2016 Yamaha YZ 125 & YZ250 2 strokes head to head – Dirt Bike Magazine

For this edition of PREMIX we take a look at the all new 2016 Yamaha 2 smokers. Although these bikes haven’t received a lot of changes for 2016 we still wanted to put them on the track and have some fun. We got with the Wageman brothers and let them spin some laps at Piru MX in Southern California. Enjoy the sound !

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amien_ #26 says:

supra100 gasspol

PepsiMan says:

such a fucken cool track with the bushes at that one point

So Ben says:

can you give me . i like motor so much .

Gowen Getter says:

125 was about to blow!

Dennis Harrison says:

Use to get dirt bike magazine up till 2002 every thing 4 stroke do not care for 4 stroke bikes xr Dr alright but racing love the 2 strokes IV rode crf 450 and the yz450f just don’t do it for me I growed up in the 80’s we all rode 2 strokes great times they were

eLeVeN34 says:


James baker says:

That man needs a lawyer for the case on that first jump

Nathan Genre says:

laquelle est la mieux ?

Alec Thayer says:

what’s taller. yz250 or yz125

Jack Daniel Vithal says:

Exciting. Great riders

Jeremy Sando says:


Blade smelter says:

love the vurtial riot gangsters

BraithMitchellVlogs says:

in soviet russia u don’t ride the dirtbike the dirtbike rides u

Faye Mccarty says:

damn drink really prefer the video vjry muck#truth

renato nascimento says:

q pega kkkk show…

MegaEnduras says:

TWO STROKES FOR EVER!!!!! (So simple).

No No antonio says:

Bad camera work

Cheese Burger says:

so ive been riding a quad a raptor 350, but also a suzuki dr 125, should i get a yz125 or a 250, I am around 5’10 200 pounds

Ajay Shandilya says:

Santanu Deshpandhe

Glow Zeus says:

I’m 6’1 which one should I get

Heyy Bro says:

Will there ever be another pro ama race with all 2 strokes

Ll Gg says:

at the start, which is the yz 250 cc? the motorbike on the right or on the left?

Wide000 says:

These guys are working very hard to stay together… 😉

Zen jou says:

My name is M.Dika, 24 years old, from indonesian country, i aspire to be racer like you guys, may i rich you guys because that’s my dream from small.

Tansengco Carmelo says:

When I think motocross, this is the sound I hear in my head. Love those two strokes.

Danny Moreno says:

How tall is the guy on the 125?

SwiftBassBeats says:

this might be a stupid question but is the 125cc the same height as a 250cc (going to buy my first dirtbike soon) i’m 6 foot 2 but i’m light so just wondering if theres much of a difference

Mike Wood says:

Either that 250 guy is trying to stay with 125 for the video or that 125 is a beast, no way in hell should that 250 should work that hard to pull away from a 125!

MMin3r says:

I just wanna know the name of the song in the beginning

Green Wolf says:

This video didn’t say a shit

Chris John Michael says:

There’s a reason why 4 strikes took over

nevertoooldtohavefun says:

I DID like this video. Awesome. Thanks for the video. I’m looking at a new YZ125 so this was actually helpful.

Heinrich Von Kekelnazi says:

Guaranteed, if you have a rider that’s great on 2 strokes and 4 strokes, and you put a piped and jetted KTM SX150 against any piped and jetted (or tuned?) 250 4 stroke, the 150 would kill it.

RJ Stephens says:

my name is Rj too

SIdeways Shifter says:

Looking for a need bike which is better. Yz 125 2016 or RMZ 250f 2016? Need opinions

StreetHooligan YoU2BeR! says:

sexy bike

Van Alstyne says:

Watch out for that bigass hose @ 2:09.

Xeque Xeque says:

Quanto é um moto deça nova

Osama bin liftin says:

Pretty shit acting. I mean cornering. What pro goes wide like that

renato nascimento says:

top two estroke forever…

Blake Caban says:

I like the part where they rode the bikes.

Sirilancas says:

great music

Tom-a Hawk says:

Just for no confusion, #25 is the 250 and #45 is the 125.

jSHXSJ says:

Is that piru track?

sani buan says:

pengen beliiii

Hassy says:


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