2015 KTM 500 EXC

If you want a dual-sport bike that rivals any off-road motorcycle on the planet you want a 2015 KTM 500 EXC, it is quite possibly the greatest dual-sport bike in history. It is an incredible dirt bike that just happens to have a license plate, turn signals, a horn and functions on the road well enough to get from trail to trail, from your house to the trail or just down the road to work if you like. Check out the video here.


TheBrindleBoxer says:

What’s a good dirt bike for someone who has 3 years and about 20k miles of street riding under his belt but has zero dirt experience?

surg23 says:

I’m happy with this bike, but I wish it had some power down low- it’s so damn easy to labor the engine. It’s like it only has power on a small part of it’s rev-range. 

A 7th gear would also be nice (or taller 6th) it feels like it hates doing anything over 75kph. Still, it goes through corners like a beast!

Sean Mccarthy says:

Fun! Wondering when and where was this?

mathewmcconner says:

spooled crap. do you think it looks faster when you spool it?

Brian Boring says:

Hell yeah!  Beautiful trails!

Proud American Ca says:

The song ruined the vídeo
Face palm

Muhammed Clemons says:

Can someone help me? Where can I get one of these without it being used? I’m new to all this dirt biking stuff. What will be the price? What is the MPG? I’m doing my own research but would appreciate feedback. Thanks in advance.

Jason Stuck says:

Needs to be a 2 stroke

Dylan Morse says:

where are these beautiful trails!?

relaxing cat says:

so this is just as good as the new yamaha dual sport, or even better?

AxleTube says:


myrandomlife says:

I’m looking at the ktm 350excf and the 500excf or maybe even the wr450f street legal. Are the ktm’s worth an extra 2k? I hear the the wr is like the most reliable. I really want it for 99% dirt and the only street riding would be to get to the dirt. Maybe 10-15 miles of street. Any suggestions?

FrigityFrigBalls says:

Looks a lot like the single track we have up here in British Columbia

Matthew G says:

Beautiful trails! If anybody know any spot in California like this please let me know.

simon baxter says:

Nice work guys

David Moore says:

hey im 6ft, 160lbs and 16, i have been riding for 6 yrs and was wondering if i should get a yz125 or yz250? Anyone have any suggestions?

bobgbmx says:

I loved how he just blew through that stream!!!

Bonnie Marshall says:

weres that at

Chapman Inc. says:

Why sped up?

Colbys Productions says:

Do a video over a CRF230F

dominique5462 says:

Nice video

BornRider says:

15 000 $$ DAMN!

cali_ kush70 says:

I’m looking to get 1 of these dual purpose ktm’s for my next bike. I just can’t decide whether I should get the 350 exc-f or the 500EXC. I’m a light & small dude so I’m leaning towards the 350. as far as experience I’ve ridden my whole life (22yo) & I race a kx125 & 250f in the intermediate class. if anyone has any suggestions I’d be more than happy to hear from you. would you guys please do a video for the 2015 350 exc-f or maybe a comparison video would be cool. BTW great video, beautiful location.

Big Boy says:

I. like. to. Ride. on 2.

Chapman Inc. says:

Would be great to see these bikes ridden properly hey?

Luke Spontak says:

What is the vesty pack thing that guy is wearing ?

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