Victory Octane Test Ride Review by Sport Bike Rider

Test Riding a 2017 Victory Octane. I thought I would like this bike, but didn’t know I’d like it this much! Impressive power for a cruiser, super comfortable and very easy to ride! ⬇️More Info Below⬇️

Sorry about the low shot in the first 3.5min. I didn’t have the proper mount and didn’t expect it to be that low.

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F H says:

Would this make a good first bike?

dry509 says:

What is your inseam? I am 6 feet 200 lbs also.

John Spencer says:

My son is going to sponsor ME@ $100.

Look for Red Renna, on YouTube. Look for Captain Rambunctious (YouTube)
Look for.” The Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride.” YouTube.

The 2016 DGR, won’t open until sometime in August.

Don’t feel like you have to have a sponsor@ MY Son’s level. 5-10 or 20, would be good. MY Son has 2 Smoke shops. He needs the.” Write Off.”

R.R.-I’m glad to have communicated with you.


Waw it is a very nice Bike Ride, Please see more Awesome bike ride from this link

Anthony's West Texas Rides says:

I test rode one this weekend down here in Texas. I haven’t ridden a bike in a while that just made me smile that damn much while riding it. I prefer baggers and currently have a Vstar 950 Tourer, but I am seriously considering that bike! I just need a backrest, the seat had a hard time keeping me in place when I would get on the throttle. Awesome power!

Casey Cambre says:

Don’t tell me you are gonna trade your FZ-07 for that

Ashrafi Zameer Ahmed says:


CLUTCH1st says:

I can definitely appreciate the beauty of this bike. How do you like your feet forward positioning?

got slack says:

you should review a Honda CB 1100

Free living says:

What gear can you wheelie that in?

drbree3 says:

how many gears does it have and what is the top speed

koldblood324 says:

what do you get avg mpg?

MrZedelijk says:

Бате, вроде, байк подарили, а сами катаетесь. Хахаха! )))

Thomas R. Smith says:

Thinking of buying one of those leftover Octanes. My dealer bought a bunch of them and selling them for 6999. Is that a good price you think? Just bought a 2016 Vulcan S Cafe ABS but this Octane has a lot more power than the S. I will probably loose money on the Vulcan if I trade it in. Got to act fast since they only have about 3 left of the 10 they had. Thanks for your review.

Sgt Fazer says:

I definitely want one, going to wait for a used one. I can’t afford a new one sadly.

Alexandar Barancic says:

Hey @Russian Rider, Did you ever ride the Indian scout? If so, how do you compare this bike with it?

Dan Meredith says:

Seems like the controls are somewhat “forward ” Is that a fair statement? I like that.

Mr Dig Bick says:

looking forward to your harley review !!!
Great job mate, cheers from Israel 😉

Derek Jonez says:

The FZ07 has a 689cc motor so of course the Octane is faster.  The FZ-09 would be a better comparison for power.  Its engine only displaces 847cc, but produces around 15 more horsepower and has ABS, traction control and so on for around $2k less than the Octane.

thedon008 says:

RevZilla said the one pistol brakes are not really enough for a bike like this, since it’s a bit more powerful than the Scout. Does it have ABS? And if not, can you put ABS from the aftermarket? Or another bike?

Scott Orloff says:

Hi Russian Rider. Another great video! I like how you get to the point and show the right amount of emotion when you feel it. I own a 2017 Victory Octane (in Gloss Black, which looks amazing!), a 2015 Yamaha FZ-07 and a 2006 Suzuki S50/VS800. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I think the Octane has more “pep” from the get go than the FZ-07. I find it a more sporty ride as well, if you can believe it. The FZ-07 is great, and has given me many hours of enjoyment, but I think my new favorite is the Octane – a truly amazing bike!.
Please keep the great and informative videos coming!

RichardGergely says:

I ride an 06 fxdb. Took the Octane for a demo ride in daytona bike week,….I really liked the ride. Fast bike and rides clean. Its nibble isnt it? I mean…easy to handle and throw around. Recommended it to a friend…he went for a demo ride, and is picking his up in a couple days now.

