450cc Vs 250cc Dirt Bikes: What I Prefer And Why

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Mike Jeskin says:

but 450 is only 5kg heavier than 250, correct me if im wrong

Cowboy4737 says:

If I had to choose a 250 it would be a two stroke,Can’t beat the power band and the smell of a two smoker!!!

Cozmo says:

Never rode a dirt bike in my life, but im thinking of getting one which dirt bike is cheap and is easy to handle?

P Kuudsk says:

When you ride like a pussy and can’t use the power then ride a 250 untill you can beat the shit out of it .Then buy a 450. Most people can’t ride a 125 2t to it full potential. but ,buy a 450 thinking they will be faster. 30 years ago I bet people week in and out I would kick thier ass on a kx85 and did. I have taught thousands of people how to be better riders by making them ride smaller bikes, bikes like the kx 140 are a shit tone of fun on small super tight single trac wood trail,in the right hands can kick ass over 450’s.If you are 200+lbs then yes you need more power but anyone around 140 lbs can go realy fast on a smaller bike ,in most cases faster when a newer rider learning.

yusmin puche says:

450 bikes are way faster than 250 ones

You'll Get it says:


matthew petteway says:

i ride a KLX 400 and there are no joke. ive had a top speed of over 90 mph

Timothé SILVAIN says:

what is the model of the 250cc??

John Paul says:

I ride a 230cc. when I tried my neighbors 450cc it was 5 times more powerful than the 230

Prototype SMG says:

This is weird. My rl name is Zach. I have a CRF 250R. Im looking at a YZ450f that a buddy of mine has. This video basically is what i needed.

Demarcus Cousins says:

more air equals slower lap time

Tre Outdoors says:

I’m getting my first dirt bike this summer. I want a 450 or a 250 2 stroke but I can only afford a 250 4 stroke. But I think that will be enough for me.

Mr Sevenfold says:

I like the 250 450 is to much for my needs


Hey Zach…A 250 4 stroke, is obviously slower than a 450 4 Stroke…NOW…A 250 2 Stroke is more quicker than a 450 4 stroke, if you give a 250 2 stroke full throttle and shift often…Example…A guy on a motocross race, beat 450 4 strokes on a 125 2 stroke, cuz he KNOWS how to get ALL Of the power out of it…Nice Video…Take Care !!

Ted Enduro says:

450 all day!!

Kemar REECE says:

great video bro I agree 250f ✌

Doom Papadopoulos says:

ride with zach you’re lucky cuz before 20 + years 250 was shit only 550/& 2 strokes was going good at dirt

Nash Brownsey says:

That is not a proper track

Mtb Ridingog says:

the 450 isnt tbe most powerful the 500 is bro lol

The Desert Riders says:

nice video bro I personally would agree

ChiterV says:

I feel like it might be better if you are speaking on a more focused level, I think when you are riding, your brain will definitely be a bit occupied. Do you see what I’m saying?

Lamborghini Live says:

cool video but i choose Neither because they are both 4 stroke lol

SuppressF0rce says:

is this pit bike ???

Living in Las Vegas says:

I call my 450 the torque master…so much torque!

Matthew VanHorn says:

Yz450f is not bad but when I get on my beefed 250 2t….. giggles I make, GIGGLES!!!

MrBooshScadoosh says:

450 all day

A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House says:

But are there any 450s out there that handle like 250s? That would seem like the perfect combination of power and handling.

Guys Who Do Stuff says:

I trail ride my yz400 every day. Its all about clutch control.

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