This Is Why Naked Bikes Suck!

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Current bikes are a 2016 Kawasaki Concours14, 2018 Kymco Spade, and 2015 Honda Grom with a CBR300 motor swapped into it…. the 300 Grom!

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2018 Kymco Spade Mods/Accessories:
LED Headlight:
+1 Front Sprocket:
Winter Handguards:

2016 Kawasaki Concours14 Mods/Accessories:
TomTom GPS:

2015 Honda Grom 300 Mods/Accessories:
300 motor from a Honda CBR300R
Gel Grips:
CB1000R Style Mirrors:
RAM X-Grip
Lithium Battery:
Front Oversized Rotor:
Front HH Pads:
Rear Wave Rotor:
Rear HH Pads:
Front/Rear LED Signal Bulbs: /

Riding Gear:
Pants: Rev’It Enterprise 2
Rev’It Jacket:
Leather Suit:
Bluetooth Headset:
Bluetooth Microphone:


hipsabad says:

Dodge, you need to ride a Husqvarna 701SM with pipe n PowerCommander!

togethertothebottom says:

I would buy something else other than naked bike, but im not a bitch….

Zack Does Games says:

Yea the publix is godd

Armando Loureiro says:

one bike for winter one bike for summer, problem solved

Fritz Krieger says:

Fairings fairings fairings

Tim Mason says:

Nakeds  suck? pussy!

spoonman73 says:

An upright supersport is the ultimate motorcycle. Only problem is that they don’t make it (yet). The Ninja 1000 is the closest I have seen and that’s why I bought it. Still a little heavy and underpowered though……

Psiclone Psikotic says:

my bad i thought this was about naked dykes :p

Psiclone Psikotic says:

btw i have a 1999 bandit but i pulled the fairing cause it attracted the wrong crowd and geared it 14/48

Fritz Krieger says:

Those bars aren’t wide

SaltyBro says:

honestly people who complain about wind piss me off, go drive a car if you want comfort and protection from wind. the whole point of bikes was to have that wind blowing on you and that sense of freedom.

Tim Nelson says:

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, listen to this video and you’ll fall asleep quickly.

Mike Lincoln says:

This guy sounds like my girl friend, just keeps talking, pretty much pointless talking. Blah blah blah…………..

Rob Lewis says:

I don’t know if your Publix has a buffet like HT, but here in FL Publix subs are well loved.

Jehree says:

you can add windshields and hand-guards to naked bikes, which mitigates your entire argument. 😛

Juho Pirinen says:

Dude i ride my Duke all year around and i live in FINLAND. The cold is no problem with the right gear. DUDE

Hasan mannan says:

I like your videos but just sorry but hate your intro

Mr. Finger says:

I love my naked b

touristguy87 says:

“naked” means that it doesn’t have a fairing or windscreen. Nothing more, nothing less.

Aditya Namburi says:

7:40 Damn a fine rx8

Alex Roth says:

Publix is great. Awesome lunch. My favorite lunch spot is Penn Station but Penn Station is a little pricey as almost all sub places are.

john harris says:

Yeah Dodge! Cbr1100xx!

willy dajao says:

this guy talk nonsense

Nff says:

mmmmmm that rx8 delightfull

Vinny says:

Show me on the bike where it hurt you……


Nakeds are great until you want to go 600 miles in one day averaging 70+mph. Just take the best parts of a naked 1) wind protection, 2) upright sitting, and put them on a sportbike. That’s the perfect overall bike.

Dominator775 says:

I like the video, great that you gave examples, but you didnt really expain why you dont like them lol. You didnt give a lot of detail. Other than that, great vid i subed

Zach Sonker says:

I love my 2012 yamaha fz1…. it’s my third and most favorite bike.

RECfk says:

Naked sucks? I beat you in a race with my ktm… and you say is comfortable a moto like yours but in city is the worst moto to move..

Comfy Sofa says:

Sorry….a Bandit?…sporty?….how did you manage to post a video on you tube from the nineties…my z1000 gen4 is my go to daily driver which i go all over the country, use it for work, nipping down to the shops. Been on bikes for 25 years. Had more naked bikes than any other.

Julian C. says:

I live right next to a Harris teeter in Apex on HWY 64

Ryan Howe says:

Nothing will convince me to leave my monster 1200R

nick2k says:

I agree completely. I was torn between buying a ZRX-12 and Bandit 1200. After owning a Yamaha Seca 750 with no fairing for a short time, I realized how much a small amount of fairing could protect from the wind.

Okinawa Nah says:

I hate fairing bikes because too much shit to take off for maintenance

Luis Angel Nunez says:

No the Publix buffet sucks

Jason Wilson says:

Lots of naked girls suck too

Matthew Hutzell says:

None of the reasons you list are why people like naked bikes I feel. lol

Dino Pajazetovic says:

“I can’t wheelie so I’m gonna need a giant riot shield on my bike so I don’t get cold”

TheGame4Life says:

To me the appeal of naked bikes are that they are naked. You can’t get that with sport bikes.

Jon Hill says:

Didn’t realize we lived so close to each other, I am originally from FL, so publix is my jam, their hogshead subs are the best. My buddy and I are hitting the mountains in may for week, Going to try to hit as many of the loops as possible….should be epic. You should join.

Grimbeard says:

Really nice ‘bike, except there’s a strange plastic bucket wrapped around the front end. :-p

Overthinking says:

just get an aftermarket windscreen. I prefer nakeds over most everything else because i dislike fairings.

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