Why I Chose 2012 Honda CBR1000rr REVIEW | Best Street Bike

2012-13 Honda CBR1000rr Full Review. Why I chose the CBR1000rr and Not Other Liter Bikes!
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Cali says:

I loved the early 90’s GSXR 750’s but fell in love with Honda’s after my 93 CBR 900rr. I currently ride a 2006 600rr and I love it.

UltimateAveda says:

how much is it for a used CBR1000rr in your country CC? Because in Singapore it’s like around $25k+ for a used one 🙁

Royal Luxury says:

How much is it

0XEXVX says:

After watching hundreds if not thousands of videos seems like I finally found the perfect one. I absolutely love everything you have done to it plus thank you for the lovely extensive review, I enjoyed every second of it. Much love.

Evan Gaudet says:

Yo man which one do you find yourself riding more? The 1000 or 600?

bajabilly2004 says:

Your the biggest bullshitter on YouTube…. And You have No skillz

ocBTyga says:

so I PAASSED on this bike xDDD

John Bobby says:

are you with the group Rough Riders?

bajabilly2004 says:

zx10r is a better bike…. but too each his own….

real psycho says:

how much did you pay for it

caleb Jimenez says:

dude ive been riding a suzuki gsr600 can i jump to dis beauty?

Adam Mills says:

Nice review

Phase2face says:

That is my bike!


Dope video

Sean Paul says:

do a search for:
HCBR1000rr Racefit Exhaust

musjons says:

ok thank you and if you find the answer let me know! i really enjoy your videos

musjons says:

in which year they add the slipper clutch on the Honda CBR 1000rr?

Lance Lai says:

should I get a undertail exhaust or side exhaust for the cbr1000

Nicholas Jabbour says:

Great video man! Just wondering what website did you use for those fuel stats?

Michael Beasley says:

cyclecruza the Knight Rider opening is the bomb!

Phase2face says:

I will be getting a second bike in addition to my ’12 Fireblade. Considering either RSV4 or MV Agusta F4. CycleCruza, you have not mentioned MV Agusta in you selection. I know it is rather an exotic bike, so the parts and maintenance may become an issue. But besides that, what is your opinion on it as far realibility, looks and performance? In my opinion it looks better than Ducati.

RatBastad Man says:

highest costing bike to insure….

stubbk3 says:

what are these like for the rare occasion takin the misses on the back for a spin. Looks worse than the old RGV for a perch

Billy Haggerty says:


ViceVersa Musik says:

Why Not A Ducati CycleCruza?? Ducati 899 or 1190 Panigalli??? Sexiest Bikes out there… Oh and of course the MV Agusta F3 and F4!! Just beautiful bikes..and sound amazing! I personally like Naked Ducatis and MV and Aprilia! Dont get me wrong, I love Japanese bikes too..mainly Kawasaki, But my hearts really with Ducatis! Like the Ducati StreetFighter….Smh…. SEXY Ass Naked bike with its Unique L~Twin. I see your a Honda Dude, Your not really looking elsewhere…I can tell Bro. I bet if you gave yourself time with other bikes you think you might like, I bet you would change… lol. Hey, its all personal preference though, if your comfy on the Double R, Then thats what it is.

Will Conway Jr says:

you can shift without the clutch on any supersport.

shand seimela says:


Anthony O'Carroll says:

Really appreciate the info you provided fam. I was stuck on which liter bike I want to go with coming from a 750 gsxr. But I think you sold me on the Honda cbr 1000 rr. However I am planning on the 2016 Repsol version. I am in love with that design.

Steven W says:

GUYS, you do not need a cbr1000 DOUBLE R. I don’t know why anyone would need more power. Remember saying that? Who goes and gets one????????

Jose Betancourt says:

Nice review …… I was thinking change my cbr650f for kawasaki 10r but is not good for middle range and consume a lot fuel. and you right cbr 1000rr is a complete bike for mid range and big response …..

Sergey Suckmeoff says:

You sound exactly like Mitch Hedberg the stand up comic. Great review, amusing and spot on. I was torn between Tuono and Honda. Honda won! Nothing beats reliability. BUT, Tuono sounds out of this world!

Quan Luu says:

You said the 2012 CBR1000 has clutchless upshifts??

bajabilly2004 says:

so you passed on a zx10 r cuz you couldn’t mount a camera where you wanted> seriously?? hahahahaahaha

Meme Stealer says:

Can u compare this to a supermoto pls

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