Used Bike Review (Ducati 899 Panigale)

This year we’ve committed to checking out more affordable used bike options. As we’ve just come back from the launch of the Panigale V4 and not all of us can afford £19,250 we thought we’d take a look at the entry-level Panigale, the 899.


minatormyth says:

Thankyou for that, great review 🙂

Roelf Kromhout says:

This is a great idea. Keep m coming.

charlie ryan says:

Thanks for another excellent review video

Matt Edmond says:

I heard the paint finish is questionable, easily scratched etc….maybe not enough lacquer? Any views on this?

stickloaf says:

i bought a used 796 Hypermotard and now people treat me like royalty even though my bike is kind of a rag with sliders but no one cares, they just read Ducati and love it…i get waived through gated communities just because they think im some spoiled man child

G says:

Good review and idea but would be nice to know how many miles that one had for 8k. Also a talk about regular maintenance costs would be nice. May I suggest to review high mileage used bikes!

Nick Baker says:

Just sold mine after 2 1/2 years because I was worried about reliability. Dont know what planet you are on, but whatever planet it was they didnt have a 899 there. Issues whilst under warranty: LCD screen cracked, they also have a habit of melting. Water pump packed up, a known problem apparently. Lead to tail light was partially sheared off. Discovered when fitting tail tidy. Of 6 bikes two of which over 20 years old, the only one that failed to start due to low cloud and water getting into electrics. Gear position sensor failed preventing bike from starting as it hunted between gears in neutral. Another common problem that you can expect every couple of years at AUD $230 a time. All this on a total of 14,000 Kms….ummmm. The killer if you live in a hot climate is the heat hitting the inside of your legs and backside that becomes unbearably. And the design of the mirror arm pivot, you will discover as the mirrors start flapping around after a short period of time. And I never found the quick shifter to work properly, sometimes it was OK, other times it would bang into the next gear then jump back a gear. Gave up using it. On the right day and road, great to ride, great brakes beautiful smooth gearbox. But for me to many issues.

Nick Baker says:

I forgot, front brake had to be bled every month because air was getting in the system. This is another known issue but with my bike it was particularly bad to the extent the dealer suggested replacing the master cylinder. The bleed point is at the master cylinder at the highest point in the system. Anyway decided to change the brake fluid and discovered the left hand brake caliper bleed nipple was only finger tight. Issue not resolved but significantly reduced bleed periods.

Kevin Thomas says:

I own a 2015 from new, and disagree with the clutch upgrade – it should have had a slipper clutch (the 959 now does) and fitting one makes a big difference to the track experience. Yes, swap the footpegs, never mind the wet, they’re like ice in the dry! Again, the 959 has ones with grip.

It will get hot in traffic, heat is never an issue at the track, I’ve ridden it in 30 degrees there.

Brakes are odd in that they lack initial feel and bit, but still have great stopping power.

Minor negatives, I still love mine, it’s not going anywhere. Literally at the moment, it’s in the garage…

touristguy87 says:

I’m waiting for the used bike review that says “I know that 3 years ago we said this was a great bike but hey 3 years later and we know so much more about it and boy I can tell you now that this thing is a true piece of shit!”

Say what you want about this bike but it’s still easy as fuck to stall from a dead stop, and yeah it may look great but you’re still going to look stupid with a Ram 250 sticking out of your ass cause odds are that you’re going to stall it at the worst time.

Jamie Mooney says:

Very good, honest review. Subscribed.

Michael Kastner says:


June Petr says:

I bought a used 14 899 this past summer. I love the looks and power, more than enough for the street. Heat is only an issue on days over 80 in stop and go traffic. Great bike for anyone used to a 600 and not really interested in liter bike power. Handles better than I can ride it, as of yet. I always wanted at Ducati and I got one that was pretty affordable. I forgot, the sound is better than anything else that I ever heard on the road.

karl sumner says:

Great review, thank you.

BrownBeardedBikerBrit says:

Awesome video. Keep it up guys

sim725 says:

That is still my dream bike, if anyone sees one around £7k send me a message.

Dave Burke says:

Great story mate. Thanks. I’ve done 60,000kms on mine with no major issues. (Had a spring in the gear-change mechanism break) She’s been on lots of long trips and many dirt roads and creek crossings. Still a delight to ride.

