2019 KTM 350 xcf review – can this dirt bike do it all?

Hey guys, in this video we got a very cool dirt bike to ride, we gonna do a 2019 KTM 350 xcf review. We are going to take this bike on many different places. We will try motocross riding, single track riding, desert riding , faster trails, and even little bit of hard enduro riding. Hope you enjoy the video, let me know your thoughts. cheers!


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JL C says:

I still dont get the traction control on a dirt bike lol sliding is half the fun! i guess only the real men dont need it lol

Rider Rm250 says:

Jay Clark seems like a cool dude! Glad you guys are bros getting to try different bikes and riding different places! Nice vids

805gregg says:

Can’t do it all, can’t ride to th trails on the road

Stephen Key says:

Good review. I have been considering this bike.

Galicic Fam says:

Ditch this bike, get a Yamasaki 3 stroke now those things haul!!!!!!

Poorsupra says:

Awesome vid rado. I feel the 350 is a great bike too, a little less raw power then the 450, which helps keep me out of trouble. But still more power then the 250. It’s a great balance of power and weight. Been really considering a 350….. and keeping my 250sx though. Haha

Sea of orange says:

You kept upshifting right when it was getting into it’s real power band. I have a 16′, same basic bike. If you hold it open longer in each gear it is an even more impressive bike. The 350 is my favorite do it all bike. Sold my 300 and bought my 16 350 2 years ago, have not missed the 2 stroke at all.

Nick Nicky says:

Rado i have a question, my dirt bike chain is a bit rusty and I want to restore it because it happened recently, is there any way i can take off the rusty and make it last. My bike only has 29hrs, thank you

Wide000 says:

Great review. Will it stall easily in very difficult and slow technical terrain?

Jason Meyer says:

Ditch the rmz get KTM 350

Mike.nelson Nelson says:

Thanks for the review Rado! Great videshow! I’m jealous of the weather you are having brother, enjoy!

Nir Hason says:

15:47 – There’s some kind of animal in the bushes?

Great video! one video that covers it all haha…when you did the 6th gear section my heartbeat went up bit for couple of seconds haha..
This bike loves fast sections! those are the air forks?

I really like the FLY racing apparel colors

IgWannA2 says:

I love my 350 six days, torque and power delivery are perfect and it’s light!

CallMeDaddy 69 says:

Luck In Tennessee its only in the 40’s. Lmao when the yz250 passed you

Pam Simonson says:

Great video guy. Love this bike

mld says:

your ktm 300 2st project inspired me to dig my old ktm 380exc out from the cobwebbs in the back of the garage and dust it off , cleaning it up but havent ordered any parts yet

Rider Rm250 says:

Will that bike overheat in Technical trails?

zardportugal says:

These 350´s are killer machines.
Cairoli was world champion with a 350.

Paul Johnstone says:

Someone’s been practising….. excellent mate.

cryptoinvertor1109 says:

nice video man.. greatings from Costa Rica .. and also have to say thanks since it was you who had the answer on how to fix my old 2003 WR250F !!! THX

HillBilly says:

Great vid Rado.

Jace Perez says:

Do you still have your yz125?

Torbjørn Kristoffersen says:

Great video. Also really impressed with your riding skills!

LR T says:

nice Rado.. I hope there are people in the area just in case things go really sideways.. The never ending quest for a do it all moto!

Derryl Leverett says:

If you had to choose between the 350 or Jay’s 300 XC which do you prefer?

mobgma says:

the 16-19 350xcf is the perfect 4stroke bike


Buy it sell ktm 250 and buy this 2019 beast

chris barg says:

350 4 stroke, my favorite of all time

Daniel C says:

KTMs/Husqvarnas are overpriced.

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