Best Motocross Boots | 2017

Top 5 Motocross Boots for 2017!

We’ve selected our top 5 dirt bike boots for this years 2016 season. Ride and look like the pro’s and be protected doing it! Don’t hesitate when you want protection, durability, and comfort.. these boots have got you covered. The boots that made the list are The Gaerne SG12, Alpinestars Tech10 & Tech7, Fox Instinct and the Sidi Crossfire 2 SR! Watch as we highlight each and everyone of the stand out features each boot brings to the industry. Get your next pair available at! Get Ready.

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Gaerne SG-12 Boots

Sidi Crossfire 2 SR Boots

Fox Instinct Boots

Alpinestars Tech 10

Alpinestars Tech 7

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Christian Sagredo says:

Just starting out here. I have some shitty old O’Neal boots that I got used a few years ago. I can’t move my ankle at all. Need to be broken in? Or need new boots? Worried about having problems shifting.

Duck Hunt says:

“Something that won’t break the bank” but it costs 400 dollars

Ned O'Hara says:

did anyone notice that the tech 10 inner boot looks like ninja shoes

BwlBoy says:

Cheers champion. Most helpful. Do you guys ship to Australia?

Treygan Birdsong says:

What is the meltol plat for

SpiderMonkey says:

Can you please make a review video on the new 2018 Instinct boots

maxdad05 says:

i run sg12’s, i have a narrow foot and they fit like ski boots. a much better fit & feel than my tech 8’s or the 10’s i tried. the fox boots felt as though they had minimal support, and felt like it was just another marketing ploy towards devoted fox brand “kids”. i have never tried sidi

rudy vasquez says:

All I heard they are all gonna be

Klaani K says:

I would love the white alpinestars tech 10s

Flatrell Cluggins says:

U want that booty

Yung Reaper The Sensei says:


Jrector32 says:

What would be better sidi or sg12

Casey Lee says:

I got the tech 7’s over the tech 10’s as I have a wider foot and a 19″ calf (22″ with my EVS braces). The Tech 7’s give me plenty of room in my calf and look badass too!


SIDI TA traditional sole is so much better than the SRS sole i have both sets of boots and the TA absorbs shocks big landings much better and the foot feels lower in boot and closer to foot pegs also easier to get under shift lever…the SRS sole feels like an inch of plastic under your foot is only a thin layer of rubber in comparison to the TA.
The SIDI articulate very well alpimstarts is stiff and rigid i did not like them at all.
The SG12 will be my next boot

Cody Jones says:

Hey chase I was wondering are the tech 7’s good for knee braces

Matt Leschuck says:

Were the Forma Predators considered in this?! A more unknown brand, but they build really nice boots as well. Great vid by the way. RMATV always seems to get a lot of my money!

Caroline Purdy says:

My son loves his tech 7s he’s looking into the instincts how durable are those

Joz Sports says:

What’s wrong with FLY boots?

Michael Kastner says:

Alpine Tech-10 for life

dr187mx says:

Been wearing Tech 10’s since 2009 and just upgraded to the new style and love them.

Lennard Cml says:

I love my tech10

oralenti says:

I have the Siding srs since 2006. I first looked at the tech10, but couldn’t fit my foot because of the inside shoe. I then tried the Siding, and OMG that was a revelation! Those are so comfortable I feel I’m in my house shoes! And I have a pretty regular foot width for my size.
Close to 0 breaking time, and great control right of the box.

Michael Webster says:

@Rocky Mountain- Is there a reason you omitted the TCX Comp Evo boots? Opinion on them?

Ivan Gambalonga says:

what about waterproof details for enduro user? ?

AJG 21 Racing says:

just bought the barcia tech 10!

trouble maker says:

My Sidi’s fit great with a narrow foot, the hinge is a little squeaky, but a great boot!

jt86tn says:

I’ve heard in some reviews that the tech 7s have really wide openings at the top, even when tightened down. I was planning on getting some tech 7s but after seeing this it has me second guessing a little bit. I have skinny calves and don’t want to have too much space at the top when riding. I may get some knee braces at some point (and I may not) which would fill in that space but I want my boots to fit comfortably without having the need for something else. Would you agree that the leg openings are particularly large? Any way could get a measurement of the opening with them tightened down completely at the top? Nobody carries the tech 7 in my area so I’m not able to check them out for myself.

Jake says:

Are you guys gonna do a 2017 goggles buyers guide?

Robert Fisher says:

Hey. I just recently shattered my ankle in oneil elements. Well I’m out for the rest of the year with plenty to think about. I don’t think I’ll be able to afford more than 500 since I’m out of work. Are these boots all about the same when it comes to safety? Or is there one that would protect my ankle better than the others?


Fox instincts are great. Got the black and white pair awhile ago.

Blake Hoskins says:

please do an exhaust buyers guide for 2t and 4t. silencer and pipe ect.

dhappy345 says:

Did they stop having an inner bootie on the tech 8’s?

vevohoeyo says:

Fox instinct all the way

Sam Megaw says:

What is your personal favourite boot on the list?

pedro nani says:

do a chest protector buyers guide vid. please

D4N45 says:

Please do 2017 neck braces

TheNorthShoreTurtle says:

You’re high if you think the Tech 7 fits a wider foot. The made it narrower than the old style stitched boot and tapered the medial side to make it look like a cowboy boot. Can you say missed shifts and braking? I’m not sure who has pointy feet where the middle toe is the longest one but it sure isn’t me! If you like to size up so you have no feel for the end of your boot, shifter, and brake pedal, go for it!

Andrei says:

I was wondering which is the lightest?

Mark Vizcarra says:

Where is the TCX comp evo???

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