2019 Honda CRF450L – Dirt Bike Magazine

Honda allowed us to get a riding impression of the 2019 CRF450L last week prior to the bike’s arrival in dealerships. The intro was held in Packwood, Washington, which is sort of a dual-sport Mecca. It’s a refueling stop on the Washington Back country Discovery Route, so there was a nonstop parade of adventure bikes and dual-sport bikes filing through town.

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Izom says:

hope the increased the service intervals also ??

Galaxy Grand2 says:

มาไทยจะซื้อสักคัน # เอ็กซ์ โปรคาร์ออโต้ไทร์

Pony Chaser says:

*BIG QUESTION* Will the timbersled snow conversion fit?

Mike.nelson Nelson says:

I’m in the market, I’m riding a XR650R ,she’s getting long in the tooth. I’m partial to the Japanese bikes because I’m 50 and there what I know . Need some more feedback on the red bike before I jump. Down to the WR450 and the L

Queenslander says:

Should be a XR450 – they spend a lifetime branding them XL’s & XR’s .. Then change them .. CR’s are 2 strokes

Roy Poud says:

honda’s great big joke.

Dave Reinhart says:

Great review! I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Snickers says:

My right ear wants sound 2 🙁

TheMentch171 says:

While you are comparing it to the Husky/KTM’s I hope you guys don’t forget to include the Beta.

bidsar sanjaya says:

I want to buy this one

Spudly1234567 says:

Ideal bike to go to work on then nip into the woods on the way home

Rui Carvalho says:

oil changes every 1.000 km? no thanks…

RadioReprised says:

Honda did what they have since Soichiro passed……..sat back and saw how it should be done, waited far too long to build it, and then FAILED to equal or surpass the Standard of the KTM. Too conservative and afraid so they don’t push the rules, they build to 80% of the limit just to be ”Inoffensive” to the Greenies and Government. And yes, I have owned over 20 Hondas……….now ride a 450 KTMEXC.

Stimpy's Garage says:

Normalize your audio, guys. You had the spoken bits turned way down and only in the left channel. *smh*

Mike Johnson says:

Glad Honda did this. I would like to see Yamaha and Suzuki build an all new dual sport 450 too but right now for off roading ability, power & especially weight, I am most interested in the new Beta’s.

dsmracing1 says:

Heavier bike with no hydraulic clutch still. Far from competing with the European bikes still.. Honda’s on the right track however.

Eemil says:

Can’t wait till tomorrow cause im getting honda cr 125 02 🙂

cadwarrior says:

why the video is in slow motion?

Willy's Performance Cycle Center, Since 1969 says:

I have a ‘17 KTM 350 EXC-F, no complaints, but I wish this bike had been sitting in the dealer for comparison! Also, we now have a Beta dealer in town! I would certainly have considered a Beta too. Honda is on the right “track” here. Like others, I wish Suzuki, Yamaha, & Kawasaki would do this too. Perhaps, the Honda is a little heavier, but maintenance costs, etc… might be a small price to pay for Honda’s simplicity, reliability, and weight. Lol… thanks for sharing your thoughts on this new competitor.

Eric Fling says:

I’d be happy to work for you guys, I understand Left and Right channel audio. Plus how to get sharp focus on the subject.

MrSquiggy123 says:

Just put 20000 miles on my 250l and can’t wait to get my hands on this!

Андрей Флигерт says:

Почему японцы жадные.

Opferman Motors Dirtbiking says:

Unfortunately, no where near a Maico.

Jason Lawrence says:

This Honda is the true dualsport. It doesnt really compare to the KTM’s and Husky’s. The Euro bikes are Race ready off the show room floor and are designed 99% off the race versons.Only difference is the gearing and emissions. I can tell you first hand that my 350excf is not a good dual sport lol. It shines in a racing environment. Its pretty much a 350xcf with lights and blinkers. I have all the emissions stuff removed and have it geared for Racing. The Honda is designed about 85% off the race version. Its not built to the same standards as a KTM, but it doesn’t need to be because that’s not what its main purpose is for.

Taylor St. Pierre says:

I knew Monday would be a great day for motorcycle news!

Weld Weld says:

Well you didn’t “ wranglerstar” it anyway!

Scott P says:

Turn your idle up just a little. Turn your air screw one / eighth of a turn farther. It may help the stalling

Ryan Williams says:

I didn’t know that Bill Nye rides.

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