Sousas Adventure says:

Nice bro,
+1 Subscriver from Portugal xD

Frank Garcia says:

I’m 5’7″ would this be too big for me? I’m used to riding my r6, but would be trading it in for and saving for r1 or maybe this or just another 1000 cc sport bike.

I ride with mainly sport riders, think i’d be able to stay with the pack with a bike like this?

Marcus Russell says:

I want to thank you and your videos of the Victory Octane. I am buying one next week. I have had multiple bikes, my last being a Yamaha FJR 1300 but with the automatic transmission. The transmission ruined a great bike. I am retired and I have looked for a bike for a year or two. The Octane is perfect for me. I can pay cash and today I bought the jacket,gloves,helmet and the coolest Sena video and blue tooth device so I can accept phone calls listen to my tunes and record like a go-pro the intellectually impaired who will try to kill me. Thanks again for your excellent videos. By this time next week I will have an Octane in my garage. I just love everything about the bike. Victory should send you a commission check, Marc

Cheef Cherokee says:

Would sure like to hear one of these with a decent set of pipes . Seems like a lot of bike for the price , in comparison to other U.S. made bikes in this price range .

Baris Akkulah says:

in my mind its the choice is between retro looks killer, and handling and performance… the 48 looks killer retro and turns heads literally everywhere i go. i am geniunly stuck

Cruiser John says:

That color on the Octane is the right color..Love the Octane…Congratz on your new bike.Ride Safe

Joe D says:

Hmm i see you are comparing the octane to the sportster, but shouldnt it be compared to the vrod instead… liquid cooled,dohc? Anyway i had no idea the octane was so quick, il have to keep an eye out for them.. as a raider driver I only ever felt vulnerable on the street to the hammer s, m109 ,vrod ,vmax,and triumph rocket.. hammer was a little less powerfull but a better launch would set the hammer ahead. Great content man….. sounds like a vmax

JM76Miller says:

What Buell did you have?

james hendrix says:

RC engineering exhaust on my scout changes the whole bike like you said. Stock exhausts on these do no justice. They get a real nice deep yet nasty sound haha. Thanks for the review!

dvsmike says:

i heard other reviewers talk about vibration in the handlebars at 70mph. Also the seat was less to be desired, whats your take?

archinuk417 says:

I love the new Octanes. They turn so well, are very light, and have ridiculous power. I would switch to cruisers just for this bike.

dylan carroll says:

the weather here in Washington should start warming up soon i’ll be riding my cbr1000 this hole summer so if i spot you i’ll be sure to say Здравствуйте have good rides and stay safe on roads my friend.

Jim Tom Stimpson says:

i rode one in Daytona Beach Bike Week. Very light . Felt like I was throwing my leg over a bicycle when I stood it up. It pulled like a rocket! Very flickable too. I ride a Victory. All they need is tires and oil . $10,500 is a bargain for what you are getting. Victory is low, almost no maint. and class leading lowest cost of ownership I have a friend that has almost 200,000 miles on his 2008 Victory Vision and has never had a mechanical break down!

Jason H says:

FYI: There is a gear indicator on the RPM screen on the speedo.

Jeffrey Long says:

you should start riding in the valley more!!!


Very nice bikes – looks great in person for sure. Love how everybody is switching to the darker side of cruisers – chrome is just not for me! These bikes are well balanced in weight distribution, makes even the 950 lb bikes feel flickable! Your dad still grinning ear to ear?

M. E. says:

Doesn’t it look like Indian Scout?

Travis D. says:

I own the new Octane and love it! Is fast and fun! Victory did a great job with this one and keeping it at a reasonable price point.

It does have a gear indicator, the display will show you in the lower left hand corner what gear you are in.

Running 80-90 on the highway in sith gear is awesome, tons of power, easy to cruise on.

Pat C says:

great looking bike! Reminds me a little bit of the Indian Scout! I was considering the Harley 72, the 48, Indian Scout, and now I have to add the Victory Octane to the mix.

Jose Zerpa says:

Hey Max, the Octane is a great looking bike! very look alike to her sister the Indian Scout. Only reason why I picked my FZ 07 over the Indian, was the tag price, 12k for the Scout vs 6.7k for the FZ 07. I am happy with my FZ but definately would have bought the Scout if I had the money. Great review bud, cheers from Calgary!

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