4 Stroke vs 2 Stroke Off Road Dirt Bike – Enduro Riding – Part 3

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We continue the discussion of four strokes vs two strokes for off road, enduro style riding. This is part 3 of the series on this topic. Please go back and see our other videos for more information. More videos on this subject will follow soon.

The more that I’ve ridden and tested dirt bikes over the years, the more that one thing has been driven home for me. There is no wrong answer to this debate. Sure, the 2 strokes are more fun for me to ride most of the time. Having said that, the 4 strokes certainly have their advantages in certain situations like on a track (I don’t ride tracks, so it really doesn’t matter to me).

Most of the time in the past couple of years, I’ve had a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke sitting in my garage. The only time I really get tempted to ride my 4 strokes is when I’m heading out to the desert where the speeds are going to be higher and the whoops are going to be deep. If I know I’m heading to tight, technical singletrack… I’m going to take the 2 stroke for sure.

I’m a 2 stroke convert because I have ridden 4 strokes since I was a kid. Back in the day, as a child, the 2 strokes scared me since the power was pretty much all or nothing. The big bore 2 strokes are not like this at all. They have tons of low end and mid range power. They are great.

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nox says:

2-stroke = chainsaw with wheels, can’t stand that awful sound.

Robert Plant says:

Why is your shirt inside out?

FusingEmil says:

Its all about skill! People have beaten 4-strokes with 125 2-strokes

Tammy Gullion says:

I think what’s Kyle is so right about is today’s 2 strokes , especially KTMs, are better than you can believe. You have to ride them to understand . They are light,agile, and have very controllable power….if you ride tight,gnarly stuff, they are just about unstoppable.

Hunter14 says:

I got a 2016 Ktm 250 Xc-f , I think 2 or 4 are both good just personal preference.

n1k007 says:

Basically the only reason the 4 stroke was “faster” was because of the gearing

Jack Sullivan says:

just stumbled across this vid. sounds like you guys only like 2 strokes because you like the sound. everything else about the 4’s you say is better

James Avery says:

People just don’t get when I tell them two strokes don’t stall as often like you prove. They say 4 strokes don’t need as much clutch !!!!!!! Iam not talking about bogging but stalling ya dame idiots lol

John Pugh says:

As a bit of a new rider, my preference certainly tells me I probably like four strokes a little better, though that might just be bias, as that’s the only dirt bike I HAVE at current. But it’s also because I hear 2 strokes are built for serious speed, whereas I seem to think a little bit more about power. And my ratty old 250 gio has done it just fine for me so far.

Yeah I know it probably isn’t the best bike, but it’s what I could afford. Maybe when I get a little more money and experience I’ll invest in a brand name 2 stroke just to see what their like.

Iain Day says:

i love the sound of a two stroke way more then a four stroke

S Winn says:

Well i am a dirtbiker but i think they both sound great

Dirt Blast says:

great edits!

Jason Maxwell and his bikes says:

I’m a 2 stroke guy for life I love my 2016 300 xc-w keep up the great videos

chrome nation says:

who are you trying to convince you or us?

Noah Cameron-Brown says:

4 strokes are like tampons
Every pussy has one

Sy Hess says:

bored out 2 stroke I’m sure I can do that!!!! i prefer 2stroke over 4 stroke always

cody smith says:

4 stroke won

BrassRainbow556 says:

2 Strokes all day!

Echo Outdoors says:

love the grunt of a 4 stroke though

Hajj Fulton says:

I will like a 2 srto

Ashton Nicholas says:

I like 4 strokes alot and i would never get a 2 Stroke because i just dont like them. But its ok if you have a 2 stroke, i dont judge people with 2 strokes I just dont like the 2 stroke bikes

markmtbrider says:

4ts are louder for sure, unless you ride a stk xr400r. our group has a smattering of ktm2ts and a kdx 220 and you might think ,yeah you can hear theese things, then my son in law came with us on a yz250f , stk exhaust. lets just say you never had to wonder where he was in the woods.

Jasonkx500 says:

2stroke for life

Older&Wiser says:

No mention of PDS vs linkage? Did you have your mic level set to manual for the sound comparison, or is it auto adjusting for volume.

kaidan McHenry says:

so I am gonna get a 2stroke maybe. but should I??

