👀 Do you need a 450 Dirt Bike for trail riding or is a 250 enough!? Honda CRF450R Rescue Mission🍺

This video is a must see, it will open your eyes to something that few know!
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Donnie Dornbusch says:

Wow what an adventure!!!!

Ed Jacobson says:

This terrain is too where wild. Good for backpacking or hiking though…

JoseGonzalas says:

I got a 450 sxf ktm, doesn’t seem even as close to as bad as that although I do have to slip the clutch a lot on trails but the hydraulic clutch helps

Unstoppable120s Bernardo says:

And that dude on the CRF450 seemed like he was in way over his head and the terrain wasn’t that bad. He brought your whole crew down

john himphill says:

take riding lessons

Stoned Whiteboy says:

Quick couple solutions to the problem. Learn how to use clutch, or buy a Recluse

flyinbryan125 says:

I ride trails with my 2015 husky fc 450. It does suck on super slow single track, easy to stall, tall first gear… Etc. Everywhere else, I love it.
I think it really depends on what kind of riding you do. Out here is much more open and the 450 it fast, light, and easy to ride. Never a lack of power, hardly ever have to touch the clutch. The e start really helps too.
For the tighter stuff, I think ktm 300 is the way to go. 250f just doesn’t have enough down low.

Graeme SYDNEY says:

Street, track and trail, too many see an impressive ride and think “gee that bike makes the rider look good” – wrong!!! For bikes the equation us “gee that rider makes the bike look good”.

Just multiple by a factor of 10 for the off road.

agtorge says:

300 2 stroke easiest bike to ride on trails

Yes Sir says:

80 percent the rider 20 percent the bike

Jospeh Negherbon says:

I agree with the track bike not working all that well on the trails l. I went up not down 03 Honda crf 450r to a 2014 ktm exc 500. I think setup is everything on the 450 it took a while to get the suspension right way too stiff. The ktm right out of the box trail weapon.

Christian Kanzler says:

You need to learn how to ride a bike. Don’t blame the bike. I have been riding the crf450r for 11 years in the same type of terrain and no problems.

Mike TheOrc says:


Trent Carter says:

Is your Yamaha a 450 or 250?

StrikerSG says:

For normal people a 250 is more than enough.

danny hernandez says:

I’ve a had 2 crf450r I had a 09 and a 06 I would pick the 06 any day loved it on trails it was a tractor

Arizona Overland says:

Good video. Gives me some things to think about concerning my bike situation.


The gray haired old man agrees with your thoughts. The MX 450’s are great in the open desert or on a track, but a disadvantage everywhere else.

mld says:

its that it was an “MX” version is why it sucked off road and it looked like an inexperienced rider , 450cc is the most commonly raced four stroke off road size bike there is thats a fact

Paul Riekert says:

Crf450X would have been just fine. More a case of gearing than engine size buddy. I do shit like this on my ktm525 all the time with no issues

Unstoppable120s Bernardo says:

Had multiple a CR250R two strokes. Good back in the day but I’d never buy any 450. Now I have a 17 Beta 300. Does everything with ease. It’s a cheater bike. I’m sure KTM and husky are great as well but at this point the Beta is so good I’d never own anything else

Jourdon Gulick says:

It’s pretty simple. Throw a 53 tooth rear sprocket on and some gummy tires and you’re set. If you are out of shape and can’t handle trail riding or kickstarting then maybe you should hit the gym.

Stoned Whiteboy says:

My KtM 350 SXf doesn’t do 1st gear single track without overheating. Therefore it’s no good there either, I’m sure a lot of Newer KTMs aren’t good either without spewing

Bbd L says:

If it’s to hard to start than your carb is off it is but older or valves. It’s not hard to control throttle at all. 450 motors last longer thanks to lower compression and you never run it as hard. We got 9 guys in eastern Ohio and not a single 250f anymore

DozerMoto says:

Gimmie a break . Ive been riding in all conditions on my 03 CRF450 including trails , woods , desert and tracks . Spend some money on suspension and learn how to ride . You getting lost isn’t the bikes fault .

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