2016 Dirt Bike Mega Test- Battle of the Bikes

Battle of the bikes! We pit 19 2016 model year motocross bikes, from all the major brands – KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki – against each other in the ultimate shootout bike test. We have MX1 and MX2 bikes (250Fs and 450Fs) as well as a range of two-strokes all Ridden Ragged and Rated. Now sit back, relax and watch our test squad rip up these sweet 2016s and listen to what they have to say.

Make sure you pick up the latest issue of Dirt Bike Rider (in the shops now!) for detailed views from each member of the DBR test squad, and to discover the overall winners. This is THE 2016 Dirt Bike Rider magazine shootout! Enjoy!


savagex466 says:

skip to 2verybike is the best … thats what there saying

schlooonginator says:

So, I am a complete motorbike noob here but MX is outdoor track and superX is indoor, correct?
What I am wondering is, don’t folks ride dirt bikes just offroad like I ride my mountain bike? Trail riding?
That would appeal to me far more than track riding because track,well, you need a track and second the terrain is repetative.
Don’t get me wrong, I am sure its fun but cannot be as fun as trail riding. Enuro I assume is the closest to regular trail riding that is a sanctioned sport.

Wright Way Vaping says:

every dirtbike is so close nowadays, unless youre pro, it wont matter what bike you choose. yamaha has always been most reliable but not so much power. suzuki best steering but not so reliable engines, honda is a great all around bike, but not always so powerful, ktm is the most powerful, but not so easy to ride if your a begginer. point is they all have their pros and cons but equal out in the end.

Austin 52 says:

Do a 2016 shootout and 2017 on 85 and 150

Dad says:

Hondas are the best

Jack Mitchell says:

Orange or green

deckard163 says:

best bike? 250 2 stroke. end of story. Unless you have 10 grand burning a hole in your pocket and need the latest 4 stroke, …which is a joke

syncade says:

Is this a review? Looks like a mashup of “cool flybys” and opinion talk. No stats? dafaq

ktm crush says:

well hell no a ktm will not be good for fast people it could be the fastest bike u rode or the slowest bike u rode if ur a slow rider no if ur a fast rider u would like it

ryan xtha says:

What song is it ???

Jeff Holt says:

That’s a lot of money sitting there lol

Luis Jose says:

The Heavy – How You Like Me Now?

Laurence Swain says:

what a load of bollocks… Some dick playing the piano with his mates rattling on with no useful info!!!

Joey Fnuts says:

what’s up with this pink cheeked tosser

محمد عبدالرحمن says:

مكن ترله

This channel is dead says:

Suzuki ftw

MTBOutdoors says:

Hi, I’m 16, 5’5 or 5’6 with a 31″ inseam. I have no experience on dirt bikes or motorcycles but have ridden four wheelers through my life. I want to get my first bike so I am wondering if a crf150r would be a good first bike, if not should I go smaller or bigger? Give me some recommendations of other dirt bikes if you have any. Thanks


No headlights? Tail lights? Sand? No logs or rocks? Where are the hills? Lame.

Proud American Ca says:

Omg I would give everything to have the KTM SX 150 2017 🙁

Yz 290f says:

not one person mentioned suzuki hahahaha

peter thornton says:

someone shoot the piano player please…what is with the piano drowning out the audio all through the clip???

Sodium Hydroxide says:

I need a job.

Preston Graham says:

everone sucks ktms dick these days. makes me want one less. I am happy with my kx

Lucas sorrenti says:

Suzuki fans won’t be happy with this one but cook video

mystoryisn'toveryet ; says:

so ktm best bike all around

TheGarganator HD says:

Can you subscribe to my channel please

ktm crush says:

orange never blue


I want to change my KX250 per one WR 250 What do you think? I just ride in trial not motocross.

Marie Bernard says:

I’m proud of what new dirt bike you got but can I please get a dirt bike This from Douglas

ktm crush says:

that honda had terrible connering

ujjan shrestha says:

+999lazer guys can you make a review on “bse 250 j1 professionals” dirt bike

HJE Games says:

Im 12 and i have a kx60 and soon im getting the ktm 85sx big wheel

Daniel Rosado25 says:

I’m getting a Honda tommorow

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