2017 Alta Redshift MX | First Ride Review

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The Alta Redshift MX was designed as the electric equivalent of a modern 250. It is just as capable as a trail and woods bike as it is a MX2/Lites class motocrosser. The Redshift MX requires no air filters, oil changes or top end rebuilds, so you’ll spend less time wrenching and more time riding. Chase gives us his first impressions on this new Dirt Bike from Alta Motors.

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Timo Hacks says:

Thats so lame wait 5 hours? Gas bikes just fill up and go this aint no future

Matthew Perez says:

Chase, kudos for always doing a great job on the videos!
Personally I would love to own one! These days i don’t get to ride as much as i like. If i could take it to the supermoto track and rip 3 or 4 15 min sessions on map 3 i would be a happy camper. Or do a few 20 min mx motos and call it a day(or rip on a gas bike after). Charging on a 220v outlet would speed up that 5hr time for sure. I would also love to see a clutch. I think trying to do a splatter or some more tech type off road riding could really benefit from that. I know they have instant torque but sometimes its easier to rev the engine and control with the clutch. There was another electric bike on the market that had one but the name is escaping me at the moment.
Color, i think the bodywork could be better and the color choice for sure. With an electric bike how about a neon something instead of mustard. Or go retro 90s like the Ghost plastics acerbis used to have. Neon 96 ghost kx plastic.

Someone commented on the frame, and while it does look chunky on the outside its not. I can assure you they did what they could to get the frame and bike light. Battery weight as well as the coolant adds way more than a 4t motor does. I’d bet their frame is on part with any other bike and they incorporated their gearbox into it.

Ian Ffield says:

Electric cars are quickly becoming a real alternative. But with motorcycles, its alot more difficult because the battery dimensions must be tiny, hold alot of juice, and be super light weight. Not an easy feat. Im sure we will get there in 5-10 years. But recharge time will continue to be limited by shitty 110v outlets. Unless they get the battery swaps cheap and easy, recharge time will always be an issue. Again, Tesla cars are a different story and I really think they are quietly building a revolution.

toadamine says:

I really really want one of these… Holding out for; Air forks (4cs forks Suck!), longer run time, and less weight hopefully on the next generation…

Also somewhat concerned that the infonscreen is placed where the crossbar pad goes… I wonder how many helmet hits that takes before breaking and how expensive is it to replace?

Tyler Padgett says:

If they ever switch to electric for Supercross or Motocross I’m leaving the sport.

Manfred Hästmark says:

Please feature this in the next years 250f shootout along with the TM as well.

BigRedGrizzly says:

No thanks… I’ll keep my 2 stroke…

Ron A says:

I have a dream…
The US Forest service and its pundits allow AMA(They would lead the charge) members use of certain allocated wilderness trails a few times a year if:
1. Have an electric bike
2. “Approved” Trials tires front and rear.
This would accomplish a few feats:
1. Exposure to some of the most scenic trials in America on an “Approved” motorized machine ie: Oregon Trail, Arizona Trail , etc, etc.
2.Motivation to invest in electric .
Yes I have a dream .

BRed says:


His Holiness says:

Another couple points he missed that i think add severely to the pros of this bike.
You can literally almost ride it underwater. (Seen it) so that adds to the ride anywhere thing. You could do a wheelie on the moon lol.
Also you dont have to re jett or hell even keep the bike upright. You could literally throw it in your family minivan sideways or upside down and not get gas or oil everywhere. And store it in your bedroom under the bed so your wife doesnt know how much money you just spent haha.

Connor Holio says:

My Redshift MX is in the mail. I will ride it in my backyard in a subdivision. And I will also be taking it to MX tracks. I have room for 3 bikes in a van, so if I drain the battery too soon I will just get on another bike, no big deal. Or I can charge it between the motos.

Faith & Action says:

Love ’em! I’d be happy with that for sure! Definitely the future.

Earthlink oo says:

Better battery for longer life and a better price and a ton of people will buy them.

Mike Morales says:

would you be able to have both foot and hand rear brake? that would be awesome for some hard trails

I the Amazing says:

We gone run out of oil someday, gotta appreciate Alta setting us up for the future.

Erik Lucas says:

i think once solid state comes out everybody is going to switch.

Caden Frost says:

I really like the Alta Redshift MX. Great bike for when noise is an issue

dirtrider292 says:

15k for a dirtbike is a joke..Nice bike though

mattdedasc says:

I want one. When they fall below 10k I’ll have one.

Ronnie Pedrick says:

What about water

Doug Diamond says:

They just went down to a little over 10 grand.

Element 115 says:

In ten years, e bikes will be everywhere

AndrewenEls Thijssen says:

There was a moment that steam locomotive manufacturers had to face the fact they had nothing more to contribute. This moment is now for the old motorcoss manufacturers.

Sid East says:

Gearing 101 !!!- Uphill – Down hill ??? I wanna see how this thing goes head to head with a 250F at Glen Helen Raceway !!
I bet the Battery will be done after 2 Laps !!! Straight flat line or at the pee wee track .. NOTHING MORE !!

yes says:

Where was this filmed? looks like a lovely place to ride.

