long oval? I measure a medium circumference but usually can’t get a medium in my head as its too small front to back in the crown, the only medium helmet I own is a Nexx street helmet, who makes a high quality dirt helmet in a long oval???

Landonjmiller 19 says:

I have an se4 from troy lee designs and i was in a crash and broke my back the helmet is first comfortable two looks good and most of all protective when I crashed the padding in the helmet split in half and I didn’t even get a concussion so i would recommend the troy lee designs se4 helmet

thekx85rider 85 says:

I like suomy helmets i got one and it is 1200 grams

Zeus33rd says:

After this video, the LEATT GPX 6.5 CARBON V16 is for me. Under 3lbs, best ventilation? Yes please. Bad ass.

motobasfan says:

fox changing the game with the magnetic visor, other companies will follow suit. I have a fly f2 carbon. great helmet

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