The Best 600cc Sport Bike for 2018 (Buyer’s Guide)

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Arnaud Levasseur says:

I absolutely agree that the 08 GSX-R600/750 looks amazing.

Brian Wilson says:

We are lucky we still get 600 super sports bikes there sales have gone down so much that the companies met not be making them to much longer. But I for me I’m a Honda guy and but the Kawasaki looks the great.

Rikki Das says:

Unfortunately in India we only have Daytona in 600cc class

Andrew Merkes says:

Yes. Kawi wins yea no need to argue here! I’m a Kawasaki guy and will never buy another brand. I did own BMW I do love S1000RR but never will I buy another brand But Kawi.

HeroRR says:

Hey everyone, I wanted to try something new with this video. Whether you like it or hate it please let me know so I know what kind of content to make in the future. This video is way longer than I liked but I wanted it to be complete. Hopefully this will prove useful as a buying guide for anyone who’s in the market for a brand new 600cc sport bike.

Mark Concessio says:

Just love the Honda cbr600rr. Great video info. Mr. Hero

Tahjibul Islam says:

Make a video of kawasaki Z900 & its competitors

axel boström says:

Looking at the GSXR600 makes me smile, none of the other ones do that so I’d really place it in first on my list. But obv the 750 is the better choice. Not a suzuki fan though, even though I own a suzuki bike I kinda dislike the company because there is no EU or international support so I can’t get the papers to unrestrict my bike legally 🙁

pagutierrez00 says:

your voice is so deep that i have an inevitable desire to sing like barry white!

manchild says:

Great video… I AM biased and I own that. lol With that said. I have a ’17 R6.

EDIT…RE Horse power. I’ve seen conflicting numbers. One is the HP you stated Sir. Another is 123.50 HP @ 14500 rpm Torg 49..8 @10500. So with 10,500 rpms giving max torq I guess the 5,500 Rpms left on the Gauge are pointless. Hahahahahahaha.

So quick back story. Short version. I am 5’6 180lbs. This is my 1st SS. Been ridding cruisers for the last 15 yrs. Now. I’ve read and watched videos of peeps saying there is no power down low. THAT IMO is total bullshit. This bike gets up and goes right off throttle. Now I have no other SS’s to compare it to so maybe I’m full of shit. lolol But this fucking thing is just plain FAST. Yes the seat height sucks. Yes no gas gauge sucks. Oh well. lol She has Sport modes,Abs and 6 level TC and FUCKING LOOKS MENACING…lolol

I bought this because I already own a 2013 Yamaha XVS 950 so I was cruising the site and saw the refreshed R6. So styling is what brought me to her and for me was SO MUCH better than all the other UGLY ASS RUN OF THE MILL, “”””ME TOO””” looking Crotch Rockets on the road. I did shop ALLL the brands in this class.

THERE IS NOOOO mistaking a NEW R6. Now before all you ladies get your feelings hurt that I just called all your CENTER mounted headlight SS’s “ME TOO” bikes. SUck it cup cakes, because its TRUUUUUE… See??? Look……—->>> ((((( I HAVE A SS WITH AN UGLY CENTER MOUNTED HEADLIGHT…. OH YEAH!?!?!?!?………… ME TOO………….))))))……(BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and I am serious about what I said. But it was with alll due BALL BUSTING RESPECT GUYS/GALS. LOLOL I really have no right to say anything about SS’s as a hole and I own that too. But I have owned 11 bikes and I’ve been wrenching on them for 15yrs. But for me, IMO only, I Think the R6 is the best sounding and performing 600 out there. But hey. Opinions are like assholes. EVERYONE has one. Even this ASSHOLE right here. LOL Again. Love the video. I agree with most of what you said about the bikes tested here. So my hat’s off to you and my thanks. GOD BLESS PEEPS AND PEEPETTES. Stay safe out there and laugh at your selves once in a while its fun. 😉

fabricator factory says:

Abs breaks takes the fun out of the game. Rear tire slide skidding and indo stoppies are impossible.
Traction control sucks for burnouts.
Suzuki is staying street sappy.