Michael Steven says:

I will def have one in my future..stealth riding everywhere.


I think the potential is there. I Agree with him though that battery life needs to go up significantly, charge times need to go down a lot, and price needs to be closer to other bikes in it’s class. Maybe another 5+ years. Low maintenance is attractive.


i bet most people who hate on electric bikes have been C riders for 10+ years lol

Cody Pigeault says:

Save money on your motor rebuilds and valve/ top end jobs

AkaComeau says:

Alta Timbersled???

Pacna says:

I loved! Im a huge fan of new tech and innovations in sport and I cant wait to see this bike racing SuperCross and MotoCross. I know KTM, Honda and Kawa have electric bikes too. Suzuki and Yamaha will have e-bikes anytime soon too… so, WHY NOT? Its a new tech being developed and I love this.
Happy to see Dorna announcing some of the specs for the Electric Class in MotoGP (starts in 2019)
I see a big revolution coming when It comes to electric racing. We have FOrmulaE, now theres an e-GT World series, it looks that an E-TouringCar (Stock car?) series is being planned in Europe too. There were some rumors about RedBull creating an “electric Supermoto” series racing in ParkingLots… Lets see how it goes!

Esrael Recabar says:

Maybe 15 grand for a nuke powered bike, i will.

oldladycrenshaw says:

I dig that Malcom Smith shirt…. Oh and the bike… Id give it a whirl and see how bad i can hurt myself… looks like fun.

sleekitwan says:

At 2:08 you make a massive point. If you don’t want motorcycles to be a pariah pastime, noise levels matter. I love bikes, i got a 600, and still i think about complaining about the dirt bikers a couple of blocks over in a field, come Sundays. They impose, just by the noise. With these things, there would be no legitimate issues, they are invisible if you cannot see them! It’s got to open up some venues, just as formula-E has opened up city centres to that kind of racing? BTW, thanks for the beautifully-shot scenery etc, that looks epic to ride through. [ EDIT SORRY you make this exact point, i got a bit excited!]

Tyler Condie says:

I’ve ridden all the electric street bikes from Zero and the power is awesome and super fun, I’m sure most of us will have an Alta or something like it in 10 or 15 years when they are more affordable and have longer lasting batteries or easier swaps.

Hooves says:

Just rode one for the first time this past weekend. OMFG AMAZING. I got 45 mins on it. Ran the batt down to about 60%. I was riding enduro style 1/2 moto, 1/2 woods. I race intermediate (B class) I was COMPLETELY satisfied with the bike and the range. I would venture to say I would have made it through an entire event with Batt to spare. I ran some numbers too and at $15,000 It would pay for itself for me in about 1 year. Not having to buy gas, or oil, or Air filter changes.

My only cons of the bike were the suspension on the stock bike is SO SOFT, but then again EVERY stock bike I ride is soft as I’m 225 with gear on, the foot pegs and break pedal need to be replaced immediately they have almost no teeth on them and in the muddy sections my foot slipped off a few times. I also did sneak up on a few slower riders on gas bikes and they had ZERO Idea I was there. That could prove to be a little tricky. I had to yell LOUDLY and I could see someone coming off as kind of a dick head yelling that loud lol.

I rode nearly the entire course in Map 1 and 2, only occasionally switching to map 3 to pass someone. I tried map 4 in one straight away and it felt like a damn CR 500, WAY OVERKILL. I can tell you the bike would NOT have made it through the long 2.0 hr course in the pro class due to power usage, but I’ll never be faster than I am now and the tech is only going to get better. If I didn’t have a 2017 KTM, I would have SERIOUSLY considered this bike. Though my Military experience tells me “Never fly the alpha model of anything”. I really am looking forward to this bike come time to buy a new one in a few years.

Billster says:

if it had transmission and clutch i would not mind but 1 gear no clutch no way i dont want it i like hearing the 4 strokes and 2 strokes anyway haha

Joe Rockstar says:

I rode it. Here was my take: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz9EzhSwsP4&t=27s

James Lamborn says:

very well explained! as someone who rides enduro/DH mtb bikes, I’m sure I’ll get sprayed, but I never liked the motorbike noise. But now I’m all for these electric bikes! bring on bigger battery life and I’m in. Cheers for the review

Clay Sensiba says:

When riding in the tillamook forest in Oregon I met one of the service reps for Alta and he let me ride one of their redshift MX bikes. It was really awesome. I loved the power, and I really didn’t feel the weight. I could do pivot turns over logs with absolutely no issue. If I had the means to buy one, I definitely would.

Chris Nielsen says:

e bikes are the future. give it 10-15y. the tech is good, but those numbers are shite. the average joe needs a pretty solid reason to buy it besides, “it’s different”

Leland says:

Watching Josh Hill ride it is so dope but I would never buy one lol

Avery Merlo says:

Hopefully motorcross doesn’t evolve into this

Bassmaster Mckenzie says:

45 mins my ass I’d rather have gas

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