Top 10 Beginner Motorcycles

It’s a question we get all the time at What should I get as a first bike? Well, there isn’t just one answer to this question, as different people have different wants, needs, and desires in their first motorcycle. We’re lucky to live in a time where, no matter what kind of riding you’re into, there’s a lightweight, beginner-friendly machine just for you. Here, we’ll give you our take on the 10 best beginner motorcycles available today.


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Esmam Mahi Eron says:

and we are still stuck with 165 cc bikes 🙁

conchpapi says:

Hello, ive been riding a 150cc japanese for a year now and want to get into super sports. Looking at all of these entry levels, the only entry level that really excites me is the ninja 400, but i already have some experience and want a long term bike, not just a 5 month 300 just to get a 600 later on. do you think i would be fine to hop onto a 600, like a r6, which i am a big fan of? Thank you.

Duff McWhatNow?? says:

Rc 390

Suma elly says:

I have r25… brother off the r3 wkwkwk

talentedmangina says:

R1M, CBR1000RR SP, Panigale V4S and KTM EXC-F 500 are the best starter bikes. Don’t listen to anyone else.

Patrick Slusher says:

I got my first bike recently–a Yamaha Virago 250. I’ve read everything from “no one should ever start on more than a 250” to “anything under 750 you’ll get bored in a day”.

Well, I’m not bored yet but I have to admit sometimes I’m wishing I had a little more size and a little more power. BUT–here’s the thing. I’m still learning, and with that I am occasionally finding myself making mistakes. Just yesterday I (stupidly) tried to downshift while in a turn and I felt that back wheel slide for a bit. This mistake was a little bit scary, but ultimately I was fine and learned a cheap lesson. I mention this because this is the kind of beginner mistake that I’m sure could have had much worse consequences on a more powerful, heavier bike, and I was pretty glad to have my “boring” 250 for that.

It’s also nice that at a little over 300 lbs, it is almost impossible to drop it. And I’ll say this–it’s a pretty bike, and with its V-Twin it really looks like a bigger bike (until you see it with me on top of it…)

Anyway, for my next bike I’m not sure if I want to stick with the cruiser format (maybe a mid-range Vulcan?) or go with something more standard like the Suzuki SV650, which from what I’m reading is apparently an amazing bike.

Francesco Salvadori says:

Man I don´t want to sound rude, but we are talking about “beginner” motorcycles, you really think the average 18 year old rider is going to spend 5.000€ on his first bike? C´mon you need to be more realistic…

Psychedelic Ape says:

In Brazil we have the Duke 190cc it is better for your first ride, but I guess you don’t have this kind od shit in your market, hun?

Buba123 Bubic says:

Thomos apn

mardgeer tartaros says:

i just wanted to ask for your opinion which is better the ninja 400 or the yamaha r3???

Dark EdgeLord says:

These are all ugly as shit bikes

Its Loki! says:

how about mt 03? i kinda wanna get it for a first bike

John Paul Longhi says:

Would a Honda Grom be a good bike for beginners?

Drew says:

What about the Honda Rebel 500?
I think might be better for beginner bike, because you wont get tired of it.

onlycec says:

How did you guys start riding bikes? I want to get one but don’t know where to start/practice. I just know I’ll need a motorcycle license.

Squishy Awesome says:

I guess you guys dont have rxz

Shaiyan Azam says:

I don’t even have a licence…

Giovanni Socci says:

None of these bikes catch my eye at all.
I mma gonna buy a 750 Phantom as my 1st bike,THAT catches my eye as my 1st bike.

Kingjay814 says:

Really no Busa, what about an RC51! Not even an R1 as an honorable mention

patrick schirtzinger says:

Where’s the h2 at

RED DOG says:

Gonna be a new rider just hate to start out with a 300

Guess i can ride the brakes off it then get something a lil better

kalimer0 says:

6000 bucks omg in my County turkey 50.000 tl Shiit. 1 dolar =6tl also extra government taxes

3333glen says:

You say very little of substance. Most of your comments I could have seen for myself from a spec sheet.

mrragerr22 says:

this video is for older people or people who dont mind spending over 4k on a bike they wont have for more than a year. absolutely stupid to buy a brand new low power bike as a starter. get a old pos cause youre gonna drop that shit a few times and dont spend more than 2k on your first bike. SECOND is a different story, then you can drop more like 5-10k

Danilo Capellan says:

Great review

Goofy Goober says:

Too much cc for beginner…! why don’t go for a baby Grom or 125 Duke.

Doug Est says:

The KAWASAKI 400 should have placed above the R3. I don’t understand that at all. They are the same price but the Kwai will leave the R3 in its dust.

David Beppler says:

Ok, new rider plz have $5-8k to blow. Damn expensive for a toy.

O O says:

I respect them, but like most of the other things motocycle experts are not really good at recommending biginner motorcycles really. they know and experienced too much.

that’s not a beginner bike. all of them. they’re all kinda after-beginner bikes. the aspects should beginner bikes have is just cheap price tag.

don’t need any serious reliability or anything. ‘beginner’ thing is used for ‘get to know what you want’, not to grow on. if you grow on your first bike, you are just lucky. it’s like car. your first car’s duty is let you know what do you want for your car. no need for doing anything good. too slow? try sports car next time. too small? try big car next time. not too charming? try nice packaged car next time. too unreliable? try reliable car. not fun at all? try enthusiasts’ car. like this.

yeah safety is good. but safety? just stay away from two-wheeler. if someone is not stupid enough that someone will drive anything too slowly at beginner level. and if beginner drives something too fast because not knowing enough, it’s because the machine is too well made to give a dangerous feelings, and all the safety functions will not help anybody in that cases. especially motorcycles.

Lil Kuk says:

750 is a starter bike? lmao

Papa Angel says:

What about Suzuki bandit?

Alpha Gamer says:

2 or 3 years I’m getting the Kawasaki ninja I’m 14 so ya like 2 years

Beast of the Far East says:

MT-03? NO?

DuwMinh says:

oh yea the kawasaki z650 .. i made my motorbike licence on one of those and it really rides easy and smooth.
even for a beginner it felt like a bicycle just faster and heavier

GO AT says:

They are all imports…

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