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MotoUSA’s 2016 250 Motocross Shootout features six machines from six different manufactures. Horsepower is king and the goal of the 250F class is to produce as much of it as possible. Big changes helped some manufactures increase those horsepower numbers while others made revisions improving handling. The key to a great dirt bike is how the engine, chassis and suspension all come together. A couple manufactures dropped significant weight on their 2016 250 MX offerings and as with any shootout there can only be one winner, so welcome to the 2016 MotoUSA 250F motocross shootout: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/2015/12/article/2016-250f-motocross-shootout/

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jB murc says:

Have ridden a mates 08 KTM300exc out on a trail …personal didn’t really get all the hype ….was 90% sure it would be my dream bike …but price wise was out of the budget …so ended up with a trail modded 07 RM250(FMF exhaust,FWW) ….completely changed my mind and absolutely love the RM (funny as I use to bag my mates that use to ride the RM-KX etc >>

why I love the RM over the KTM300….

size side by side the bike don’t look all that different in size ….but out on the trail the KTM felt like I was trying to ride a boat …so much heavier feeling …dead feeling steering …power quite slow lackluster ….getting back on my RM you would swear it was a 125cc handling wise ,,,steering just incredibly nimble very fast ….power very strong from bottom to top very YZ250 like powerplant nothing like the older monocross snappy short powerbands …

Drag race the RM would put least a bike length to two till max out speed round 65-70mph where the KTM longer 5th would give it the higher top speed..

fuel use ….every ride the bigger tank KTM would run dry before the RM

KTM300 weight add on 7kilos + the extra fuel (so round 10kilo at full tank heavier bike)

hill climbing torque ….with a 13oz FWW the RM tractors with the best of them

starting issues ….KTM …Kick till monday

Why o Why can’t Suzuki fit an updated 08 RM250 motor in the latest RMZ ….
increase the tank to 9-10lts lift the 4th -5th gear to give it 80mph top-end
heavier crank,18 rear wheel and I’m sure they would sell like hot cakes and give the others in the off-road class a good kicking….2018 RMX250r ???

kobyashi says:

So which is most reliable? My guess would be the Yammy or the Honda.

Jake Harrison says:

Great video

Brenden ketelsen says:

i dont call myself a honda lover accept that my whole garage is full of honda’s


Here’s the thing about the Kawasaki, I LOVE the loud as hell sound. I love loud as hell diesels. So the loudness of the Kawasaki is not a problem for not just me but many other people. Except I think it could maybe get banned from trail places but it’s a race bike so, yeah

Heyy Bro says:

It would be nice to bring back all the old legends like the rm125 cr125r kx125 and make a shootout against the yami ktm and husqy

Feroz Khan says:

Only 1 Day Left!!!!
Just $18.00
Hurry Up!
Limited edition….

Wet Weener says:

Never trust these reviews. Yamaha got 1st place because of fan boys. Its like when people say the xbox 1 is better than the Ps4, though its sales clearly demonstrate its a lie. Want to know which bike is the best? Look at the numbers.

Tj Smith says:

Total disrespect to the Kawasaki. Should be 1st or 2nd easily

Baron Derita says:

I think it’s kinda ironic that Yamaha won and the whole track is covered with Yamaha flags and signs?

deckard163 says:

winner?………….any 250 2 stroke.

These are 8 grand glorified enduro bikes. … I must admit they are smart, and know how to get people to waste money..

Sean Collinge says:

Yamaha frickin sucks

Vlog Epicness says:


Bobby Doolittle says:

The 2017 Kawasaki 250 is amazing I have heard. Really light and much skinnier, therefore better handling


I’m 13 turning 14 this year and I love the yzf 250’s! I have one and they have good deals they are light and powerful! I recommend you getting one!

Tim T. Buchanan says:

It’s cause the Husqvarna’s air box is smaller or its just harder for air to get through, so it forces the air through a little harder than the KTM. Causing it to just squeeze out a little more power cause its working harder to for the air through. I’m probably wrong lol but that’s what I think

Broberg Motoring says:

which would be best for a new -intermediate rider? yz? sx-f?

KeastTheBeast says:

really the honda is third. im gonna get the suzuki after winter just because i loved how it felt

Von Dutch says:

What about the Hodaka 125 super rat

Sheldon Gill says:

I really think they should do 2 stroke reviews, after all they are coming back

Vincent Sauer says:

I’ve rode once an 350 sxf KTM 2017 (nearly the same as the 2016 model) and the handling was so good!
The Bike wants to lay in the corners, without you doin sth.
Do the YZ-F 250 2016 handels the same?:o
Realy want to buy a Yamaha, but i loved the handling of the ktm sooo much

Pedro Gomes says:

fassam o prossimo video com uma legenda em portugues

The moto guy says:

Never see TM’s, yet theyre sold in America as well

Liberty Walk says:

Fuck this guys voice makes me want to kill someone

Fleur Willems says:

specific Does anyone recognize better than this videq ? .

Archie Dillon says:

hey guys. im always looking for an 85cc shootout of new bikes. could you do a 85cc shootout

Zig71 says:

Pistons , heat and cold cycles require a 100 to 200 hr cycle regardless ! race on the limiter all day is another story

Tristan Clark says:

This is all bullshit. Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Honda are all Japanese AND MADE IN THE SAME FUCKING FACTORY. they just have different badges colour and plastics. The husky is Germany quality and the KTM Austrian. The husky and the KTM have far better quality parts then the jap bikes!! What ever happened to husaberg, sherco, gas gas. Want a very good quality. Stupid two stroke power that’s awesome?!? Look no further then German dirtbikes!!!!

Motocross_41 says:

ktm and the husky are overated lol

souris verte says:

got the honda awesome bike,,,

Michel Agazzi says:


Similarlobster 8 says:

team red you fuckers and bitches

cschilli68 says:

Why are the 250 2 strokes not in here too now thay they are legal in this class?

Zig71 says:

Japenese are much better for actual adjustment and or replacement required . Checks are important , history of actual adjustment or replacement is were the real service intervals apply

MrMuscleMam1105 says:

Yamaha won the 450 too lol. #bleedblue

vProfessor SGB says:

KTM Kawi Yamaha my three

Julie Summersell says:

I dont like the yama because it has alot of bottom but hardly an top and you have to rev the crap out of it to go fast on sertain tracks such as glen helen

V8 monster says:

Hey guys … I want to know from riders what does each brand have reputation for ?? for exp : honda vs yamaha … sth
what are the pros and cons of each one since past . or everything useful .
I would be thankful if anyone do me this favor.

Nora Wolf says:


303badassboxer says:

Can we get a 2016 250 2 stroke shootout?

MrJokkoma says:

I would like to see this test again when this bikes has 50 hours on them on the used market. Not every rider buy brand new bikes.

Shorty says:

what should i get out off rmz250, crf250r or kx250f?

Heyy Bro says:

Yamaha is the best japanese brand because it still makes 2 strokes

Bobby Patel says:

Guys, Omg opposition really looks deeply!oddrather :c)

Random Gun! N.A.P says:

Please DO A 125 shootout?

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