2018 125 2 Stroke Shootout – Dirt Bike Magazine

It’s that time to take all 4 of our 125 two strokes and put them head to head. TM, Yamaha, Husqvarna and KTM were all thrown on to the track out at Cahuilla MX Park to getting a running order on which machine was the top performer. While each bike has its own unique qualities and traits, there could only be one winner. Sit back, relax and check out what we thought about each bike in running order.

FULL TEST LINK: https://dirtbikemagazine.com/2018-125-mx-shootout/

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pen. lu says:

I LOVE YOU.Yamaha (YZ)..

Nameless 69 says:

What about 250 2 stroke shootout?

Murmelpudding says:

This comment section perfectly shows american citizens general ignorance. Every american wants the YZ and hates the KTM and Husqvarna, because theyre European Bikes. Both weight 20 pounds less, have better susp., better exhaust,… Bust still “YZ for ever”. Thats stupidity

Yaboi Sugarnips says:

Got my first 2 stroke today it’s a 98 yz250

dirt lfc says:

For me…YZ only..

football player says:

I’m a kawisaki guy but I would go for the YZ just because it’s Japanese

mikey says:

Yzed not yzee

Saúl 915 says:


lmtada says:

I want Red one.

Karl Walker says:

Dear sir, I grew up in the ’80s and MY HONDA CR500R, was a laugh a minute as was my younger sisters HONDA CR 80 Air-cooled pocket rocket:) SUZUKI RM125, YAMAHA YZR125? Kawasaki KX125, Was the Master, The HUSQVARNA Was MY Model of 2 Stroke CHAINSAW for WORK LOL!!, How times have changed and I will add I don`t think Time has been a very good Master.
I may be a Honda snob but if you wanted a more than adequate Machine Honda always provided a well balanced and over-engineered machine`s to this day(They have always erred on the side of caution! to their detriment I think) but I will admit Yamaha has through the ages made very capable and power to usage machines as shown by this video and the subline R1 series!
KTM was and is to my knowledge a BLACK HORSE:/
PS I loved the video and look forward to more, please remember most viewers of this video may have saved up for their Scrambler and your reviews should reflect this as i feel VALUE for money versus miles per smiles is vastly lacking and a full up value category should be presented by yourselves for the masses!

Stanley Kania says:

YZ250x in my garage now.. 10,000 bucks !! 47 years old love it

interman 77 says:

All the manufacturers should bring back all classes of 2 strokes.

Titon wolf says:

Ktm is trashhhh

Matt Nelson says:

You guys should no a 85cc shootout

William Kee says:

Man I remember when Honda was the top, and I always wanted a Honda. Now I just picked up a yz450f, and I have no regrets

Jayclem84 says:

I’m just here to hear the sound of 2 strokes well all know ktm wins every year because biased

commantros exetlos says:

the yz250 2 stroke just kills ktm 300 2stroke tho

Clburrell_13 Aka garywinthorpe says:

People only say yz is the best cause their cocky and want people to know they ride piles of shit

Moto Physcho says:

A 2T 125 is more expensive than a 2019 crf 150

Sean Allison says:

Sooooooo where’s the sherco!?

andreas stefanou says:

Yz with a pipe and a silencer

fauzan ahmad says:

My Dream …wowwww

C_Shibz says:

they sound like bees

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