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Editor’s Note: We apologize there is a minor error on KTM250SXF text. It says KTM450SXF….whoops! bare with us and enjoy the video = ).

It’s that time… to take all 6 bikes and put them head to head to find an overall winner. The competition was closer than ever this year especially with the all new Honda CRF250 added into the mix. We took these bikes to tracks all around Southern California and spent multiple days testing on each machine to figure out each bikes’ ups and downs. To see the winner stay tuned to the end of the video and more the online 450 shoot out head over to dirtibkemagzine.com now !


Dino Velvet says:


Marek Adamát says:

TM racing?

Sharpy 2772 says:

When is the Alta going to be in the 250 shootout?

Arlo Martinez says:

Anybody else think this shit is type rigged and each bike fits a person differently so there’s really no point to this because buying the bike for you is all personal preference

JohnnehRL says:

Can you do the second and third place aswell ?


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Robinson Rider6 says:

I wish they would put a BETA in this video but my favourite bike is a Kawasaki

Saint Heretic says:

how much does KTM pay you guys to swing from their tiny nuts????

Lee Nix says:

It’s always the same old thing every year it’s the best bike ever and they change the graphics or plastics. I’m still racing a 07 crf450r and winning races. It’s how far you twist the thing on the right.

Duncan Willows says:

To be LESS BIASED put all black plastics on the bikes and remove/cover up any tell tale features from each bike so that the riders are purely testing the bike !!!!

Mark Swart says:

Too bad Honda couldn’t even get close to the KTMs weight with their redesign..

Harnoor Singh says:


mtrhead 0 says:

Why didn’t they test the YZ250 in this Shootout ,or the KTM250SX ?

Mackenzie Ashford says:

They say that most rate the ktm and husky in a dead tie for performance but the ktm is 2 spots ahead hmmmm something suspicious, how much are they paying you?

Cristoforo Lenz says:

Can u plz do 125

sb4bm says:

Yous won’t understand until yous ride a Ktm so get over it..

Greg Scoonover says:

Electric start on a dirt bike it’s a dirt bike just kick the damn bike and no back up kick that’s a great idea not!!!!

Kane Kohlman says:

Ktm would be paying them to say they won

Jaime Realista says:

All bikes were good, and it only depends on its rider.

4touchdowns1game says:

How do people like this get a job doing videos. I could do a better job reading off a script, shoot hire me.

anthony cavalliotis says:


Nerd pup says:

I may sound like an idiot, but if these are 2 strokes where are the fatty pipes

Devin Giles says:

When Yamaha gets beat by Suzuki…..you know they’re doing something wrong.

Dylan Rooney says:

I thought the 2018 yz250f have that dickie front guard and the Dumb ass idea of no Kickstarter.

Plowdo says:


michael potts says:

sophisticated ktm engine ? they are the simplest and easiest engine to work on, petty the rest of the bike sucks

Karl Mann says:

I really cant wrap my head around “The Suzuki is the king of cornering” and the saying “jump for show corner for dough” but yet every Suzuki they test gets the worst rating and they say you have to make a bunch of changes to make it good. LOL stop making it so obvious please

LMBC6Brian says:

Im so glad I got a left over 17 KTM. That 18 orange frame is ghastly. So awful looking.

strawbee milk says:

They should swap the suzuki with a tm

dirt biker 32 Seale says:

Yamaha should have been 3rd

Thomas Walsh says:

Why’d it say 450sxf?

Jacob Ewing says:

Not bad for Honda. I have a Honda myself but I honestly think Kawasaki shoulda got higher

Ric FlaiR says:

Good starter bike? I’ve ridden a crf125 for about 5 hrs total at my friends house

Super Saiyan Aidan says:

What is all this e start bull shit

ThatBlue Guy56 says:


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