2017 KTM 450 SX-F | First Impression | TransWorld Motocross

Hear KTM’s David O’Connor and TWMX Magazine’s Rich Taylor break down the 2017 KTM 450 SX-F.


Dave Hilton says:

I’m 4ft 2 with size 12 boots, would this be a good bike for me? lol

renowned Talo says:

wow better than my yamaha dt 127 1997 model hahaha ;p

mdo686 says:

Motocross in 100 F heat…….YIKES.   Too hot for this Canuck.

vevohoeyo says:

funny how all the brands are trying to put all sorts of tech into there bikes but, at the end of the day it’s the rider who gets the results.. look at roczen killin it on a 9 year old rmz450. he makes that bike look like it’s light years ahead of everything else..

Nick121 says:

if u want a dirtbike buy a ktm. if u want half a bike buy Japanese!

vevohoeyo says:

everytime I’m at a track day or mx event there’s always a couple of guy’s with KTMs that won’t start or just fuk out

Thom 1883 says:

id take this over a woman any day…..

Jay Felix says:

Is that a expansion chamber?

myron says:

traction control on a dirtbike crazy lol how much does this bike cost

Sean Fries says:

2017 Honda just shown today and its 20 pounds heavier then the KTM Japan better start figuring this shit out soon

NUGNESS123 says:

fuck air forks, they are absolute trash

“normal fork feel” JUST GIVE ME NORMAL FORKS LOL

Nathan Holcombe says:

Don’t forget it also has launch control you hold both of the black buttons down and then let off, and once all of the lights are off, then your in launch control for a hole shot .


i Yamaha fan but ktm 2017 is rly nice

Hola. says:

The 2016 crf450r will always have the best front forks

Adam Rantz says:

Sure is a really nice bike altogether, compared to what’s out there being thrown at people.

brian long says:

but they still cant outrun ken roczen on his rmz450 lol but to be fair all the 450s r pretty much equal its all in the rider

Devon Praskach says:

KTM sucks

JOHN Salva says:

who needs traction control on a dirt bike??? that’s for ppl that don’t know how to ride..

Ayesha Imtiaz says:


Quadfield says:

2 Stroke for life

Louis Peeters says:

twenty Does anyone hear larger than this*video?

Grizz Lee says:

Geez. Nobody needs all this stupid modern tech add ons. Make a bike with a good motor and REAL suspension

jchavins says:

should the locations of the new switch and the kill button be reversed so that the traction control be utilized during the moto ?

Kurzon Dax says:


Big Lebowski says:

KTM boyz – eat my YZ 250 2-stroke dust!

alexzanderarmstrong says:

taylor and ping are the only two that should be doing these kind of vids.. take a kinda boring informative vid and make it entertaining as well.

Rusty Shackleford says:

air suspension sucks

LoCk3H says:

Jap bikes take note. You’re getting left behind now in every single department!

TeKaMOTO says:

So did it settle? 😀

GaNgStAlBeRt says:

WTF launch control+maps+traction control dirt bikes are getting modern

WILL says:

Same bike different accessories moral to the story 10,000 to get the bike.

think a 16 or 15 will still do you good

Joey Fnuts says:

Is it possible to hit that button during a race when you’re entering a corner without losing time?

jchavins says:

air on just one side ? what happens when the fork seal leaks ?  no thanks

quintin klanderud says:

the only thing i hate about this bike is that they changed the kick start to a electric start

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