MTBdropIN says:

It’s amazing to hear that four strokes have captured the hearts of the people, I grew up with two strokes and to me they sound so mean it gets my adrenaline flowing. Where as four strokes sound way too tame!! Just my personal bias!!!!

Jason Maxwell and his bikes says:

I’m a 2 stroke guy for life I love my 2016 300 xc-w keep up the great videos

A Mastrolia says:

his yellow shirt is inside out…

Josh Tarnow says:

I have a 250 2 stroke & a 350 4 stroke (both KTM & both “W” models with extended gear ranges)..every time I swap bikes it amazes me how different each bike is. Very different riding styles (engine braking, low end grunt, ability to roll through rough terrain at insanely low RPM’s, etc.). At the end of the day the weight savings & apparent (not sure if i’m right on this point) lower center of gravity of my 2 stroke makes it more fun to ride when agility is needed but the stability of my 350 feels good at times too. What’s best? No such thing as an overall “best” IMHO.

Ryan C says:

These dumb idiots two strokes are way the fuck louder I can hear my friends two stroke from miles away

AdventureDad says:

I have owned both and both are amazing, just different.

Bray Roy says:

I like both 2 & 4

CrossfireGaming 47 says:

2 SMOKERS ARE BETTER THAN 4 JOKERS!! but seriously it’s all preference


I believe the manufacturers are spending more money on the R&D on the 4 strokes , than the 2 strokes because of the racing classifications now days , MX bikes are either 125 or 250s ,Dakar are all 4 stroke 450s , so there is becoming a clear industry standard on particular size bikes. 500-650cc bikes don’t get that sort of attention or money spent. dr650-klr650 have vintage technology in comparison for this reason.

josh medrano says:

Are you guys in Utah?

MaverickDH says:

Also love both, but I’ll always have a 2stroke for cost reasons as well as performance (weight, simplicity and I can do most of not all my own work)

I just want to mention a point Sam talked about and it’s not to be critical of Sam, but how people can get blurry vision of both 2ts and 4 Ts, Sam mentions his brothers CRF 450 mx re noise and how he’s only half throttle but still noisy and also uses less gears, well now this is where comparisons need to be very clear, if I’m not mistaken correct me if I am wrong Sam is on a 250xc so of course he will be half throttle and up vs a 450, now if his brother was on a 250 CRF r or X he would be half throttle to pinned and even louder again and importantly be using the gears more so than the 250XC I have ridden many 200s, 250s over the years both 2t and 4t , love both but this is what people need to get, it’s got to be out into perspective, even Kyle saying the 350 is faster than again I suspect his 300XC, 1st its 50cc more capacity right! Gearing, what is the gearing, do the ratios match for a comparison, because the same tooth sprockets front and rear will be different on each naturally as put out different power to the ground, so it has to be compared at a ratio level, my point is unless you have ridden many bikes it’s hard to understand a the point of 2t vs 4t and imo why people are very emotional about it vs practical, also one ride on either will not give you an understanding of what’s best for you. These guys are riding lots of different bikes to help de-myth or improve what’s best for you/us and what’s cool about our sport is even when we know so much we are always learning, keep and open mind and grip it and rip it, what ever ya brung to the dirt!

snow man says:

I got a two stroke blaster

You are awesome! says:

I love both! Four strokes torque in low rpm and the sound:3 Easy to wheelie! Twostrokes powerband and easy to fix! Both are awesome!

Christopher Butler says:

Even my ttr230 is louder than my mates ktm 200

brandon murphy says:

the only 2 cycle engine I want I’d lawn and garden . leaf blowers chainsaws weed eaters

aloshka says:

It’s amazing over a year later, and 2 strokes seem to be insanely popular and i’m seeing them more than 4ts

Ojb 1959 says:

After graduating from high school I got a job and bought myself a 1979 Yamaha DT-250 2 stroke Enduro. Wish they’d bring em back. I loved that 2-stroke scream. Bulletproof!

Eric Cartman says:

I love your bike man its beautiful

Jay Bee says:

2 bangers are more fun. strokers maybe are better(low end, power, etc.), but i’m not racing anymore. i ride for fun and the bangers are just more fun. i feel the same way about rekluse. i feel that not having one is more fun


How the fuck can a 350 four stroke be faster than a 300 two stroke?????

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