Why the Yamaha R6 is the best 600cc Supersport

ready… FIGHT 🙂


alex43ko says:

I’ve always wanted the R6, at least since about 2004 then when the newer ones came out I knew I had to have one. When I was about 15 I learned to ride on an R6. Fast Foward to 2015 I decided I was ready for my own bike (an R6 was the only bike I was even considering) but couldn’t get approved. I ended up with a 2015 600RR and I would not trade it for the R6. I still want an R6, it’s a great bike and is a blast to ride but I love my CBR it’s buttery smooth yet still quick. I still have a love for Yamaha tho and I’m almost positive I’ll have a new R6 or R1 by the end of the year

Lucas Davies says:

Omg qualify please the material feeply”rate =D

lee macdonald says:

daytona 675 is the best middleweight, everything else is trying to keep up,

Kosta RST says:

r6 is the best 🙂

shanedizzle24 says:

At 9:50, you said it perfect. Get the bike that looks the best to you. None of us are really riding these bikes to the max. I agree completely! Kawi and Yamaha for life!

ejb 84 says:

any 600cc long as it starts and is reliable

YouAintSeenNothingYet says:

im still on zx6r j1 in red, cheap riding & still looking good 😉

Bob johnson says:

what do you think of the 2017 R6? I don’t know if I should get a 2016 or 2017

Kon Hai says:

Love my R6

marin patje says:

guys i need help!!

i currently have an yzfr125 2015 model with full akrapovic.

for my a2 license i can’t decide what to get.

cbr250rr 2017 (in my mind the most beutiful bike ver)

duke390 ( still a pornbike but naked)

rc390 (the ugli’s but the fastest)

the tbr is the slowest, but the most beutiful. i don’t know what to do

AceThe King313 says:

zx6r is the best fuck those lame ass r6

Quang Lam says:

I think the 636 is the best Japanese 600 cc bike. it still looks good and have the most bells and whistles.

Ensley Harris says:

my first bike is an r6 and I love it!

Ramez Wagih Stawro says:

The idea of getting the maximum power at the High range of the RPM is not a good thing…. Because if you are ina dangerous situation while riding at low RPMs you won’t have the power to get out of this situation safely!!

What do you think? I need to know your personal opinion specially if we are comparing R6 vs CBR 600rr.

I wanna get one of them so I wish you can help me choosing the best one.

Carlos Guerrero says:

i have a R6 600 04 and a Honda CBR600 04 i like both ones but im a kind of those guys who likes better honda stuff.

Casey Qasem says:


DominicanOps says:

I have only ridden the 600RR and the R6. The R6 when you are pushing is definitely the better bike. But once you are not pushing, its aggressive profile really shows. The CBR was awesome cause it felt like a decent compromise and I didn’t fatigue on it. The R6 easily looks better than the 600RR but I would still lean toward choosing the Honda. I doubt you can go wrong with either, the owner of the R6 and CBR I owned said he liked the CBR only cause of the comfort edge.

Roy Patterson says:

Yeah, I never heard you mention the Triumph Daytona 675R, you mentioned every bike except that one.

Merdzhan Mehmedov says:

can i get a r6 35KW or not?

GREASY357 says:

why does every single motovlogger do the meme shit? lol

justin podolan says:

Nice bro i have a 2000 R6 and i still is a great bike.

Rickey Williams says:

Which Model year is the r6s you have ?

Roy Patterson says:

So, what do you think about the Triumph Daytona 675R? Do you think that it’s the same as all the other 600’s?

Martin Paul says:

“test” about shit….. I have R6 08, but you re speaking too much about shits and you re riding not so much …. boring…. soooo boring…..

I help anytime says:

CBR600RR beats the R6 in:
-Sexy under-tail exhaust (Also a benefit, when you drop your bike, you won’t have to replace the scratched exhaust on the side)
-Electronic steering damper for free.

How come you want more?

Bharat Chatlani says:

Is this yamaha r6 a good bike to start with, i learnt that it does not require to start in a 300 or 250, it requires maturity and control, and it depends on you but any opinion guys?

Glyn McCallum says:

2013 onwards Triumph 675R, argument over.

Myron Joseph says:

no lie eii u doe lie same ting i deh sayin

Myron Joseph says:

everything u say deh is true

xX OldSchoolJules Xx says:

I too don’t like the under tail exhaust of the cbr, nor the single head light of the gsxr. I loooove the look of all r6’s 2006+ and 2013+ zx6r’s!!! But for a new rider I’d recommend the cbr or the gsxr. All personal opinion but yeah the r6 is just the sexiest 600 out.

Jessa Phillips says:

realistically though the r6 is kinda crappy in its class… i mean it has no low end torque, the ninja 636 and daytona 675 have way more bottom and midrange and just as much or more top end. the way i see it the daytona and ninja kind of compete, the GSX-R 600 is right behind them, and the CBR and R6 are the slowest in class.

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