2004 Kawasaki KX250 2 Stroke Off Road Project Build || Dirt Bike Magazine

For this edition of PREMIX we saved a Kawasaki KX250 2 stroke from the crusher and re worked the bike head to toe. LA sleeved took care of the interior of the motor while Acerbis, Samco, Pro Circuit, San Diego Powder Coating and more took care of the rest. To see more on this offroad build head over to dirtbikemagazine.com

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slater ! says:

I don’t know what to get either a 110 or 125. I am 5’5 138 pounds.

V says:

Nice work! Thanks for the upload.

Liam Guiry says:

front wheels fucked

Jason Raras says:

how much is that bike??

Randy Reynolds says:

whst nobody caught was the dented rear rim at 1:09 …they must have did somthing serious to trash both rims do fast

Nathan Holmes says:

Rifle sleep guard hqibx badly tender strike description bounce

Tim Richert says:

i finish all my frames in metallic flake now. Nothing says ‘offroad durability’ like metallic flake. just pack a compressor and spraybooth with you to every outing, keep it looking spiffy

bubbabouyi says:


Evan Liska says:

Nice bent rim


These cylinders are not sleeved to start with. They are nikasil coated. So it was not “re-sleeved”. it was ruined by putting a sleeve in it.

browskistorm 1 says:

is this worth it for me to do

Matt Traficante says:

Holy dent in the front rim !

bubbabouyi says:


pariahtizer says:

“Off road” bike?  No skid plate, the suspension looks stiff and deflective (MX), they didn’t gear down, or add flywheel weight for technical trail work, and they used a tope-end can. . . hmmm, seems like a pretty MX bike to me, less the 18 rear.
Wish they would’ve explained all this better.

Jeff Craig says:

2:28 rims bent! send it back to the scrap yard

Nojus Marčius says:

how much cost all?

ryan truth 1 says:

How many other people focused on the front rim lol

PlanetMason 04 says:

Dented rim at 2:30

Vagelis Vrionis says:


bubbabouyi says:


Khizar Rasool says:

Did anyone see the dented front rim

719Moto Mx says:

hitting a rock at high speed can bend a rim

Matt Larson says:

Bent rim and exhaust dampener just hanging there. Good job

Wiz lor Falcon says:

Rims dented and the exhaust hanger is.. hanging lol It’s normal on my bike but didn’t expect it from dirt rider !

Rhysters Garage says:

lol badass bike but yeah those rims are fucked

JC & The Moto Heads says:

fat dent in the front rim

RellyAlexander says:

If anyone hits dirt jumps on this there’s a chance that front rim is going to buckle and potentially remove all their teeth when they end up face planting the handle bars

Jonovision Vader says:

that’s sounds so sweeet

ryan311 mcmahon says:

remind me to never buy DID rims..

Suban Grg says:

the front rim is bent

Kyle TheTreeKat says:

Aren’t those rims meant to be strong?

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