2018 450 Shoot Out – Dirt Bike Magazine

For the final round of The 18s we take all 6 bikes and put them head to head to find an overall winner. Each bike has their own unique traits and characteristics but only 1 can hit the top of the podium. Check out the full video here and to see even more detailed reviews on each motorcycle head over to dirtbikemagazine.com

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MrHeepspo says:

They really need to include the KTM 350 with the 450 shoot out. Would love to see how it would compare.

johnbennettiv says:

really informative but audio levels are all over the place. super distracting.

engkis tigung says:

Special engine I like it!

justin barnes says:

Why do they all get rid of the kick starters if you can’t kick start your own bike you should not be riding it

Paul Wood says:

95% of most riders are catered for with any of these bikes. The people that buy them will be Joe Average who will spout all sorts to defend their decision on what they buy. Brand snobbery will not take you to the next level but your ability and commitment will. Thats why the 5% that are good enough to have the ability to seriously tell the difference of any of these brands will be the same 5% in five years time. Pick any bike, Dial it in and go enjoy for your self and never mind the sales spiel. They are all good enough and whatever you choose you will spend money on it.

miked90123 says:

GheyTM?!?! LMFAO….. They sure do pay for the publicity and top slots, even though real life begs to differ!

Justin Schooler says:

Ktm won 125,250 and 450 class? Ktm pay for this shootout? Lol

Outcast Outdoors - On a Fishin' Mission says:

Yeah but who makes the best War?

Jake Yohn says:

That is hard to tell which is better cause it comes down to the riders not the bikes

socoro largo says:

You guys are bias.,,, i think u work’d w/ them

brent peyton says:

Electric start is sweet for sissies !!

Nacho Style says:

The best?

Langer _ says:

What’s that song?


Drop the stupid music.

MrTmel123 says:

none but the ktm look like they have a good looking front fender. disappointment.

Andrew says:

Why can’t people just man up and use a kick start, Electric start is for pussy

Mario Gelle says:

I never knew colors affected speed

Mohet Khamees says:

WHO THE FUCK WANTS A DIRTBIKE WITH AN ELECTRIC START. are u fcking kidding me. harleys changed to electric start long ago and people hate the guts of it. and by people i mean people with an old harley experience. changing the batteries every month aint fun at all. fck u greedy money f@ggits.

Paul Bordelon says:

WARNING BEFORE YOU SPEND TIME WATCHING THIS VIDEO…they don’t tell you the order the bikes ranked in this video. Instead they give you the winner and to get the rest you have to go to their website…wtf 🙁  such a hassle….Watch other comparison videos to get the info.

Connor Badger says:

I smell BS

Cassius Clay says:

Husky all the way

libertyn jeopardy says:

stupid music, ignorant youth doing videos

Douglas Trimner says:

Rode the KTM, was nice and brought a pleasant smile to my face. Rode the new CRF450 and the reaction was, Oh God!!! Suspension, cornering, all the power you have the balls to twist out of it! Yahhhh, the red one ended up in my garage… Not to mention a reputation for durability with proper maintenance.

Russell Westbrook says:

why would a novice ride a 450 lol?

Andrew says:

Has dirtbike tech progressed much in these last 10 years? I haven’t riden since 2008 and I had a 2006 CRF450R at the time. Last time I saw progression was Suzuki being first to go EFI and Honda adding a steering damper.

Death Hack says:

Husqvarna for me 🙂 , but i also love KTM

Jb88 says:

have to admit.. the KX is lookin sexy

brent peyton says:

50 years riding ,battier no good ,electric start no good,2 stroke, kick start, balance redesign with out rad is winner of future !

Andi Nugroho says:

I love dirtbike…braaappp

AmpEdition says:

Screw all these bikes, maico 700 ftw braaaaaaapp

Eightosaurus Spelunk says:

Shitty music was WAY TOO FUCKING LOUD

Luke Maisey says:

Omfg he when he said a good bike needs an electric start and a hydrologist clutch. Like wtf a cable clutch, u get more feel to the clutch and electric start? R they to lazy to kick and plus a kick start doesn’t run out of battery like what bullshit

alejandro ramos ledesma says:

ktm firts place? lol ktm pay to magazine XD XD the best is yzf 2018

Casey Lee says:

I wish you’d credit the music in your videos. This page is one of the worst for it.

Irene Deleon says:

funny how these guys yalk shit on all the import bikes at the end but didnt have anything bad to say about the american ones

tyler mcguyrt says:

I’m between the new Honda or KTM

S Lit says:

I can’t wait till Harley comes out with it’s New 2 Stroke next year…..☺☺☺☺

Dan Smith says:

Very bias towards KTM

Can I get 5 subs plz says:

TM? Where they at?

Adam Fears says:

2 stroke !

asambi69 says:

Electric starter only….time to boycott honda.

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