(20 min) 2014 FIM X-Trial World Championship – Sheffield – (GBR)

FIM, X-Trial, 2014, World Championship


dji zzah says:

absolutely brilliant

Peter Eiben says:

Sau geil genauso wie ficken

dirtmaop says:

Wow, thats awesome, I’ve actually never known this was a championship. Awesome!

DarkComBat says:

its trials the game in real life

daquitor says:

Podian quitar al comentarista sobre todo di no sabes ingles


This sport is INCREDIBLE!

HB.Custom RC Traxxas says:


kickassprankstaz says:

trial bikes? I want one

iTzz Revertz says:

Its good

pheksy says:

amazing stuff . i dont understand why so many people in the crowd are filming it on their phones , you can watch it professionally filmed on youtube . my eyes would be glued to the riders . not my phone ! honestly  

อนัน กุดสระน้อย says:

พี่น้อง..คอเดียวกัน อิอิ

dmaxhd1 says:

thse guys are bad ass! crazy shit! very talented!



Luismar paulino de andrade says:


carl shneebly says:

This made my legs hurt just watching it.

Sam Fack says:

Really like these longer format videos. Gives a much better idea of what actually happened. Hope you do the same for rest of the indoor and the outdoor season.

Gyodofer says:

absolutamente increible, Bou esta un toque mas gordito…. pero es un placer verlo resolver las situaciones mas complejas tan simplemente…. increible y felicitaciones!!!!

lBillyTheKid says:


shuaib hussaini says:

my Hero toni Bou…..

FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ says:

Why haven’t i discoverd this sport earlier in my life? This is really amazing to watch 🙂 

Bad Karma says:

I’m not sure what the big deal is? Anyone with a little money could do this.

Nildo Duarte says:

Esses caras são loucos! …é show

50 Ducks In A Hot Tub says:

I had a 175cc Yamaha trials bike in 1977 man they’ve come a long way…

Dedy Jack says:

It’s amazing

DiRTemma says:

Hello fans, iv only recently started watching Xtrials, can somebody explain to me what a sump stop is please and countbacks? 🙂 thank you in advance 😀

DegreeStudio says:

Keep uploading long videos !!! 🙂

Emely Gelloani says:


Basti H. says:

perfect jumps

2phalanges says:

what kinda bike is this. ???

Ade Kurnia says:

i like it

antonieto Montero Batucan says:


gustave bourgeaux says:

ohhh putain y gere

Noan Mousy says:

Tony bou is just the trial god.
I have see all of these guy at the X-Trial final at Paris. That was amazing.

OmG Oliver - Join the crew! says:

That is awesome

Baciu Ioan says:

as vrea sa vad pe viu {sa fiu acolo )

Diego Ruiz says:

That is how you do it!!! Thanks for this pretty decent broadcast of this indoor trials event! Now you only need to promote it a bit more so you can 1500+ views like so many other official broadcastings on Youtube (UCI, FIBT, etc)

xXgunnerXx says:

I need a trial 🙁

Carauuhz says:

I can’t even ride at a straight line for 5 seconds

JR Pratum says:


K Cee says:

Die they count the foot Touch on section 2 on cab

adam aloïs says:

good video

wordreet says:

:¬D What’s not to like?? Epic riding skills.

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