Carlitox b says:

CBR 600RR is the one I want

Robert Forbes says:

without giving up too much personal information I will let you know that basically, my job consists of riding all types of motorcycles. this video is great for the features. but actually looking into what makes each bike so unique is most important.

1. the Yamaha R6 has the best power band and the best pedigree. every other 600 was a street bike that brought to the track. the R6 is the only race bike that brought a bike to the street. so it is going to be the most aggressive but its because of its great lineage. Also yamaha was voted the most reliable bike of the year for last 6 years.

2. the Honda CBR600RR is lacking in power, but it is the best-balanced bike, with its weight being north of 400lbs, but it doesn’t feel like it. handles great in the corners, and is the best 600 for dailying.

3. the ninja has a great lineage as well but as good as the Yamaha, Kawi doesnt update their bikes and only follows the same thing the other companies do, like a little brother following its big brother around.

4. GSXR Bros. ugliest bike, least amount of power throughout the rev range, and Suzuki’s depreciate the most which is why you can buy a 1-year-old GSXR for like $4k to $5k under the MSRP.

this is my opinion and i love that you covered alot of what i said but i think there are other “street factors” that need to be takin into consideration.

Damian04 Moody says:

Wait didnt the 636 come back in 2011 not 13?

MIke Mancini says:

R6 looks the best

Peter Kroeker says:

If gui ow haven’t ridden any of them then you aren’t qualified to give this opinion

Gabriel Duchesne says:

Honda CBR 600? Cant find that thing anywhere on the dealer :/ Is it discontinued? If so is it coming back?

Vedant Mohod says:

please make a video on 650 cc bikes

Alex C-Y says:

A buyers guide from someone who hasn’t even ridden the bikes? Great thanks…..

mrvwbug44 says:

The 600 class is all but dead, Honda killed off the 600RR in Europe already, wasn’t worth it to them to make it Euro4 compliant. For the most part they are too expensive and the literbike class is light years ahead in performance and features while not being THAT much more expensive. People have also realized that in general 600s aren’t good streetbikes, the R6 especially, and with naked bikes closing the performance gap while also being much better street bikes and a lot cheaper than 600s its no surprise the class is dying. Lets face it, if I’m going to spend almost 13 grand on a high performance bike, I could pick up a MT-10 which has literbike performance and is a much better streetbike than any 600.

Abid Hassan says:

Doug score for bikes. I love it

at. Ramirez_in_pr says:

Dude….. Great fucking video man. Might I suggest the naked category next

Brendon Kinsey says:

Love that 2008 gsxr so much!
Love to see a 1000cc vid

Devin Speceiro says:

Could you do a comparison between the 1000cc+ naked bikes? Also, quick question. Do you have any idea why Triumph hasn’t launched a 3 cylinder superbike? I’ve heard the RPM (hp) and torque would be able to compete with RPMs of the 4c liter, and the torque of the 2c liter bikes.

motafakas onabike says:

I honestly like the yamaha more but you are right about the kawasaki……so yeah.

Carlos De Leon says:

I’m eventually getting an R6 because I think it looks the best of the 600s by far, but the ZX looks great too

virus468 says:

The ninja has power modes 2 of them lol

ramakrishna paramahamsa says:

Just Japanese . They are always advanced

George K. says:

Is the r6 really that weak down low???

AJ says:

The thing with the GSXR and Suzukis in general is that MSRP really means nothing. you can find them for waaaayyy less. Theres tons of old new stock for under 9k floating around.

total_gamer1989 says:

I stopped the video as soon as you said you haven’t ridden any of them. Dude, what the hell! At least have some first hand experience about how a bike rides before comparing them.

Ozzi Supercub says:

If you’ve owned, lived with and raced all these bikes then I might take your video seriously.

MrStoneycool69 says:

I don’t think the Honda is ugly, but looks are subjective I guess. I’ve always liked the build quality and attention to detail of the Honda’s.

Lil Epa says:

my favorite is the kawasaki

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