Best dirt bike for beginners – how to choose your first dirt bike.

In this video i am giving my best advice on what kind of dirt bike should you buy if you are just starting. Also I give you little insight on why to buy and ride the dirt bike.


Beto 115 says:

Can anyone help? Never ridden a bike but I don’t want to start so low power since ima keep the bike for a while, I rather learn and get comfortable with a good bike.
I’m 19 and weight about 215lbs
Can anyone give me advice for a first bike?

Awesomejuggler20 says:

I got a job and this is my goal. I’m saving my money to buy a dirt bike. I’m going for the CRF250R. I can’t wait to have the bike and having bought it myself. I’m gonna hopefully buy the bike before spring. I use to have a bike (that my dad bought me) and my dumbass buried it in water. Ruined the bike and whoever bought it from us had to pay 1000$ to get it fixed. Not my brightest moment.

Dustin Chambers says:

27 years old 190 pounds what would be the best bike for just cruise

abnersite says:

Hello I’m 16 going on 17 and I weigh 185 lbs , I have experience with dirt bikes but not to much, what brand and model would you recommend me ?

ZachNStuff says:

single still lol

Johnnay Majjjor says:

what about a 125 two stroke?

Bernardin Phillip says:

Why dislike ???????

Armin Vuk says:

What bike do you suggest for me?
I am 14 years old, I weight 88 pounds, and I am 5 foot high…

emilio says:

Hey man, i just wanna ask is Kawasaki klx 125 good as a first bike, im soon 16 btw?

ISauce4Fun says:

I’m 14 5’6 130 pounds, and have a budget of 1000. What bike do you recommend?

Adam G says:

i’m just diy my honda cub to dirtbike

montgomery mchargue says:

Is an ssr 125 a good idea I don’t have a lot of money

Rafa santibanez says:

I’ve never had a dirt bike but and I’m going to buy one soon but not sure what to get I’m about to be 18 and I’m 5’10

J Meza says:

What’s a good beginner bike for my size , I’m 19 , 5’7 ft and 162 pounds?

Jayden Lundie says:

I’m 13 5 foot 3 and 110 pounds what should I get

Kippy Gaming says:

I’m 5.5 120 pounds 14 years old what bike should I get

Dom says:

what would be good for someone 5′ 10″ and 135-140 pounds and im 15

dodtuokjk54734 says:

I have been riding for 6 years, this would include mini bikes, and mini choppers. What do you recommend? ( I am 200 lb and 14. )

Harry Jones says:

@dirt n iron

Jez Steinvoort says:

I’m a beginner 14 years old should I Get The yz150 2 stroke or The ttr150 2 stroke

SupremePictures says:

I’ve not got a dirt bike , but still watch your videos as hopefully I can get 1 I’m 15 6ft6. What dirt bike would you say?

Josh Vanderwal says:

I’m 14 6’1 and 150-16 pound I know how to use a clutch my brother has a yamaha raptor 660 so I drove that thing I don’t want a 2 stroke what dirt bike is good for me and what year my price range is 1000-2000 dollars

Albin Wallin says:

So I am 6 foot 1 and 150 pounds and a 250 4 stroke should last me for as long as I would like right?

divine I AxvA I says:

What bike is good for 13 yr old

Harry Jones says:

I was looking at crf Honda 150 RB 4 stroke seems sensible @dirt n iron

Kai De-Bellis says:

What would you recommend for a 15 yr old guy 5 feet 5 inches 121 pounds?

Raptor Kid250 says:

Hey man im 15 im 1.65 cm and want a 250 cc 4 stroke which is the best which doensent have any probs like which one has less probs and tell me which one from mx and which one from enduro

Lucky 8 says:

I going to get a new bike for my first one because once I’m able to drive I’m going to street legalize it

Quin Muma says:

Im 14 years old, 160 pound and 6ft I can’t decide between a 125 2 stroke or a 250 four stroke

m4ze says:

im 18,6″3,200 pounds..I was first time riding a dirt bike,honda cr125 2 stroke and I fell because it kinda scared me so I grab the throttle accidently and it threw me on my ass..I got up,I was fine,I was riding again and I didnt do the same misstake again..Friend told me 4 stroke would probably be better for me,he said 2 stroke is not beginner friendly

Young Man says:

I am getting a kx 250f for my first bike I know how to drive a clutch but only the Honda 100 anyone know if it would be hard to drive

XChozeeArts says:

I wanna start riding motocross and I do not know if I should buy two or four strokes. Can anyone help or advice me?


hellow from Mexico bro!
i’m 27 and i have never ridden a dirtbike.
what do you recommend me?
and what about a new or old one dirtbike to learn?
sorry for my writing.

PhantumL0rd says:

U saying 1000$ is not much for a dirt bike for a beginner….Well im not even going to ask my parents for a dirt bike as a birthday gift

Tikibaby103 says:

any other females watching this?

Andrei Alexandru says:

Hi guys i am Andrew. I am 17 and i am from europe and i have 1.78m (6 foot i think) and 78kg. I am a fast lerner and i want to buy a supermoto. I want to be able to ride it on the streets as well. I am mainly looking for a ktm 250 or 450. I know that 450 would be too much for a new learner but i want to keep it for some time. I want to use the bike for mountain mainly.

Lol Life says:

Can you redecommended yamaha dt 125 for 16 years old?

Harry Jones says:

I’m 16 and looking to start this will be my first bike I was gonna get a 125cc but do u think 250cc better @

Jon Mayer says:

Bruh I bought an old 1995 Honda xr100r for 400 bucks. No way would I spend 2 grand in a bike to lean on. I stalled this thing like 5 times my first day. It’s a ton of fun too. I’m 6’2 and weigh 168

Carlos Chavez says:

I’m 15 and 5’1 like 110lbs I don’t know what dirt bike to choose

James Orend says:

gyood video

Axce Clan | Subscribe for black Ops 3 content says:

If I’m being honest all these people saying you should start with a 125 or 85cc Dirtbike are wrong I have never had or tried Dirtbike’s and got myself a CRF450 and I learned how to ride it in about 1-2Hours and I know ride on a very good level… got it last aeek

Anthony Batista says:

I am 5’9” 140lbs would a yz250f be a good bike I have ridden a ttr125 no problem

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