2015 250cc Four-Stroke Off-Road Comparison

We settled on the 250cc four-stroke category for the 2015 Off-Road Shootout, for three key reasons: First, we knew early on in the year that there would be two new entrants to this segment from Yamaha, and we have been dying to compare the blue steeds to the KTMs. Secondly, we had a high level of interest in participation from five different manufacturers—three of whom had more than one bike to submit—so we knew that this would make for a diverse comparison.


Liuses5 Gaming says:

I’m a beginner, however I’ve ridden atv’s since I could walk (I’m only fifteen) What would you guys recommend. I’d be in tight/hilly woods

Braeden Plath says:

They should call this Sand Rider Magazine

Justin Ammerman says:

My wife and I are seriously looking into off-road riding. We’re both mature almost thirty year olds so we’re not gonna be idiots and I have a couple years street riding experience though she has no riding experience at all. Both of us will be completely new to the dirt world though and the selection of available bikes is quite daunting. I’m 6’1″ and want a bike that’ll be a good all rounder with a potential for a supermoto transition so I’m pretty dead set on the WR250F. My question to you guys and to the dirt rider community is what would be a good bike for my wife to start on? She’s about 5’10” so she isn’t short and she’s looking for something to go trail riding and maybe a little MX and has also expressed interest in a supermoto conversion. Her only stipulation is that it be a 250 four stroke. Any suggestions?

Mike Morales says:

Very nice shootout! You should have had that CRF 250 X Geico Honda converted in it too! ; )

Chaz Driver says:

I love my yz250fx and its my first 250/race bike (I came off a crf230f)

ktm 300 says:

how good is the fx in tight woods?

Franta Holy says:

KTM je prostě nej nej nej nej

James Rides says:

oh fuck yeah i definitly want a 2015 yz250fx

Zig71 says:

No cash for comment , just compare bikes , nice .

alex little says:

i enjoyed watching the video thank you

Phil Clarke says:

This annoyed me. You’re comparing apples to pears. You have Enduro bikes competing against Motocross bikes. I never heard anybody say the word enduro once. The WR was described as wallowy when in fact its designed to race over tree trunks and rocks the size of grizzly bears while maintaining traction. A stiff Motocross bike will lose traction in these extremes when ridden at pace due to the pingy suspension. Sure at 60mph it is wallowy because that’s not its forte. I think a better job could have been done explaining the bike’s different disciplines rather than how they compared on the same piece of single track. I wonder if Enduro racing is just not a ‘thing’ in the US? You must have heard of the guy down the road, Graham Jarvis? His bike wallows! lol

Luca Ferraretto says:

how many bikes have you goy?

D.S.T ENDURO says:

tm en250f

Motorcycle_kid22 says:

Always liked the yz250fx since they released. Hopefully I can find a way to snag one. Kinda would debate street legalizing it for connecting trails in Michigan. I just not a fan of the wr and how it’s more choked up

Sammyisbad says:

So what’s a good bike for a beginner i have been riding atv’s for 12 years i say [Im 15 ] but i want to start riding dirt bikes so what should i get

Aidan Mahaffay says:

Crf250x best bike ever

macabe king says:


Peter Parker says:

I need Bike..!

Billyhall Hall says:

do they still make crfx’s i thought they stopped making them

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