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From Which are the best enduro boots and enduro boots available for dirt riding today? This review vid focuses on the Sidi Crossfires and Gaerne SG12 but we do acknowledge there are quality boots being put out by others too: Fox Instinct, Alpinestar Tech 10, TCX Pro, Forma Predator etc.

We’ve had a lot of questions about which are the best boots for enduro and dirt riding, and which boots I’m using. Lower leg injuries are very common, especially when guys wear cheap dirt bike boots. My first tip would be spend money for top quality boots. Boots and a good helmet are the two protective items you should put some money into… and I’m speaking from personal experience.

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So the best motocross boots or best enduro boots? The Italians make the good motorcyles, they make the good boots also. Generally the Gaerne SG12 and the Sidi Crossfire boots are seen as the top two. And yes it’s pronounced, ‘Garnay’, not Gern or Gay-urn as most of us say.

There are other good boots at a similar price, but overall the Gaerne SG12 and Sidi Crossfire 2 stand out in user reviews based on comfort, protection, longevity, sole wear and how easy they are to walk in.

Personally I opted for the Sidi Crossfire 2 because they are about on par with the Gaernes and are usually about $100 cheaper. Yes I’m a tight arse even when it comes to the important stuff.

So why spend a lot of money on the Gaerne SG12 or Sidi Crossfire? A lot of guys like cheaper boots because they are more flexible, but this is because they have less protection. Sidis and Gaernes are well known for not needing any breaking in – the are comfortable immediately, still let you do gear changes and apply rear brake, and are easy to walk in. But you get full protection at the same time.

Here’s a comparison with a cheap boot, the Scot 250. The Sidi Crossfire is much better in so many ways.

Similar to helmets, you must make sure a boot is comfortable first. Too many guys buy online then find out it does really fit. Support your local bike shop, try them on there and buy them there too.

A lot of guys want their boots to be waterproof. No manufacturer will guarantee this of course. A more expensive boot will stay waterproof longer, but it’s only a matter of time. My Sidis were waterproof for about three months, then over time have allowed more and more water in.

A lot of guys use the smaller more comfortable adventure boots for adventure riding or easy trail riding, but my view is it’s still worth having maximum protection. If you pay more for good boots like the Gaerne SG12 or Sidi Crossfire you will still have the comfort.

We are lucky to have dedicated motorbike boots we can afford. I like to do a little reality check from time to time, and you might remember this Malaysian rider and his bike from an earlier video.

What about sole repairs? If you get this done professionally, make sure it’s a shoe shop who does motorcross boots regularly and knows what they are doing. Your average shoe repair shop probably won’t get it right. What about do it yourself? If a boot sole is just starting to peel away, you can simply put in some self tapping screws to halt this.

What about gluing a new sole on yourself? It’s best to let the professionals at it, but if you are short on cash like me, use a six inch grinder to clean and roughen the bottom of the boot and the new sole. Use a heat gun to warm up both surfaces, then apply a good glue like Sikaflex marine. I’ve tried this before years ago and the sole eventually peeled off, so this time I’ve doubled up with a pile of screws. Dodgy dodgy work, but then that’s nothing new for me.

Just for an experiment, I did try to repair the cheap Scott boots but the soles both peeled off again within two rides, which confirmed there’s no point repairing those cheaper boots. No problems though with Gaerne SG12 or Sidi Crossfire.

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Pingman says:

Thoughts on the TCX Pro 2.1?

Kyle Brown says:

I picked up a pair of Forma Terrain TX Enduro boots a oouple weeks ago and was very impressed. They are very nicely built and super protective. I think for the money you can’t get a better boot.

Joshua Dealy says:

I have sidi x3 srs boots and they are great

Pokechop Achunky says:

I have the sidis too. it’s one of the only boots that comes in a 12.5 size. I love them, but the sole is slippery on rock’s. other than that. awesome boots

badbrooko says:

You did well out of your Scotts
I got 2 hrs out of my Scott 450 s before the sole blew out
What a waste of 400 +rollers

Emvolts says:


Keith Harvey says:

josh quenne
u should try to go

John Herasimtschuk says:

So the sidi is much much cheaper as it last so much longer by my calculator

bin dipper says:

coat your boots in fab sill water proofer its for fabric ie tents etc its great

THOMAZ says:

i was just wondering do the straps on the sidi boots break easy cause i have a pair of fly racing boots and 2 straps broke

Andre Azevedo says:

do you ever try Alpinestar? I think that Gaerne; Sidi and Alpine rules.
Them you may also consider Fox
And after that you have all the rest ….:-)

reino kotze says:

i was just looking at boots and there prices (i would love the sidi crossfire), but the prices. Let me put this in perspective, I bought my 2006 250sx for 30 000 namibian dollar. lets say a good boot is about 500 USD that makes it about 10 000 namibian dollar. that would make the boots about 1/3 the price of the bike!! at this point i feel like i have to make very thing myself to be able to afford it and yes i have been thinking about making my own boots.

William Beaston says:

Hey cross training comp 5 boots are shit for enduro riding I broke my foot yesterday and the boot is like 2 months old and still did not get the support needed

Nathan David says:

Thanks for the advice.. I bought the GAERNE SG12’s because the sidi’s aren’t very friendly to people with wide feet :/

Dfin glide says:

So where did you buy the Sidi`s for $450aud ? The cheapest that I`ve seen is around $700aud.

Alex Kuhn says:

fuck should have looked at this last night just got cheep boots with the thought that if they wear out i could get another set and sill be cheaper than 1 good set oh well will use these till i can get a good set and keep the cheeps for backups

payam fz says:

Can you please talk about knee guard, and what do you personally use?
You make everyone lazy to search in here mate, and I’m personally trust your reviews because it’s always genuine .

