Best Dirt Bike and Motocross Boots

The best Off-road and motocross boots are all in this video. Product links and video timestamps:
0:14 – Thor Blitz CE MX Boots:
2:25 – Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots:
4:25 – Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots:
6:35 – Thor Blitz LS Boots:

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Xterrential says:

Hey Ryan,
Could you please do a best pressure suit review video? I’m trying to decide on which one I should get. Thanks

broke rides says:

I have a pit bike that fits me because I’m only 12 should I go with the Thor blitz CE or LS

nolarocks says:

Buying is not investing. Unless you are buying investments. 😉

gruppeM3 says:

Do you think you could do a video on what you think are the best overall dualsport bikes? Would really appreciate it.

David A. Gines says:

4:25 because you’re supposed to use knee braces and motocross pants with them. No gap at all when you’re fully geared up

MotoG Badger says:

Your lowest best boot should have included the O’neal rider boots. Same features as the Thor boot, however is about $80 cheaper. Then you should have added the Fox Comp 5 boot in between which is $200 and offers one piece cockpit like the Alpinestars, a soft interior and controlled fit, while being more pliable out of the box for enduro riders under thats $300 price-point. Then you have the Tech 7 which is great and the Sidi which is great. I honestly do not enjoy your videos anymore since i have been more technically inclined with moto gear working at a gear shop. Everything you review is sponsored and many times misleading due to that. There are so many options out there and to choose these and not others for a video that the world would see is below my expectations for this channel honestly.

dig larry says:

The calf gap is so it can accept knee brace

Jhawk2tall says:

I wish a Moto cross boot company would provide a boot that is shaped like the human foot and not cramping the toes. I ride with keen boots because of that right now.

toadamine says:

the highest price I’ve seen Sidi CF-2srs advertised online is $545… I paid $330 for mine…

dig larry says:

It’s funny how much you pay and still have to replace every few years bc the break down stretch

Keagan TIMMER says:

The big gap is for knee braces buddy

Rodney McBride says:

Any reason you left out Forma boots? I wear the TX Terrain Enduro boots. Very light weight and they have a hinged ankle for sub $300.00. Great boot.

Victor Giannella says:

Fox instinct is amazing

FortNine says:

Product links and video timestamps:
0:14 – Thor Blitz CE MX Boots:
2:25 – Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots:
4:25 – Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots:
6:35 – Thor Blitz LS Boots:

VlogsWithDev says:

If you buy them Sidis for $800+ you are getting massively ripped off because the Crossfire normally costs around $479.99

Brian Patterson says:

I doubt you’ve ever ridden offroad. metal toe caps get used at the time and smashed in

Nathan Littlefield says:

the Thor boots look similar to the O’Neal rider boots. mine was 123 dollars and I love them

Chris Knapp says:

Why does the footage of you pressing the brakes with the boots show the brake on the left side of the bike?

DayZ Survivor says:

Those gaps between your legs and the Tech7’s boots are there because there meant to be worn with knee braces ; you need more space to fit them

Brad M says:

No SG12?

The Real A Aron says:

When did fort nine get bought out by revzilla?

On2Wheels says:

Dude, Gaerne SG 12 and SG 10 are the best offroad boots. Also Alpinestars Tech 10 are huge!
Couldn’t agree more on the Tech 7’s. Price wise they are excellent.

André Rodrigues says:

I would steer clear from short boots for the trails. I actually use some steel toe, steel shank work boots with some reinforcement that extends over the ankle. Very much a short motorcycle boot with a personal safety price.

Just a few days ago I took an awkward tumble where I went sideways over the bars, and the tip of my foot got snagged in the *very* loose dirt. I actually felt a loud *POP* when my body rotated and my ankle didn’t.

Luckily it was just a sprain (which is nearly better), but my ankle could’ve easily been dislocated in a stupid 2km/h crash that my (NEW, NEVER GOD DAMNED USED) moose raing m1.2’s would’ve prevented. For the street I’ll keep using the short boots. But if the trails are in any shape or form in the menu, I’ll just take the mooses.

Street Drive 420 says:

Do you ride mx or enduro.

NC320 says:

Ello, I just wanted to know what you do for a living, and great videos by the way

Natasha Coleman says:

Ryan, stop playing know we cruisers wanna see you do some chaps reviews lol. male and female please <3

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