2016 Yamaha YZ85 | Dirt Rider 85cc MX Shootout

The 2016 Yamaha YZ85 is mostly the same bike that is was in 2003 but it did get newly designed bodywork in 2015. This is the only bike of the two-strokes that does not have a powervalve (a mechanical device to effectively change the exhaust’s expansion chamber volume based on rpm), so it lacked bottom end power, and that hurt it’s overall raking. Once into the power in the higher rpm, the riders loved the blue bike. The suspension got nearly universal praise for soaking up the bumps, not being too busy, and for being well balanced front to back. Test riders also loved the Yamaha’s handling, especially it’s turning, with some testers say it was the best turning bike in the shootout.

A general note to non-riders: We tested with a group of six young but highly skilled and very experienced racers, and our shootout was geared toward this type of top-level racer. If you’re researching a first bikes for a kid, none of the 85cc race bikes are a great choice, a trail bike (CRF-F, TT-R, DR-Z, KLX) would be the right machine to get a youngster into the sport.



Axiss says:

Did he just say his favorite Yamaha rider was cooper Webb?!?! Chad reed?????hate new age supercross fans

Ritzha Satriani says:

om telolet om

Jazza Guy says:


Makhimakormore Essix says:

I’m 4’11 ish the 85 good

Baller Tv says:

I’m 5,1 am I tall enough to ride one

Om vlogs says:

my apple

The302 says:

I have a klx 125 2003 i have had for about 4 years and i want an 85cc bike like the KX or this bike

Lucas Matley says:

I used to have this one I’m getting a new one for my birthday cos my previous one actually got robbed and I loved it to just go on fields as I am too young to go on the streets with

Orestis KIRIAKIDIS says:

for what age and weight are these 85 mx bikes

Yamaha Fanboy says:

Im 13 and 6’5 looking to begin racing, should i go for a yz85?

Buster Mcdowell says:

i got a 2 stroke

Joel Vela says:

my favorite Yamaha riders , heikki mikkola, bob Hannah and broc glover.

MIKE Gaming says:

I love Yamaha yz85

yzcruiser says:

You don’t need to be any size to ride any dirtbike, the only thing is “if you can start it, you can ride it”

Epickidd03 says:

if im about 100 pounds and 5 foot
should i be good for a yz 85

Skate parky 75 says:

Sexiest bike there

storm opz says:

Can you subscribe to my channel please

Focus Mx says:

sha bra

Ree Toliver says:

Im 5’8 is this a good bike

Juan M. Garcia says:

Could I fit well on this bike? I’m 5’8 and 160 lbs.

Lil Max says:

I’m 107lbs and 5’6 should I get it

ReseT Outlaw says:

Nice intro

Aidan Pentecost says:

Could I fit on this bike? I’m 6’1 210lbs.

Spike Spikus says:


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