2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke 2019 Yamaha YZ250X and YZ250FX – Dirt Bike Magazine

The great debate. 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke. Which is better in the offroad category? We were able to get our hands on both 2019 Yamaha 250s and put them head to head to figure out which one was king of offroad, especially in the GNCC style conditions of South Carolina. See what editor Ron Lawson has to say about each bike and where they stand when put up against each other on the same style terrain.

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robbie rogers says:

Bull shit streach them out that 2 stroke will eat it up also talk about the mantic u have to do . The 2 strock allwas win.

mike Bizzelle says:

Once you ride a 2 stroke you wont go back to a 4 stroke

Badass Skeptic says:

2 strokes are for men 4 strokes are for everyone else!

Badass Skeptic says:

I had a dream Yamaha unleashed a YZ500 2T in 2020 lol
hey a man can dream!

Billy Thompson says:

You could tell from the moment he opened his mouth on the comparison he’s just helping Yamaha push 4 stroke sales. Who wouldn’t want a lighter and more powerful bike? If you know how to ride a 2 stroke their night and day faster than a four stroke woods riding especially.

Mike Crawford says:


OleCheese says:

I really wish the yz250x was offered with electric start!

carl atamanczyk says:

I’m a super senior rider, nearly 70, and I will take a 300 2 stroke over any 4 stroke, anytime.

Rhino Armor says:

They’re both amazing bikes BUT only a 2 stroke can make you feel amazing. Like nothing is better than riding a 2 stroke

Jim Beam says:

Two stroke four stroke, who cares? They need to figure out how to reduce the price of the “toys” or soon they won’t be making either. Most of these dealers are small and they don’t have the ability to channel stuff the bikes.

speed kills says:

Sucks cause as I’ve gotten older I can only last about 2 strokes…doh

Matthew Coco says:

Thanks for sharing your opinions – really insightful – but 7mins of the same footage over and over? Get your camera guy working harder. Get those things dirty 😉

Jimmy Reynolds says:

Damn all you fuckers in the comment section make me wanna get a 2 stroke now hahah

unspeakable master says:

2 strokes are for gay bitches

Plague Doctor • 5 years ago says:

I like all of em’… Four stroke is a trail bike… Do it will naturally be slower for trailing. 2 stroke is for racing.

Chris McIntyre says:

Why is it so tough to find a legitimate 2T v. 4T comparo … you CANT compare 250 two stroke to 250 four stroke. It should be a 250 two stroke v. 450 four stroke. Can someone piont me to a GOOD compaor between those two ?

Brett Poe says:

I love both! But in north idaho with highish elevation the 4stroke is more reliable unless your 2stroke is tuned perfectly. But I risk it, 2 stroke all the way for me!

General Scythe _Max Army_ says:

The only reason I like a 4 stroke mode is because of its sound. Man if you get a 450 Yamaha 4 stroke that thing is sexy sounding.

boy girl and a dad says:

4 strokers love the smell of my Bel Ray.

Joey Riveira says:

I think these guys at dirt bike magazine got a lil payday to say the 4 stroke delivers slightly better then the lighter & proven woods weapon 2 stroke . Hmm why is the fastest enduro riders on 2 strokes again u see the races & who’s winning & on what there winning on . 2 strokes for the win for me .

markmtbrider says:

Wish I could afford both. The 250x for extreme enduro, tight single track, then fx for local xc race series. Plus I will still want a ride while the 4t is down for engine rebuilds….valves, cranks, pistons , timing chain and tensioner…….

Jade bylund says:

Id rather be cummin than strokin…………… oh my bad wrong comment section

Paul Pence says:

Cant imagine what a dream these are to ride. Was way back for me, 1974-90~, the technology today is amazing. Bob Hannah Rocks!!!

theninja001 says:

Yamaha……please put some shrouds on the 2-strokes that cover the tank! It’s not 1994 anymore!

carl atamanczyk says:

First off DB, why do you compare a 250 2 stroke to a 250 4 stroke….. Apples to oranges, folks.

Benjamin Iacobucci says:

How smaller euro companies like Beta/GasGas/Sherco/TM/Bimota/Husky etc. constantly funnel R&D into their 2-cycle enduro models while a juggernaut like Yamaha makes a few changes to what’s basically a decade old motocross bike is beyond me. Not saying they’re a bad bike, as they wouldn’t sell if they were, but they lack so much of what makes a woods bike a woods bike. No bigger fuel tank, no E-start option, no hand guards etc. Almost no reason to get one over a similar KTM or such other than cost, as even their reliability is basically on par with the one Japanese 2-bung. Besides, you can buy last-year leftover euro bikes for basically the same price as the YZ and get a much more complete package. Yamaha should update the bike and give other Japanese manufacturers a reason to build 2-strokes again.

Deborah chesser says:

I’ve been reading DB for 42 years I wish they would give me a job.

Dave White says:

4 strokes JUNK, 2 strokes are where it is at..

lamiya graham says:

The 2 stroke is such a beauty

one truth says:

I’v ridden 2 and 4 stoke all bullshit aside 2 stoke rules.
It will snap out from under you.
He said the 4 stoke is smooth, because it doesn’t snap like the power of 2 stoke.

Chris M says:

4t predictable and boring. I’ve had both and will never go back, 2 stroke all the way. The throttle response, beautiful sound, and keeps you feeling alive – plain and simple……more fun to ride

Badass Skeptic says:

Of course 4 strokes are going to be better under racing conditions! the factories all but gave up on 2T racing tech over 20 years ago! 4 strokes are competing with ancient 2T technology & they are still having trouble doing it even with all their advanced fuel injection & other crap! raw 2T power will ALWAYS be competitive!

MotoMadMan 45 says:

Wish that 2 stroke had electric start. Yamaha needs to update that for off-road. Silly not to have one.

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