Yamaha R1M – An Everyday Bike?

Turning into a bit of a series here with the ‘everyday’ vibe on a luxury race bike. The R1M, its the fastest (IMO), but what about a trip into the traffic infested shittery that is London?
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I also apologise for my constant referral to a “Super Sports Bike” – i mean SUPERBIKE. Super Sports, in the UK anyway normally refers to 600cc class.


Tim says:

My biggest concern with the R1 for a daily ride is fuel consumption. How much do you get per tank? the gsx-r1000r seems to have a little more range.

Daniel Melko says:

great video man, you’re hilarious. “It’s really a shower AND a grower.”

Sirmellowman says:

there are a few pretty important things you missed about the non m to the m version. one thing is there are some lighter bits in the motor that help it rev quicker on the M


Not coming alive intil 4000rpm isnt a problem when it revs to 14500 revs…..

rochae 03 says:

Wtf are british roads

Clé Van Heerden says:

Je beste positie tijdens het raceweekend is de eerste plek


How many bikes have you been taken out on lane splitting?

Ronnie Soulman says:

Does the M stand for Mental?

John boy C says:

Man is a good rider..no puns intended lol

Stephen Morgan says:

You certainly have city riding nailed impressed, haven’t got a bike anymore but this video just makes me want one if only for city riding. Amazing looking bike, great video 🙂

Rudy D'Alessandro says:

Riding like this, between cars, in Florida is illegal, police can give you a ticket, and the drivers became ferocious.

stephenmwyatt2 says:

Don’t live in a place where it fucking rains

Rob Minor says:

I love my r1 great bike

Kevin Brennan says:

R1’s..Also known as dilligaf’s { do i look like i give a fuck }.

dark cloud says:

you got my dream bike sir..

Greg Hopshire says:

YAM-a-HA – as in …….sweet potatoe?????????

stephenmwyatt2 says:

A leftover R1S, and there are many, is a real bargain for $11,000

Kamaal Hussain says:

Mr. Blah blah blah, wtf???

Si Bullock says:

Don’t you ever worry that some shit-for-brains is going to do a Uey when you’re filtering?

Morten Baunwall says:

Hi Baron
I’m looking for a new streetbike. Only 1 to 2 trackdays a year.
Which one do you think is the best.
Yamaha R1M 2015 or BMW s1000rr 2017? 🙂

Luftwaffa 109 says:

The tyres that come with the bike,BATTLAX RACING STREET RS10 TYPE-R . If you are very careful, are you able to ride with them in the wet?

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