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We’ve selected our top 5 dirt bike boots. Ride and look like the pro’s and be protected doing it! Don’t hesitate when you want protection, durability, and comfort.. these boots have got you covered. The boots that made the list are The Gaerne SG12, Alpinestars Tech10 & Tech7, Fox Instinct and the Sidi Crossfire 3! Get your next pair available at! Get Ready.

Fox Instinct Boots

Alpinestars Tech 10

Alpinestars Tech 7

Gaerne SG-12 Boots

Sidi Crossfire 3 Boots

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Landyn Jouen says:

I have all of them

Braaaptastic 750 says:

I am about a 10.5 to an 11 for the Alpinestar Tech 10 would I go to a 12 I have a wide foot

Kyle H says:

Hi there I currently have the tech 7 an older model probably 2011.. love them however find them very stiff hard to change gears even after adjusting height of the gear shifter. Looking at a new set of boots, any recommendations?? Thanks in advance

ferdi Havenga says:

can you start shipping to South Africa !!!!!!! plzzzz

We ride MX says:

I ride the instincts! They are awesome!!!

michael berry says:

i just run fox comp fives there great light bendy and safe

Giri Indra says:

fox instinct or gaerne sg12 ??

Princess Lyla says:

Does anyone know what boot would be the most waterproof

Robert Engels says:

Which boots would you recommend for someone with really big calves?


Stiffest worst boot is alpine star tech 10 by far! like no movement at all break in time forever hard to change gears and very bulky fat boot.
Sidi and Gaerne are the most flexible high end boots, easier to change gears and use rear break no break in time good to go straight out of the box.
Traditional sole on Sidi is better than the gimic srs sole. I have both Sidi boots traditional stiched on sole and the SRS sole feels thicker less feed back alot less grip on the pegs too. Sidi traditional sole boots for the win!

Husler 1 says:

Which boots keep your feet dry????

Manolo says:

Hello great videos to a world tour what’s the best choyce and brand???

toadamine says:

I only use Sidi since I first used Sidi.


Can someone please make a video about the specific differences and purposes between the tech 10 and 7.

Richard Grimett says:

I will never buy a molded boot again, only stitched soles for me….

Zac Cuthbert says:

Thoughts on the fox instincts?? Thinking about getting them

Trey Abeyta says:

I ride tech 7s they are great last long look good and have zero break in time

Thom 1883 says:

The FOX are great, like really good. good price and FOX made a great top level boot. One big problem witch is steering me away sadly. The sole…. They get chewed up so badly that i’ve had mine go in for re sole about 3 times, twice done by FOX themselves and it took over 3 weeks. 90% of the time they came un glued after a few rides. I may just try the tech 10’s this year and see how they go….

Tony Brinkman says:

I am tossing up between the Tech7 and the Crossfire2 as i can get them both at about the same price, the crossfire tad more expensive. Suggestions??

Dan Davies says:

I have the alpinestars tech 10. They are brilliant! I have no problems with them. Just wish they didn’t have the inner booty, but still an awesome boot!

andrew gates says:

Great job, as always Chase!!!

Zac Noding says:

As far as value, can never go wrong w tech 7’s. Cheap(er) reliable boots that are comphy. Hated the boot at first in tech 10’s so i loved it all besides the bottoms chunks a little. Other than that love them

Jamacado21 says:

I have the tech 7s because I have wide feet and I like a bit of flexibility so you can get a good feel over the rear brake. It didn’t take anytime to break-in at all, was great straight out of the box. Also found em more comfortable than tech 10s and all other boots. Best value for money in my view

Henry Berkin says:

I have the fox instincts and can’t find a fault if I try but I like the look of the tech 10s too. Anyone know if I should stick with instinct or go to tech 10 and why.

Freestylebattlefield 1 says:

Hey guys if you can’t afford 400 dollar boots every 2 years you are in the wrong sport! A guy actually replied with that

Greg Easther says:

Just bought me a pair of sidi crossfire 3 and love them, have so much more feel while on the bike but feel sturdy and durable


I saw the gærne on Amazon and probably will buy it

burnindirt mx says:

why didn’t you put the new fox 180

Rain Drop says:

Just ordered some tech 10 boots, really looking forwars to testin em!

Boris Fernando Leiva Gonzalez says:

i wear the Tech 7

Connor Z05 says:

When is that orange and blue tech 7 going to be released on your website

opeth dude says:

Sidi # 1

Casey Lee says:

I went from FOX Comp 8’s to Astars Tech 7’s and didn’t look back!!

The Tech 7 for me is great if you’re like me maybe you don’t ride as often as you’d like to so you can’t justify spending all that cash on a boot like the SG12 or the Tech 10, the Tech 7 is awesome because you get a premium quality boot from Alpinestars at a very good price! Super comfortable, pretty much 0 break in time and they look the part! Plus of course awesome protection 🙂

Tony Chambers says:

I’ve got tech 7 it’s like wearing slippers all day so comfy

Rankoth CJ says:

I have the Crossfire 2s, just wish it was waterproof.

David Preciado says:

I have a pair of Gaerne SG12 they are good boots light weight and Comfortable boots

Anthony Vu says:

i’m broke, so i can’t afford any of these i just use cheap $150 dollar boot

Mitch13 says:

I have the Sidi Crossfire 2 and this brand has earned a customer for life, don’t see a reason to even look anywhere else after a season in these boots.

Franchize Productions says:

Just got my tech 10 bomber boots and I wear size 11 shoes and got a 10 boot and its tight but not painful at all and my feet are wide when I step with full weight. very comfy but stiff boot. Hoping they break in decently quick. very happy with initial purchase and will update on my channel.

Travis Barclay 916 says:

I currently run fox comp8’s incredibly comfy and awesome support for your ankle and feet, ive worn alpinestars and they arent as good as they’re hyped up to be.
My advice would be with comp8’s is go up a size or two i am size 8 us shoe and im rocking size 10 boots

Henry Berkin says:

I am looking at buying the tech 10s. I want the vented ones because it gets very hot here. But I like the colours of the non vented ones more. Can you actually feel a difference at all while riding or not. If so is it a big difference or barely noticeable.

Frank Tarallo says:

Ive got the sidi crossfirs 2 ta ill compare them to my alpinestar 10 that i had before the sidi so the sidi you feel straight away they feel lighter and easier to walk around in they also last alot longer more so the sole but the one thing i hate about the sidi that i love about the tech 10 is the buckles man if sidi had buckles like the tech 10 the sidi would be flawless the tech 10 are so easy to buckle up you dont need to put any force and dont need to bend your back to the side because tech 10 buckles are on the front of the boot haha it can be really annoying first thing in the morning twisting around and having to really push down on them sidi buckles but having said that i still would choose sidi over tech 10

Harsha B.N. says:

Can we use motocross boots for long road trip ?

BroughtonVisuals says:

My Tech 7’s are really nice, great quality, comfy as and works great!

David Eagle says:

I have the a stars tech 7 s and the ankle hinges broke

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