The ugly truth about Super Sport Motorcycles

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Karthick Raghavan says:

What’s the name of the song that plays at the end?

Awesome Err says:

The truth is that unless you compete in motogp…theres no reason to have a liter bike when a 600ccs is PLENTY. ITS FUCKING PLENTY OF POWER YOURE NEVER GOING TO USE ANYWAY SO WHY GET A DEATHTRAP 1000 CCS. HAVING A LITER BIKE AND GOING 30 COMMUTING IS SO STUPID. 600S ARE PLENTY AND LESS EXPENSIVE. PEOPLE JUST WANT TO BRAG ABOUT THEIR LITER BIKES. WHICH YOU ALL DO. Ive been around enough douchbags with 1000ccs death rockets and they all brag about how fast they went the other day. Not on tracks. Damn idiots. You may say oh thats not everyone, its the majority of super sport bike riders. Thats why the insurance is so high on those bikes. People r always dying on them. 600 is plenty stop being a douchebag and bragging about your stupid liter bike you Rossi wannabes

Official_Kreep says:

In my opinion you should only get a super sport for the track

Strictly Infiniti says:

Don’t waste your life fearing death… fear not living

Sebastián Demaría says:

Full accel on a 150+ rwhp is only comparable to an orgasm.

Cody Janus says:

Cali valley get threw 405 threw Hollywood in mins not hours plus no one driving that fast kinda good summer that it’s worth the gas price .

MotoRider DK says:

So many butthurt sportbike riders in the comments…

Before you freak out on me, let me just say that I ride a sportbike myself. Why? Because sportbikes are Beautiful.

[Gmd] Benis says:

now i want one more

Cok3 Mcd says:

What a load of sh.. . Inexperience and lack of familiarity will kill you on any bike but once you’ve got comfortable with a bike, the more cc’s you have, the more options you have. “one redeaming feature is they’re drop dead gorgeous” ….Is that a serious statement? It’s common knowledge that your average 1000RR has superior suspension and braking.”seriously dangerous”? You sound like my mother. Such an outdated and cliched statement that makes zero sense to anyone that’s spent more than a few years riding a variety of motorcycles. Try sitting on an old 600cc bandit for a few miles and come back and tell us a modern sportsbike is still more dangerous. meh.

lil jay 502 says:

Subscribe to me if you love hero rr

Basel says:

Very nice report , thank you

Aleksandr Sheyman says:

Three and a half is 3.5 not 3.2

Sebastián Demaría says:

As a gen 2 Hayabusa owner I tried all the super adventure bikes, supposedly better for my age and ALL of them were or heavier, or slower, or rustic, or with more vibration, or with poor handling. Gs 1200, KTM 1290, Ducati Multi 1200, Super Tenere, Africa Twin…

HBY says:

wrist control, brake control, steering input, reaction time , yada yada yada requires seat time and that is what will mitigate the danger.

a noob on a 125 is more dangerous than a seasoned mature responsible rider on a liter bike

Midnight says:

Lol… Your car doesnt have to be 100 grand to kill a bike…ask me how i know.

mikeyb byekim says:

4:05 changing lanes… So true.. Going that fast approaching cars like they were simply sitting there not moving as you would be going highway speeds near them brings them to you quite fast and not being able to see around in front of them in their lane. No idea if they are about to get into your lane so they can pass someone. You have literally no time to break enough not anywhere to go except off road, collision, or HOPEFULLY between them. And it’s be your fault bc even if they did “signal, shoulder, mirror, go, they’d see you as very far behind them and next you know you’re eating bumper, and likely dead at that speed. 2 loan roads and 1 lane incoming roads terror me, yet I still do it, tho I’m more mindful about it. I’m looking as hard as I can say down range and in front of other vehicles.

GabesaNinja says:

The h2 is a hypersport tho….

highspeedtubing says:

Ha ha ha. Very true.