Tim Barry says:

The Italians were drunk when they thought Japanese sportbike fans would prefer that lame ass swingarm

NFA Review Channel says:

I have a 2015 899, full termi’s and other bits. I’ve yet to have a single issue with it….not once has it been in for repair. It has 8,000 trouble free fun miles. I own it and a 2016 Sportster 48 and I still might add the UGLY V4 Panigale to the stable, but nothing is replacing the 899. It’s the perfect bike for road and track.

Karina Miller says:

you should do more review – you seem like the Chris Harris of motorcycles.


So glad, at anytime I can go to My garage and take a glimpse of it … or ride a around the canyons by a few blocks away, nor cruise around side the pacific coast highway in the beauty SOCAL weather.. love my 1199 s.

Shoulder Check says:

Sold mine with 11K on the clock and still got 8.5k for it. Owned it from new, best bike I’ve ever had. Track days were a little issue as got pulled off track a couple of times at Brands Hatch and Donnington with my Termis on but was always let back on. MSV accounted for Panigales and always let me on. Dream bike for the money now days. Two up it’s not really made for so I took my rear pegs off. My wife is only 5′ 6 and she said it was way too uncomfortable for her to ride pillion. Only thing I changed on mine was I stuck ASV levers on as I find them much better than the stock ones. and had Termi cans fitted (a must on this bike, you wont regret it)

Hazelrey says:

you didn’t mention the heat ?

Nick Baker says:

And one other thing, the trickle battery charger from Ducati, supplied with the bike AUD $130 to replace, also packed up. But with a 3 year warranty was replaced at no charge.

Giri Prasad says:

Exhaust sucks big time

Wild One says:

double swing arm was proper move. Riding single side swing arm is pushing your luck with physics….

Keegan Webb says:

Love this idea about reviewing used bikes. I love watching videos of all the exciting new models, but these reviews will actually be more useful for me personally. Cheers!

Nanderlizer Nanderlizer says:

so much better looking than the v4.

Treizez34 says:

I saw do a review on the now old gen CBR Fireblade! Would love to see your thoughts in comparison to the new bike

RideByNight says:

Brilliant series. Thank you for doing this!

Ed Kumar says:

Pillion section was milk out the nose laugh worthy!

Awesome. Perfect video.

Thomas Dixon says:

Love that you’re going to do reviews on predecessors. Great channels. Should redo the reviews w track tests and road Tests

sirico says:

Perfect CBT commuter!

Jeff Aguilar says:

Loved the review. Do the 1199s Panigale next

INNOVV says:

All the things are staying at right place and also perfect match! Shinning red ! Hot!

waytoosquirrelly says:

Did it occur to you that our knowing the year-of-manufacture and the mileage on this (used) Ducati bike might be useful? You’ve completely wasted our time.

karldini says:

if it had an auto-blipper it would be the perfect

Torque house says:

899 cost me 4000€ each year to insure fully. Im 32 years old. Not affordable in Stockholm Sweden.

Vilouboy says:

3:39…OR the owner loves upgrading their rides.

Kinda have to disagree with that statement.

I have a 2012 GSXR, kitted out better than most AMA Superbikes.

I like upgrading vehicles, and when I get done with them I sell them. To say that someone is “Hiding Something” is a little uncalled for.

Why did this spark my interest, I’m actually selling my GSXR to get one of these (rider aides) and I’m gonna “Trick” it out. I don’t want 2 years from now to go and sell it and some wanker doesn’t want to buy it because “Did you wreck it?”

roadbypass says:

899 palligale

Eavenhascht Krauger says:

Can I have a rider there?

Tim Barry says:

Dash kinda looks like the rc51 dash

neukeninhetaarsje says:

Geweldige moto, maar… Geen moto om in de regen boven te halen… Na 2j en 32000 km begint de lak op het motorblok op de plaatsen waar je niet kuist te oxideren. Een radiator kapot, de kleine… en de uitlaatspruitstukken waarvan er sommige al niet meer zo mooi van uitzien… In vergelijking met mijn vorige moto, een japanner waar ik nooit ergens last mee heb gehad… Maar als je met de duc rijdt denk je niet snel terug aan die japanner…

ImPanax93 says:

just got one of these yesterday with only 300 miles! bikes brand new! couldnt be happier!

Gerard Smith says:

what? No start up? 🙁
Nice review otherwise 😀

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