4-Year-Old Biker Is A Motocross Superstar

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A four-year-old motocross biker is destroying his competition and snatching trophies away from competitors years older than him. Born and raised in the world of motocross, Jaydin Smart is already outstripping older competitors and his parents believe he is on his way to a sparkling professional career. Jaydin’s parents – Jocelyn and Patrick Smart – are also motocross lovers and the family live on a stretch of land in California, which has their very own race tracks to practice on.

Videographer / director: David Johnson
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Michael Muncer
Editor: Marcus Cooper

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Smrt ones says:

I love how these kids can ride better than me I can hardly ride clutch

gavin foxwell says:

Kids a ledge looking like the next big title keeper for definite keep it up mush

Thijs says:

This whole comment section is full of jealous people and haters.

Oceane Corbeau says:

Le petits à un casque est par le grand

is da vog says:

i love riding dirtbikes, it’ll be a love for the rest of my life. But i don’t think i could let my 4 year old be exposed to a possible head injury. Too young and fragile to get hit in the head like that.

Trion says:

He is so freeken adorable and it is good that he is starting young

redsoil5 says:

Future Carmichael !

Colin Stanhouse says:

Boy is really good…keep him focused

Ruan Vlogs says:

tudo bem com voze

Naresh mani says:


Brice Burdette says:


No WhiteTrash says:

How is he a superstar? Lol

Bec Daniels says:

He sucks

Dylan_Rees 615 says:

It’s funny that his dad was riding on a little 50

Abdul hamid Yahuza says:


ThunderVolt Dashie says:

This is my kinda kid I just turned 11 but my obsession for moto videos and driving ATVs is unhealthy XD

happy everesince says:

lil fukuchi got more air than i ever got

Darrick Lewis says:

Awesome truly awesome!

CesarGml Alanis says:

When i was 4 i rode a 90cc ATV yeah that thing is mest up

Miko Sauve says:


Vicky Jones says:

my name is jocelyn lol

Mr cat man 420 says:

I’m 17

Superjonahbear 57 says:

I’m so jealous because I’m 11 and I can’t ride a dirt bike

Chris Alexander says:

Wonderful parents

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