ZX10R 2004 2005 Mini Review and ride. Still my favorite sportbike to date

Short ride and mini review of the 2005 ZX10R , still my favorite sportbike!
I never did do a review of my ZX10R when I bought it a few years back….
The 2004-2005 ZX10R has a huge following because of its “built for the track” engineering. Steep steering rake, lightweight, narrow chassis, close-ratio 6 speed transmission, high power-to-weight ratio and no traction electronics is what attracts so many people to these bikes for the track and for the road alike. 2004 and 2005 the ZX-10R won Best Superbike from Cycle World magazine. Has a cult like following and is considered by many as the best bike of all times!
Speed limited at 184 mph, 175 hp at 11700 rpm, 0-60 2.8 seconds, 10.2 second quarter mile @ 146mph, 370lbs, 2.11 lbs/hp and still get 42mpg!
I don’t ride her too much since I got into dual-sport bikes, but WOW, what a rush when you get back on! Crack that throttle and hang on.

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SouL Reactivator says:

Nice Bike, be careful do you wear a jacket with armor when riding fast? i would like to get a Suzuki, GSX-R600 but i would probably kill my self on it by crackin it wide open . i have only been riding for 3 months now i still have a lot to lurn.

Icutmetal says:

Had an ‘05 myself; leaving an on ramp at 80mph in 2nd gear, and a driver wasn’t going to let me over. I cracked it open, and rolled it right up into a power wheelie. That bike was stupid powerful!

Sergiu says:

you want power to wheight ratio? buy a k5 then…166kg178hp

Mark L says:

Reckon this is a good bike to go to from a bandit 600 or should I go to the zx6r first

D Kevin says:


Sullybiker says:

I think the problem with sportbikes – and I do love them – is you want to spank them; they just don’t feel right being ridden casually, at least not to me. In many ways I prefer the dual sport pace because I just enjoy the ride.

Jay Whaley says:

https://youtu.be/YigjXQVMsEs got mine out the other day as well!

aventari kevin says:

Get some gear squid



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