The Best Liter Bike For 2018 (Japanese)

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Mehmood Hassan says:

I agree with this ranking… 100%

Aman agarwal says:


Jenita Calomos says:

timeless Suzuki and Iconic Kawasaki…

Michael Kastner says:

Young people can’t even hit a nail with a hammer!! How in the hell could they possibly buy /ride a Hayabusa ?

john harris says:

Well they’re all great bikes, and are all equally impractical, lots of fun though!

SuperSoldier888 says:

Ay I knew I it’s my fav bike

neyhal basavaraj says:

That Kawasaki is a old version Kawasaki

Vilayat Ali says:

My favourite bicke yamaha R1

Icemin Lee says:

Everyone knows of what I’m about to say is the truth: A new liter bike is released claiming to be 7lbs lighter, a new digital-stand-alone fuel management system and a robust 35% increase in overall horsepower! So, magazines go out a test the bike, then compare to other bike’s, then finally a shoot out to determine who much better this New bike is over the other’s! But in reality we are all still dealing with a bike that WSB doesn’t use, and MotoGP doesn’t race! Street bike’s, while fast are still but knock-off’s in comparison to multi-million dollar one of a kind Super Bike’s for which street bikes share barely 10% of there pedigree! On the street we can fantasize about being Marquez, Rossi, Crutchlow, or Stoner! And while they get paid millions to race, we take foolish and unnecessary risks on surface street’s, believing that we can bend our bikes to our will! And one day while chasing lightning (doing 150mph), we loose control and end up a quadriplegic! We’re all guilty of chasing lightning, for sure! But trying to compare one bike to another bike in search of 1/10th of a second faster than last year’s liter bike champ is ridiculous! Especially when the differences between all the bikes is 1/10th of a second! And based of that info, we install 20 GoPro’s on the bike and make a YouTube video showing us crashing into a bus at north of +170mph on our shiny new bike promising tribute to the God’s of speed! I’ve never seen so many people all caught in the grip of a shared obsession!

Kashaf Ahmed says:

Honda has so much torque that it even hops wheelie in 5th gear. That’s what you expect from a brand like Honda.

Tedy Rufus says:

Honda fans boy ?

elitenoob1147 says:

i have a 2018 yamaha r1. i use it as my daily. i can say it doesnt get great fuel mileage it is uncomfortable but thats not why you get one. you get one for the speed. if i had a bad day at work i jump on it and head home and all my troubles melt away when im doing 100+ on the freeway. i even went through a rain and hail storm the other day on it. lmao

Echo4Sierra4160 says:

How the hell do you get over 150 miles on the ZX10R? I have the 2017 and I can get 116 miles before the low fuel light comes on when I’ve been keeping it below 5K RPMS

R REYES says:

i had the feeling ur a honda fan boy and I was right lol

Ninad Ganore says:

The r1 looks blind. Also like they wanted to make an electric bike. And it has nothing that reminds us of its previous generation, as if they were ashamed of their older design and they want people to forget it.

HeroRR says:

Thanks for watching everyone! I really appreciate all the support! I am beyond thankful for having such an awesome community!

usaf vet says:

I like comfort,. I ride long distance not around town. State to state I ride. So I would pick the HONDA CBR1000R . BUT with that said I like POWER. That’s why my Own. Cycle is a KAWASAKI ZX14R SE. ! POWER and COMFORT. !

Siddharth R says:

Make a similar video about the naked bikes.

Samus Zucced says:

How but we replace the ZX-10Rwith the H2….just saying

mahendra pratap singh sisodiya says:

Suzuki is the clear winner and u are promoting the honda well….

Richard Einstein says:

54% say R1, but you still go Honda. Your bias is too obvious to take your opinions seriously.

Gerard Arciga says:

Why don’t you manufacture a bike there, subject matter expert! This is a biased over view, I honestly think you should become the next street bike designer, see who buys your designs

Gerard Arciga says:

The Honda is the ugliest bike in this section!

JV says:

R1 look sick

TaylorBoy says:

You didnt show a 2016 zx10r abs krt edition. That’s a 2015 zx10r that you have in this video. GO GREEN

SledgeHammer says:

Gixxer any day just for that fuel gauge..

Yamasaki Honda says:

The best japanese liter bike is the best liter bike in the world. More affordable, more reliable and better performance.

pipi says:

great vid man

kstitz77 says:

I give my nod to Kawasaki.

Sandy Peralta says:

I’m a yamaha fan i own two r6. But for this division i will lineup.
Honda cb1000rr. #1
Yamaha r1#
Suzuki #3
And the Kawasaki #4.

shegocrazy says:

Interesting but pointless really. These bikes are far beyond 99.9% of a riders ability to wring them out to max. Note you also say this. The best bike is the one you feel most comfortable on, unless you are a balls-out racer. Also – you didn’t actually ride any of these bikes?

Benny Fitz says:

Great comparison, nice work.

kidfrankie 7 says:

Well imo I sat on all of these bike at local dealer and yeah that cbr feels nice. And I hate 1000 will never get one. But that cbr would make me change my mind. It feels like not a super sport. And also. I had friends who are Yamaha fan boy and he even kept looking and sitting on the cbr. Lol. Other night then that nobody really was liking the Suzuki styling but all around good bike it’s either the cbr or Suzuki.

ian ball says:

Suzuki . Built to last

metalmechanic says:

your showing a 2015 ninja ?

Mehal Tandel says:

cbr are best

Kevin Anthony says:

Nice vid but very subjective. I still like the vid but much like you we have to decide what’s good for us. Nice kept up nice vid.

JacksVlog says:

Bro…the truth is of all kawasaki is the best, its uniek and thats something u have a poster of on ur wall when u are a kid… Yamaha respected nice and very decent lots of friends have it and honda.. Well u cant go wrong with a honda, they make the best engines very reliable.. And gixser.. Ughh dude everyone hates gixser.. Its always a 20ish year old kid, bragging and being just stupit and anoying the shit outt of everyone with his attitude… Thats the truth.. Thats reality. U dont agree? Than u most likely dont ride..

Roger Williams II says:


Chuck Bradford says:

you didn’t ride them?

demon6937 says:

How about the comparison for the not the top line bikes under yamaha r6 category and kawasaki ninja 300 category for example?

Kashaf Ahmed says:

I knew it,you simply can’t go wrong with Honda cbr1000rr ,love from india

Christopher Sewell says:

Anyone got money for me

Entertainment Channel says:


Michael Davis says:

I ride the Honda SP and wouldn’t swap it for anything. It’s about how it makes me feel. It’s so small and light. Perfect bike for me.

loseR R1 says:

The CBR is sooo ugly..

Karthik DK says:

German bikes should enter in this.

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