Yamaha R15 V3: Still everybody’s Sports bike? : Quick Review : PowerDrift

Version 3 of the iconic yamaha r15 brings in frills like led headlights and frills like variable valve actuation (VVA). But is it still the sports bike for you and me? Varun finds out!

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crispree heaven says:

1m guys

Sunil henry says:

Quick review NS200 !!!!

Naveen S says:

Can someone compare the vibrations of r15 v3 with cbr 250r?

Yatharth Moza says:

The lcd reads “Hi buddy”? Out of all the stupid startup messages, this is a new level of cringe.

Bijan Halder says:


Abinash Dvrma says:


Manohar Singh says:

the change is now its cheap in every aspect

Suyog Malusare says:


M S H. Graphics, Wrapping, Stickers, n many More says:

Yes it is my sportsbike.

rahul raju says:

My fav bike

avinash avinash says:

Give me the review about Royal Enfield signal

Mohneet Bagga says:

Does back or wrist pain happen while riding bike?..plz comment back plz its very imp. For me

Vrushank Aithal K says:

Great Video By PD & As a Owner Of R15 v.3.0 For 3 Months , I can tell you that this review is On point with my Experience , And if Anyone is Planning to Buy I say go For it , It has Best of Both World’s , Performance – ( The Smoothest Gear Shifts & Phenomenal VVA tech which makes the bike a beast over 7000 RPM ) & Efficiency – ( avg 45 km in City & 50+ km on Highways ) .

Sahil Thakur says:

I love Yamaha r15

Oggy F says:

0:20 was the shizz!

Alen Baby Payyalayil says:

Powerdrift quality is getting low

Sakthi Thevar says:

Bhai comparison video bana r15v3 vs bajaj 200rs vs rc200

Subhadeep Manik says:

Yes bro

Kiki Kuku says:

East ya ho west Yamaha is the best

Kaishyap Karmakar says:

R15 is the best bike in the segment….I love the v1

Raghu Bhujade says:

Dominar instead r15 if price is main concern.

ronit bhattacharya says:

No I don’t want to buy an R15 after buying a CBR 250R 2018 model. After riding a CBR for the last 3 months I will feel the lack of power and punch in V3. I am happy with my CBR. Please do a review of the new CBR 250R.

vijay bhaskar says:

Pretty spot on with the headlights! Can’t even change them coz that’ll void the warranty!

Amit Mandal 06102 says:

Yes yes yes

ved yadav says:

V2 is the best

Abhijit Sharma says:

r15 v3 good bike ,

powerDrive_883 says:

Whatever may be sitting posture but Its yamaha cnt say no
Yes yamaha!!!

rahul billa says:

Expect a comparison with apache rtr 200 race edition which also has slipper clutch and abs as optional..dont just hang on V3 .there are other bikes too

Aritra Banerjee says:

Everybody’s sports bike is always r15 s

vallabh parab says:

D quality of videos are getting bad day by day pd


What!?!?… R15 V3 here in Philippines is mounted with USD Fork.

shub_a_sish says:

blue is calling

Tejas Parakh says:

Hit like if u think v2 is still better!

dimascience Kyna says:

can you speak spanish more fluent?

pros Jin says:

how about 2018gsx250 or cbr250? …………and…………gpr150?

Sundar Raj says:

It’s my sports bike
Even considering as an efficient bike….
Drove for a 287 km
And got a mileage of 65.5
Shocking isn’t it…..
I drove my new bike at a slower speed…..
Not crossing over 70
A gradual speed of 55 to 65….

Authentic Max says:

This channel getting lazier… its like a big “fuck off” to the 1 Million subscribers.

jack meHoff says:

Common yamaha now even BULLETS come with ABS . Why you ditched ABS ?

Jais Jose says:

This is not the choice!!! Could still hear the Roaring Dominar !!!

Hebin George says:

Good engine + Bad sitting posture + Low quality = R15v3

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