2018 Husqvarna FE 501 vs KTM 500 EXC-F | Ride Review

Eric Nelson, head of product development, tackles the challenge to ride the new 2018 Husqvarna FE 501 and KTM 500 EXC-F back to back along with Chance. Check out their evaluation of the strengths of each bike and see which bike they prefer.

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MarvFIT says:

can you daily the ktm? whats the service intervals like?

Joseph Dailey says:

I bought the KTM but if my only option was the Husky i wouldn’t be bothered by that

J says:

This is b.s ktm has found a way to put too bikes in the same category which is bogus

Stuff stuff and More stuff says:

Awesome bikes, I got the old dr350se which needs some work buy hey you gotta start somewhere

Adrian Moratalla says:


mmaaddict78 says:

It’s amazing as a dual sport until you’re changing the oil every weekend.

guloguloguy says:

WHERE were you riding?!… (State, County, etc.) It looks like a GREAT riding location!!!

Eddi Nice says:

What is the camera?


They are street legal is because they can be ridden on the street. Or can they? I mean can they actually be like a traditional dual sport and suffer through many miles on the road? I’ve only had one KTM, a 250 two smoke of 80s vintage so I’ve been out of the KTM loop for a long time. What do the owners say about these bikes as real streetable dual sports? Just asking anyone in general who knows.

Francisco Sanchez says:

ill go with the KTM 500 EXC-F 2018

Woodland Tactical says:

6’1″, 220 pounds, 7 years mx and enduro experience. Looking for something highly reliable that I can ride to work every day but also has enough brap for me to have fun on when I hit the trail. My two previous bikes were a DRZ400SM and a KLR650 (which I rode across the rubicon trail twice). What bike would you suggest?

Steve Hesling says:

boys you guys can ride and 12:46 has north korea been using it for target practice

Nick Childs says:

You forgot to mention they make PERFECT supermotos. The power is unreal, the gearing is more than wide enough for street use, and they weigh 80lbs less than the ever popular DRZ boat anchor. Plus EFI helps with gas mileage. Going to replace my WR426 with one in a couple years, I’m so excited

Dakota Edwards says:

Where exactly are you cats riding?

The_black_Frank_White says:

Is this Bike open? Which country? In switzerland the most of FE/EXC/WR habe less than 14kw

Warrenbayne Bike Park says:


Baron Zell says:

What area are you guys riding in in this video?

Mark MacHale says:

After actually sitting on both, the Husky has a lower seat height. KTM specs are notoriously wrong. Go Husky!

Rick Watson says:

Great review, good to see big guys test the bikes… Im 5 10 239 with out gear. Thanks for the video

Dee Dish says:

I have had my 2018 fe 501 (with upgraded suspension) for two months now and I’ve only been in the deep muddy Ohio woods and on the roads. I’ve climbed the steepest hills and made it through the worst muddy ruts. I love it.

MK gamers says:

You told everything about both of them. But what about HP and torque of both bikes. And also tell price of ktm 500 exc-f.

Joshua Parra says:

Loving my 2018 Beta 500rrs. Tired of all that dang orange everywhere.

Poop On-iJUNKs says:

Great job guys. However, can you (or someone that knows) please tell me the area you guys are riding at? Very nice trails wherever it is. keep up the great work guys.

League_with_a_T says:

Do they both have similar after market support?

Qw3rTyFWEEE says:

it is stalling because you are lugging it around

real rider says:

How often do these bikes need an engine total rebuild? What disevantages do these bikes have compared to a non street legal enduro bike? Any information will help . . Thanks

Chrisi234 says:

the widepower works great as long as you dont take too heavy hits. it sometimes goes completely down even though i weigh only 70kg. and you cant adjust them that well.

eleonor sefuentes says:

Street legal?

Robert Millar says:

Are the magura brakes the same power and feel as the brembos?

Patrick Sweeney says:



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