2017 DIRT BIKE MEGA TEST – Battle of the Bikes

Battle of the bikes! We pit 14 2017 model year motocross bikes, from all the major brands – KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki – against each other in the ultimate shootout bike test. We have all the MX1 and MX2 bikes (250Fs and 450Fs) on test to be Ridden Ragged and Rated. Now sit back, relax and watch our test squad rip up these sweet 2017’s and listen to what they have to say.
A big thanks to Buttercup Farm MX – https://www.facebook.com/ButtercupFarmMotox/?hc_ref=SEARCH
Make sure you pick up the next issue of Dirt Bike Rider for detailed views from each member of the DBR test squad, and to discover the overall winners. This is THE 2017 Dirt Bike Rider magazine shootout! Enjoy!


Christer Stefansson says:

Does England have the worst weather in the world ?

Colton Darger says:

Hear the sound, smell the smoke, you been passed by a two stroke.

tommy Brockhurst says:

you can tell who that one guy is sponsored by he always pick honda this one and 2016

Stevan Farago says:

2t is the best wher is it ?

Sawyer Vision says:

my brother has a 2017 yz250fz

Franchize Productions says:

I can get a brand new 2017 rmz 250f for 6500c.a.d. or a 2017 yz250f for 7900c.a.d. ktm 250sxf is 10000c.a.d.
leaning towards rmz and suspension upgrades. brand new this year to dirt bikes and motocross racing and ride a 450 now nowhere near its full potential…… thoughts and criticism is welcomed, thanks

Forzy says:

Conclusion: It doesnt matter which fucking bike you ride you will only feel the difference if youre a proffesional rider. If not its basicly all the same shit lol

ROB BASS says:

love my crf450r

Ralf Guttenberger says:

Honda all the way

Devin Lindstrom says:

No Alta motors Red shift?

gilessmokey says:

seems a good honest (riders) report. I don`t like the look of those trackside posts on such a dynamic circuit, you would not want to land on one of those. would it not be much safer if they were angled in direction of travel?

Bikingfordays says:

Not even one Kawasaki

Terrence Holtzhausen says:

Sorry not all the bikes are there, you are missing the Alta Redshift MX.

Bischlarbo69 says:

good review but the music ruined it

ReAp Fadez says:

It’s not the bike, it’s the rider… Idc if you have the fastest bike in the world, It’s. The. Rider.

Charlie Bone says:

Take the stupid music out the background

O.K. Frax says:

Where the Hodaka Super Rat? Living in the 70’s HaHa

Aaron Berthelot says:

Yeah im gonna take the opinion of a bunch of Pooftas.

Mark Visconti says:


romteb says:

The color grading is strange on this video, all the guys look like alcoholic lesbians

nomdeguerre13 says:

goes to show how good the bikes are…. pick a colour and enjoy.

loopduplicate says:

“every single manufacturer together” 9:34 … pretty sure there are more than six manufacturers 🙂 Still liked this vid though, thanks 🙂

O.K. Frax says:

I always wanted to see stock MX production bike’s to race head-2-head in the pro circuit through the year & the riders wrenching on them? Let’s see who the winners are?

Lil Gamer says:

life if u love dirt bikes and mx

FuriousBoyGamer says:


Somerset Moto says:

Where’s the tm’s

Michele16 says:

Poor kawa

Isaac Southern says:

Honda is just a beautiful bike

Mx gamezzz says:

whats wrong with kawi : (

Erik Ahltorp says:

Should I buy a Husqvarna fc 350 or a ktm 350 SX-Ff?

MaverickDH says:

It’s like MTV and dirtbikes crashed into each other, all theses magazines do it, like they have some MTV editing grom! We are here for dirtbikes, not music!

Christer Stefansson says:

Do u guys ever see the sun ?

Sigmund Kowalski says:

I think yamaha is a better sumo, kawasaki good, ktm never starts, suzuki has THE POWWWAAAAA, husky meh.

OldDirtGuy says:

Mega Test? Nope. No two strokes. Yawn.

David Bon says:

NEWS FLASH ,,,the KX450F eats KTM’s for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner….

vevohoeyo says:

that one dude is just hooked on Hondas

mdo686 says:

4 strokes Fuck Off

Twinkle Agpalza says:

Kawasaki gang where they at?

Freak Azoid says:

Suzuki Cornering!

andrew davies says:

didnt say nothing about kawi they good bike

Jamie Brasnyo says:

Husky 300 all day!!

ThatBoiTroy says:

Husqvarna 450 is the dream bike

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