Aaron Maz says:

Love the Sidi – I own the Alpine Stars Tech 3 (cheapest available). They have been beating up trails and me for 5 years now. They are horrible ridged and the buckles are a chore however they do the job and have protected my lovely lower half for the interim. I just recently tried on the Sidi and Gonorrheas, and it’s amazing what a high quality boot feels like. Movement is actually possible in a boot. Personally, the Sidi was my choice when it came to movement and feeling.

Alexandre Simard says:

do the SIdi X3 or Gaerne Greact are a good alternative if you are on a budget?

Chris Dealny says:

I have been riding enduro for a while, always ride in tramping boots. The main injuries I have had is left and right scaphoids so I would err to the get some wrist protection side. Boots are cumbersome and affect riding balance, no matter how expensive they are.

SuperOrcy says:

must admit I went tight on my boots and got the forma adventure boots for the riding I do. they certainly dont have the protection of the sidi’s, but I think they are better than the scotts you showed

roflcopterkklol says:

if someone was going to go for alpine stars id recommend the tech 3’s, i bought a set of them in 2008, have done a good 1000+ hours of riding on them, still feel like they did after the first time they were filled with bog hole mud, nice and crisp.

Szybki Gaming says:

Hello guys could you tell me the song name ?

fuscia says:

Alpine Stars Stella Tech3 are my first proper boots, and though it’s a foreign feeling, they are pretty comfortable right out of the box :0)

dav00ss says:

i have those exact crossfires…now i just need to find the cash for a Beta haha

Patriot Lorax 15 says:

I’m better off wearing rain boots and saving $150 than getting those damn scotts

sonoma314 says:

Most people won’t wear them for lack of ankle support, but the Gaerne oiled brown trials boot has been my choice for years now. They are waterproof and have tread on the sole for when you’re off the bike and need foot traction. I just purchased the updated version with Gortex. They seem to be very good so far.

kylet8020 says:

Just got into dirt bike riding.. more trails the anything but very much started learning this week.. looking for riding gear. I’m on a 08 yz250f, i feel more and more comfortable with the bike everytime i ride but lack any gear other then a helmet. boots are one thing i would love to pick up asap my biggest problem is i can not seem to find them in a size 16 us. any help??? plz…

Polymnus says:

I got the Sidi Adventure, it is great. I got into a crash, and no pain or scratch on my lower leg. I should have bought motorcycle boots earlier on, lots of scaring on my shines.

Get good knee protection too, twice I’ve hit my knee on a rock, luckily never broke it. I wear full armor protection now. I’m not sure about neck braces, tho? Any opinions?

Nicholas Olson says:

So what would be good for someone who has almost no money? I still needs about $100 in parts, and still need a full gear set, including helmet and goggles, what would be the best for less for helmet and boots?

Bailey Peat says:

Alpine star tech 10 are good

Fredrik Art says:

I ended up with he Sidi Crossfire 2s. Very happy!!

Bilbo Baggins says:

just bought myself a pair of sidi crossfire 2 boots off ebay, I would have got them in store but they dont sell them in my part of canada


Good advise Barry, thanks mate. Please keep the vid’s coming……. 🙂

Hawaiidirtrider says:

Thanks again for addressing another important choice that affects riding ..I like this vid.. I run SG10’s ..but what I am surprised is that you haven’t talked about enduro soles and the differences between those and mx soles that are smooth. I have been thinking about getting SIDI’s because they have a good enduro sole. In the mud the mx sole isn’t very good.. I wouldn’t want a full ATV type boot sole.. but the modified sole that isn’t as aggressive on the SIDI enduro sole looks promising. I do agree with your assessment. ..and that’s after going through lots of lesser priced boots.

the4D_waffle says:

I have got Fly Maverick boots, had them for a couple of months and they still seen to be holding up strong with good solid support all round, but I guess only time will tell

Brian Masters says:

I am a big fan on the SIDI crossfire boots. I also use the EVS web knee braces for total lower leg reinforcement.

Nicholas Z says:

Now with these boots are they also a good set for motorcross? Because I do a little bit of enduro and motorcross with my mates but i feel like the boots I have now are too heavy for motorcross

oldreliable303 Justin Scott says:

old work boots and a ball cap. safty trud…..

m b says:

forma predator best boots i’v owned ,never had crossfires as sidi road boots are to narrow for me but had G12’s


It is funny because I wear the Scott 250 and just blow my ankle real badly, I can really see difference in quality.

I am now looking at a paire of Fox Instinct or Sidi Crossfire 2 , I will do some shopping in couple of week for next season because the white shit will soon begin to fall!

Tori's Trails says:

Hey Baz. Good reviews. I don’t mind the Forma Terra’s. I dropped my fat motorbike on my leg the other day and no injury! They are supple enough to walk in but the protection is good for an adv boot.

Mr Fiction says:

how are alpinestars tech 7 compared?

E Money says:

Cool video, I just picked up a pair or Crossfire’s SRS. What a difference comparing to my old Fox Comp5. They are slightly less comfortable than Fox’s but way more protective and give you confidence to ride harder.

lnichols87 says:

Howdy from USA! You say the Gaerne boots don’t have a steel shank in them, which is correct. BUT, the SG12 does have a carbon fiber shank in the sole. I have had mine for just about a month and love them! Great videos btw! Keep it up

Harry Daly says:

How are fox instincts ?

k1llersoda1 says:

buy sidi srs 2 if you want something that last for ages almost every piece is bolt on bolt off

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