Two of New Zealand’s fastest motocross riders, Hadleigh Knight (2017 Husqvarna TC250) and Brad Groombridge (2017 Suzuki RM-Z450) attempt to settle the age-old argument of two stroke versus four stroke at the 2016 Acerbis 4 Hour cross country in Taupo, New Zealand. Comment which one you think wins!

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Hadleigh Knight – 2017 Husqvarna TC250
Brad Groombridge – 2017 Suzuki RM-Z450

Camera: GoPro HD Hero 4 Session

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Dirt biking is so fun i am trying to get my hands on a KTM 150 cw 2 stroke

Crone Vlogs says:

It depends on the rider

Anthony Solomon says:

Cool riding I have Coolster 125cc dirt bike

ZipsRePro Timofeev says:

4 sroke won

FoXstrot says:

i think 4 strokes are the best they sound the best. 2 strokes sonds so weak

Assasin2017 says:

That’s not really fair a 450 against a 250

Eric Cartman says:

Why do people say that 4 stroke is easier to ride than 2 stroke? I have a 2 stroke and i dont think its difficult to ride??

Christa Pfister says:

4 strokes all da way

Franchize Productions says:


toddlk 186 says:

Can’t compare a crap husky and a good Suzuki no chance

Morne Norris says:

those breaks on the 4 stroke

thatoneopenwheelfanboy's 2nd account says:

2 stroke:Sexier in every way 4 stroke: comfortable

Joz Sports says:

2 strokes all the way, easier to fix when they break down and don’t underestimate the mighty 2 strokes, more than enough power and speed to keep up or pass up 4 strokes

Nathan Barnes says:

where is this Snowman Films

SGGhost says:

i like the 3 stroke lmao

Clorox Bleach says:

My dad say I’m getting a 4 stroke for my birthday

16cliffedge says:

2 stroke – it is better – it even smells better

BuDZnBooZE says:

amazing riding!!! sick vid!! braaaaaap!!!

Ethan B says:

2 stroke sounds a little like a petrol/nitro rc car (not in a bad way)

Tbonesjones03 says:

Who at least watched 25 minutes

16cliffedge says:

2 strokes are naturally aspirated this equals power quicker basically. think 2 s are in fact 30% more powerfull than a 4 s equivalent

Sowman Films says:

1,000,000 views, that’s unreal guys. Thanks to all of you that watched, liked and shared this video around, you guys are the best and it means the world to me!

Evan Green says:

2 strokes are a mix of ego and noise

Will Silva says:

I’ve been ride kx250 most my life until I bought a drz400 and mod her up .. I never thought I’d ride a four stroke but it ain’t bad plus I like the power band better on 4stroke . You only get that sweet spot on a 2 hi Rev bike that’s it. 4 strokes have come a long way

Randy Rowe says:

Love them both but that 4 is a lot easier to ride and less arm pump in a race .

Root Beeskeh says:

$300 pit bikes I got’em

Tj Russo says:

Love this fucking shit

Superior Gaming says:

Honestly I like 4-Strokes and 2-Strokes the both have their fun 4-Stroke pulls all the way and 2-Stroke does at the end.

Jeronimo Borgoñoz says:


Shawn FreeofTyranny says:

Have to finish watching when I have more time.Only got to 8min:s.Awesome riding guy’s.Pretty insane the speeds in the tree’s.But sounded like 4stroke dude needs to bang some more gears and was intentionally dogging it.But old wise man say’s:Takes more skill to ride 2stroke.More like taming a bronc.bull.But smoothness of newer 4stroke allows you much more leeway to focus on doing more things.DVX 4stroke Quad I can wheelie all day long.But 02′ KTM 250 2stroke still scares hell out of me to try slow wheelies.Moral is:Never going to lose passion for raw quick power of 2stroke and I would advise any rider of a 4stroke to get a 2stroke to practice what you do and I can assure every time you get back on your 4 stroke it will feel easier each time+advance your skills.Be open minded if you want to win.I’ve raced Chevy+Fords at same event.Smoked bullheads by knowing best of both worlds!

flyingbritman 66 says:

4stroke sounds like a pig

KN says:

i prefer 2 stroke because the power band and the sound cant be beaten

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