Kabooma1 says:

I love my supersport, once in a while I ride like an asshole. Don’t think I will ever trade it in for a cruiser. I’ll add a street fighter to the family but that’s about it.

Midnight says:

Stop being a bitch

Cala Content says:

That’s why I’m not a big fan of sportbikes. I do love to see any type of motorbikes and I love them all. But I appreciate my life, and I respect my wife’s right to not become widow for stupid reasons like dying driving 150 mph. I do like naked, custom and adventure motorbikes. I drove a very old Suzuki AX115 16 years ago, Hyosung 125 2 years ago (they both belonged to my father) And now for the first time I will buy my own motorbike. I will buy Benelli TRK 502, to start. And I say to start, but it is not like I need more than that. It’s comfortable, cheap, good engine to start, but nothing too crazy, 105 top speed. I know what riders say, but I was happy buying Honda VTR 250, but I haven’t seen it available locally, and I can get more for almost the same price with the Benelli, and I know, some people hate Chinese stuff, even tough BMW has Chinese manufacturers, and I know that because my father has a GS750.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to drive at 200 mph, but not at the cost of my life and the suffering of those who love me.

hunter freeman says:

There are good facts but some people think sport bike are very comfortable like today i sat on ninja 400 so comfortable and not everyone gose 150 in a 60

Nokky says:

Dont talk. Ride!

Blue Lama says:


Jon Allred says:

Holy shit the audio isnt trash

ToxicFox says:

Solution: buy a zx14r best of comfort and speed

Joshua Joubert says:

Should have called it … scare tactics

MunsKi says:

harley davidson bikes will do

SuperLubot says:

Fact: You can ride a slow bike fast but you can never ride a fast bike slow. No.

paul jarvis says:

I have a 2016 BMW S 1000RR. I’ve never been pulled over.

Nicholstop : says:

Dirtbike riding is my favorite thing to do, at 15 before I could even get a motorcycle permit I drained my bank account on a 2017 crf250l and I fuckjng love that thing. Only thing is that my dads getting a tad inflexible these days and can’t really get his leg over any dirtbike so the only way I can go riding with him is on the street.

Scott says:

I’m opposite. I can ride my zx10 longer than I can ride my Vulcan. But I have pry over 100k miles riding sport bikes. Just what I’m used to I guess.

Jacobo Witness says:

I’ll be happy with just a 600. Anything else is just over kill. Crazy

HeroRR says:

I want you all to understand that I have a CBR600RR, I’ve put more miles on super sports than I have on any other type of motorcycle. I have, and always will have a certain love for those rockets. But I must admit that with my experience of multiple close calls, and issues with law enforcement I have to admit that it’s no longer worth it. Not saying I’m getting rid of my super sport, cause I’m not. I’m just trying to show you guys that there is more to riding than going 150 MPH and dragging knee. We can go out and have a really fun time without putting ourselves and others at risk.

John says:

Yes it is worth it


Shut fck up and drive ur big shit, getting a cbr600 don’t make u pro, u better shut this channel down. U r making people fear bikes

tin bui says:


The 189th says:

What about something like the H2 SX a super sport touring bike with a half and half riding position that is comfortable but you can still hunker down and make a Corvette zo6 cry when you want to that seems like the perfect bike. It is heavy enough to make it stable yet light enough that you can flick it effectively the rideing position is less extreme than a sport bike but can be as extreme if you want it to be

Vedant Mohod says:

which song is at the end bro ??.

Max Verstappen says:

I go 6 times in the week to the gym and I have a sportbike. And it’s true girls like a man with a bike… But if you have a 6pack as well;)

Kyle Kinnear says:

So what you’ve basically “argued” is that super-sports are dangerous, but almost entirely glazed over that a dangerous rider is just as dangerous on any bike.

As for the most likely cause of crashes, it’s alcohol and/or speed. Get out of here with your alternative facts and made up arguments.

mad ness says:

Supermoto is way more fun on the street and tight stuff then a 1lt super sport

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