2017 Honda CRF 250 – Dirt Bike Magazine

For this edition of the 17s we take a look at the all new 2017 Honda CRF 250. This bike is identical to last years model but Honda did get a championship off this platform last year. Honda returns with the dual diamond shaped exhust, steering stabalizer, and the updated Dunlop MX 52 Tires.

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Control Point says:

This may not be the number one choice, but I like it.

Nick Rabener says:

guys I own this bike, yes a 2017, but guys this bike rips


Malcolm Stewart did win a championship on this bike (2016) and straight rythm

Donna Conrad says:

that bike is awesome LOL I like to have

Christer Stefansson says:

Honda cant be that smart lol. Its a 16 model…. The could have changed the grafics or put on a red rearfender to look a bit like the 450…

But they didnt.. Who are buying a 2017 model that for a fact are a 16 model..?

it would had cost Honda 50 bucks to do , and now they are loosing sale big time …

Radel Bengkulu says:

heangi ma di hamu

jay monzon says:

whats the title of the song pls?

Aint1S says:

I really like the look of the Honda plastics… the twin cans have always looked great!
I was stumped until i heard him say that they swapped the exhaust. I was thinking that was the best sounding 250 in stock trim. Either way, it sounds great!

mxthunder2 says:

haha about time honda caught up to yamaha with titanium vale train components. 250 four strokes are so gay though

Ruben Solano says:

2017??? that’s a 2016


I own this bike I’ve put about 17 hours on it and the fork seal on the left side is already leaking fml I just hope it’s covered under warranty… I just wanna ride ):

KHAT Chhunny says:

yes good size and how much?

m1ke2001 says:

Im hoping next year is when they update it

ひろふか says:

so good!!

Ethan Peate says:

black rims plz

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