Used Bike Review (Ducati 848)

For every new bike we review we take a look at a used option. We’ve just come back from the launch of the Ducati 959 so here’s a slightly more affordable option, the 848.


themorganator says:

great video, thanks Bike world. I’m seriously tempted…. 😉

eFasser says:

Great idea for the show. My first two motorcycles were used ones and I still enjoy checking second hand market

Kevin van der Mark says:

Awesome review. The presenter really knows what he is talking about and I learned alot of new things on the 848.

Nate Nobrakes says:

Nice review. I would love to see one on the 848 Streetfighter. It is truly the best looking bike I’ve seen.

Mila Dubois says:


MotoNater NZ says:

Never been a fan of twins but I must say this video might sway me. Not sure why but that bike looks so good. Off to go see what they average in cost in New Zealand.

The Chiltern Turbo says:

I was watching this exact bike on eBay over the last few weeks, seems to be sold now. Shame I don’t live a bit closer otherwise that’d be in my garage by now 🙂

Gary Lowe says:

I don’t know why people complain about service intervals on Ducati. am I the only person who services his bike every year when I get it out from winter storage?

David Bana says:

hes a fucking good presenter, I subscribed because of him. whats wrong with people calling him a twat and criticising his English. MCN dont speak with varied vocab. He speaks quite well. its like people dont want to encourage young people

Patrick says:

Yup, hoping this’ll be my next bike. Had a GSXR 600 ’04 as my first big bike and i reckon the 848 is the next logical step.

3 Brothers says:

great review im getting my 2012 848evo within a month

Valentina Schmidt says:

Hey. I’m really glad to see it lovely wide ! !!


whats the cost of maintenance on the ducati 848?

AlfaAddict says:

Great review. I wish more were like this. Been looking at an 848, one good looking bike at a great price right now!

Chris Ireland says:

Do the tanks swell from the ethanol in fuel on these too? I was going to get a 1098s but read horror stories on the gas tanks. Now I’m on an s1000rr and don’t really have any regrets.

Sylvain Ripoll says:

Excellent review!
I like the fact that you mention recommended mods and known issues as well. Keep them coming please!

2manysecrets says:

How old are you? 20? What can you possibly know…i mean really…oh, it’s your opinion? I mean really….and it’s an L Twin….NOT a V Twin!!

SicSeb says:

I love the bike. I own one myself

Crispy Beats says:

You can say it’s a good kick start if they want to feel the Ducati it’s a great way to start with Ducati if you buy this bike and probably your next bike will be a 899 or 959 Panigale or just stick with it.

Rory Hassett says:

I must agree with this review. I bought a 2012 848EVO Corse SE and I absolutely LOVE the bike. The bike is an absolute joy to ride! I’ve only had a single issue with my bike and it seems what it likes to slip into a false neutral while using the quick-shifter 🙁 So far I haven’t been able to find anyone (ducati mechanic) who can resolve the problem. I’ve only done some minor modifications, a Zard slip-on, racing air filter, bar ends, rear sets, an ECU flash, and this spring I’ll be switching the rear 39T sprocket for a 41T sprocket (seeing as how top speed is not a concern of mine, I’d rather have a better torque ratio!!) 🙂 An absolute fabulous bike…LOVE it!!

*** *** says:

Haha – this is literally my bike – bought from protwins. Awesome service – highly recommended.

Eldin says:

I’ve owned a 06 Gsxr 600 and currently own a 09 zx10r but I’m planning on selling it and getting a 848, anything I should know before looking for one?

Alex hill says:

Tempted to trade my Street Triple for an 848 evo. Dream bike when I passed my test; hadn’t realised the price had dropped so much…will have to go have a look round the dealers 🙂

Shawn Gunnison says:

Damn I miss mine. Full Leo Vince carbon and 50% carbon fairings, for only a couple months before she met her end. A great bike.

kanwarpal singh says:

you are right it’s a bargain thanks for the reviews made my mind 🙂

Speedy Moto says:

I just found a brand new special edition left over from 2013. It’s tempting!

ToxicDonut81 says:

848 ‘Cors’, a ‘LeoVince’ exhaust… gosh, Brits should be prohibited from pronouncing Italian words. Just hold up signs with the words.

xX-WhoUTrynaKillzBihh-Xx - says:

that color tho

Max Kors says:

i like this better than the new ones. The new ones are getting too techy with all the worthless electronics on em. I like the looks of this one better too.

DontTestTheX says:

Fantastic bike. Missing mine. Sweetest engine.

matteog4 says:

Nice video guys! Just got my 2012 848evo and I am interested in that clutch lever mod you were saying. Could you explain it a bit deeper? Would be enough just to change the clutch lever? Thanks thanks..

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