Unusual Suspects – Naked Sportbike Shootout

Here comes trouble. We ride the top hooligan bikes to find out which one will cost you the most points on your license. The Aprilia Tuono V4 R, Ducati Streetfighter S, MV Agusta Brutale RR 1090 and the Triumph Speed Triple R have a naked shootout.


Tomos13 says:

Hmm, I gotta check that road out myself. Does anyone have the directions? Thanks

ChuckTurner says:

Ok as cool as the video was, gents – wheelie control and power wheelies as a diferentiating feature? I guess this is the channel for crazie X Gamers and former BMX stars…

luv2mx says:

Can’t wait to thee the Panigale variant.

yodaisgod2 says:

Smiley Face at 2:39-2:44 LOL What do you guys have to hide, eh?

Tyler Strong says:

lol they smiley faced out the speedometer

Marc Delmarti says:

Very top… iwant to know what music

ghs224 says:


Noe Lituma says:


Vinny McVinster says:

This was filmed in 2012, The KTM Superduke 1290 didn’t come out until 2014 !!

Sidrcride says:

My facts are done dude.

Sidrcride says:

didnt test any reliable bikes?

Matt R C says:

No, it’s just a better bike.

Dean M says:

live pretty close to there, might have to check dat out sometime, hehe

Efrain Parada says:

Which motorcycle costs more and has the most electronics? That’s the best. Motorcycle reviewers logic. (Every reviewer online)

Boo Rager says:

Z1000 and TM superduke???

CBRboy1717 says:

My friend’s 675 has had nothing but electrical problems. And shit service from Triumph…

TheUltramarine55 says:

are naked bikes better on the street or the covered once???

Sidrcride says:

yeah she is, but she’s not into your pee wee!

jonnyspurdog says:

Cool video. I know you guys are experienced riders but I don’t believe it is a good idea to show yourselves riding so close to each other. Inexperienced riders may copy this and end up in a big pile up. Sorry to be negative but it’s just an observation.

I want all these bikes by the way!

Nomoredie says:

and mine striple 675 has nothing at all . 5 years now
It happens…
And its not Triumphs fault , if your local dealer is a dick…

KTM990WFO says:

Naked bikes, street fighters, and supermoto’s are much better on the public roads. Supersports (crotch rockets) were built specifically for the race track. They of course can go on public roads but they weren’t designed around them. Their power is in the higher RPM’s, usually uncomfortable, and typically not as fun or as fast 90% of the time.

Would you take a Harley to a race track? No, that would be stupid right? So why would you ride a race bike on the street?

Micke 65 says:

No the russian Streetfigher Stalin comes next year 🙂

ylism says:

$69,500.00 give or take for 4 bikes  that average out to be $17,375.00 each + or – ? No wonder they are the unusual suspects. Only the people who work for magazines can ride them, or people who make close $100,000.00 a year or more, of course give or take a little ? Now do some bikes more people can own, doesn’t make them less of a bike, just great bikes that cost less to own & operate and maintain, more or less… They are nice for sure, but you know what we are saying ? 

Schleberger says:

your mom seems to be a reliable ride!

Gokul nath says:

looked like torque movie.. hit like if u agree…..

Schaaf says:

great video guys, unfortunately I can’t afford any of those :)))

Tanguy Faucon says:


Gertie Lemay says:

Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access: BABETONIGHT——————c0m

supersayin1 says:

Looks wise. 1. Ducati 2. MV 3. Aprilia 4. Triumph but it’s behind the Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki Z1000. So actually the Triumph looks wise is 7th in naked bike looks! I know to some people performance speaks louder than words, but id prefere my bike looks as good as it performs.

dedracingteam says:

Would like have all of those bikes in my garage but if have to pick one.. I’ll take the Aprillia because I already have the best one .. The MV 1090RR

MagickMaxX says:

I love all of these bikes.. and I’ll be one happy bastard doesn’t matter which one i ride.

Micke 65 says:

Really cool Video .. like thoose wheelies with tuono v4 !

RoadcraftNottingham says:

Good call on the result lol I love my Tuono! Makes me feel alive. Thanks for the upload. 🙂

dlb83082 says:

now do bikes we can afford

Vince D says:

No BMW S1000R and no KTM SuperDuke 1290R…
thumbs down for me.

lynxxlynxx says:

So much fun that even the speedometer is smiling 😀

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