Yamaha R6 vs Honda CBR600rr | The BEST 600cc SPORT BIKE?

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Today’s video we take a look at two popular street bikes and compare them head to head!

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In todays video we take a look at both of our 2007 street bikes. We grew up riding dirt bikes and the transition to the streets was very easy. The R6 is definitely geared more towards the track with sleek lines, lower handlebar position and more horsepower to get it up to speed quick! The CBR is a little more comfortable and still has power, but has more torque in the lower rpm range. Either bike is a bang for the buck for under $5K! Expect to set a budget around that number for a great used bike, along with about $1K for full riding gear. Take a look at the links below for more detailed specs of each bike.

2007 CBR Review.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHgoUzcUs9U&t=75s
2007 R6.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeVb_UfhSe8&t=82s

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Denny Johnson says:

Honda for me but I have the VFR800 tryin to convert what I can to make close to a sport street to how its made for sport touring. Its an 04 and the Vtec at 7k is crazy…really have to hold on when that kicks in. Good review guys, new sub here now.

Sergio Manuel Rodriguez Valadez says:

Excellent video my friends..

agungwira putra says:

I love honda

WebbyRides says:

I had the same 2007 CBR600rr with a TB exhaust. The thing was SO loud it rattled my head. I got the P1X tip and it was still too loud. Also, the CBR was terrible for rides over 2 hours. The FZ09 satisfies all my speed needs and is super comfy for long rides. Good review though – really liked this.

Velysean says:

To bad I couldn’t have my 06 zx6r with those two bikes

Luis Amaro says:

whats the camera?

Russ Freed says:

Thank u. Love these!!!

The Z97 says:

What part of NC is this?

R6_Alex says:

R6666666 BABYYY

gmike912 says:

Nice work fellas!!

Oscar Texido says:

Veryveryvery good reviews, u should have million subs if u r doin like this, huge congrats!!!! +1 sub

N.J. State øf Mind says:

CLICK BAIT! ! ! Best 600cc bike, but doesn’t show daytona 675 [MASSIVE FACEPALM]

Jpoll says:

Cbr600rr every time baby

91TwinTurboZX says:

You didht tuck in.. The r6 rider did

gatheringflamess1 says:

R6 is faster but dude you didn’t tuck in and he did, so it could have gone a little bit faster

Baronu says:

the 2 bikes are trash get a 1199 panigale.this are for kids

Jackson Smythe says:

my stock r6 has no problems doing power wheelies :] nice video

ahmad wattad says:

https://youtu.be/Ej5OB8ug-YE this link is for a way to control your 370z’s launch control rpm, and I really would like to see you applying it on your car and I’m sure many others would like it too.

Tolis Hlap says:

Can you please make another video with the whole 600 competition? (2007 models)

SuperScootDude says:

Thanks. Nice look at both bikes

#CBRGANG says:


mark hill says:

The daytona beats these two hands down

Hamza Qureshi says:

Awesome review.  Both are powerful bikes.  But is the Honda lighter?  Which one feels lighter to ride and wet weight?

Nathan Phipps says:

really helpful video I’m looking for either bikes in the same generation as these

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